Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Polkadots and Bows

Navy Polkadot Sweater - Old Navy ($5?)
Dark Denim Jeans - Old Navy ($10?)
Striped Bow Espadrilles - American Eagle, Payless ($4!)
Three-pronged Illusion Ring - Charlotte Russe ($4)

It's officially summer here in my beach town! Not only has the June gloom finally dissipated, but for the past week, our weather has been pure perfection. Never mind the fact that I spent the bulk of last week in the hospital or at work and not at the beach, but just knowing the sun was shining outside has been enough.

This may beg the question: why exactly am I wearing a sweater today? Well, I made the brilliant decision to go see The Amazing Spiderman at midnight last night, which meant that I had exactly 3 hours of sleep before I had to get dressed and ready for work by 7 am. With only 30 minutes to get dressed, I fell back on a tried and true favorite; this sweater is a favorite and I love the juxtaposition of the polkadots and the stripes on the bows of my sandals. Yes, the sweater was a bit warm for the afternoon, but was perfect for the morning and my air-conditioned classroom.

In a perfect world, this sweater would have been paired with more summer-friendly white jeanas, but tragically I am currently lacking in the white jean department. I'm on the hunt though! So if anyone knows were a I might be able to find a reasonably priced pair of good (i.e., not completely see-through) white jeans, let me know please. I'll be eternally grateful :)


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