Monday, June 25, 2012

Pastel Pleats and Hospital Stays

Mint Pleated Chiffon Dress - Vintage, Long Beach Flea ($5)
White Cable Knit Sweater - Vintage, Discount Center ($2)
Sea Foam Canvas Pumps - Urban Outfitters ($10)
Black Cat-Eye Sunglasses - Dollar Tree ($1!)

So I came back and vanished again, but for good reason. My mother is currently in the hospital. We found out she has cancer at the end of last January and the past few months have been a blur of doctors appointments, chemo, and the like. Finally, on this past Friday, she had the surgery to remove her tumor. It was a crazy long six and a half hour surgery, but it was successful :) I couldn't be more thankful

In lieu of the craziness of the last few days, there's been no time for outfit photos! However, this is an outfit I  wore two Sundays ago. I absolutely adore how popular this mint color has become over the past few months, but interestingly enough, I've had these mint items for years now. In all honesty, the dress is kind of small for me, but with the sweater layered over it nobody can really tell. At least I hope not ;)

So while I continue to spend the bulk of the days in the hospital at my mom's bedside I make no promises about the frequency of posts, but hopefully I'll be able to scrounge up a few decent photos!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Purple, Leopard and J Crew

Leopard Print Scarf - Vintage, Free via Clothes Swap
Purple Linen Shirt-dress - Tweeds, Goodwill ($2)
Brown Leather Shoulder Bag - Charter Club, Discount Center ($3?)
Black Flat Sandals - Breckelle's, Reflection ($22, but free with gift card)

You know those pieces in your closet that you are just so proud of? Either they just fit perfectly or they were such a great deal that every time you wear them you can't help but smile? This dress is one of those things for me. I'm a sucker for a shirt-dress, particularly one that's not super short, and this one only cost $2! Plus the purple color is pretty killer.

Also a high note for me: I've been searching for affordable flat black sandals months. And by affordable I mean less than $10. Obviously the ones I'm wearing here are twice that price, but I used a gift card so it totally didn't matter! Yay for gift cards, right?

Onto a completely different topic, there are a few items in stores that I am currently craving. My friend T recently started working at J Crew, which means she gets a killer employee discount. She already scored me some amazing lavender pants from their sister store Madewell ($25!) and I also picked up an awesome high-waisted denim skirt ($12!) that I'll probably wear tomorrow. But here are few things I've got my eye on:

This white sheath just screams summer to me and, although you can't see it, it has an adorable low-back with a bow. I tried it on in store and loved it, but they didn't have my exact size so I'm waiting on T to get it for me.
Yes, I am a grown up, but I just can't seem to shake my obsession with the neon trend that's happening now. This photo doesn't really do these shorts justice, but they are some of the brightest neon pink shorts I have come across. I love them. Yes, they are ridiculously impractical and maybe this time next year I'll think they are hideous, but what can I do? I'm obsessed :)

What trends have you all been obsessing about? Let me know in the comments!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stripes and Old Lady Scarves

Sunglasses - Rayban Wayfarers (free with insurance)
Floral Scarf - Perry Ellis (free via clothes swap)
Striped Tee - White Stag (free via clothes swap)
Black Pencil Skirt - Vintage, Discount Center ($2)
Red Suede Flats - Merona via Goodwill ($6)

I kind of have a thing for items of clothing that an old lady might wear. Take this scarf, for instance; not really sure why I decided I love it, but I do. And I wore it today to spice up an otherwise uneventful ensemble. It also enabled to dabble in a little pattern mixing. I'm not going to lie: I'm pretty sure some of my friends thought I was being a little zany with the mix of the stripes and the flowers, but who cares? I'm not hurting anybody, right?

What's more, I even went for it with the coordinated red lips. Do any of you use the Revlon Just Bitten Lip stains? I really do love them, particularly the red one (Gothic), because they have the impact of a strong lipstick without all the hassle of smears and smudges. Perfect for the summer, provided summer weather ever actually reaches my little beach town. Anybody else counting down the days to full-fledged summer?!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sweaters and Floral Prints

Black Sunglasses - H&M ($3)
Blue Knit Sweater - Old Navy ($7)
Floral Tank Top - H&M ($5)
Denim Leggings - GAP ($9)
Blue Cap-Toe Flats - Cotton On ($5)
White Leather Shoulder Bag - Discount Center ($3?)

I think I'm getting sick. I'm at that weird in between stage where you definitely aren't a 100%, but you still don't feel bad enough to completely give up on life. I have a busy week ahead of me though, so I'm hoping I just kind of stay at this in between phase and don't get worse. As a result of my feeling just so-so, I went for  functionality in my outfit choice for a jaunt to the Farmer's Market with my mother this morning. 

I've probably worn a variation of this outfit at least half a dozen times in the past few months. This sweater is one of the most comfy things I own; I love it so much that I actually have 3 of the same sweater just in different colors (look out for the grey and off-white versions in future posts!) Also, these leggings are so super soft that I would wear them every day if that were socially acceptable. But I digress. While this outfit isn't particularly groundbreaking, I do love it because it gave me the comfort of wearing sweatpants without actually having to wear sweatpants :)

And for a detail shot, check out my manicure for the day:

I've recently become obsessed with nail polish and nail polish blogs; this isn't my most inspired manicure, but it was something relatively simple for a week where I don't want my nails screaming out for attention. On my pinky, index finger and thumb I have a base coat of white covered in three coats of Revlon's "Whimsical." It's kind of a pale blue with pastel glitter. Then on my ring and middle fingers I did a french tip with Sally Hansen's "Lacey Lilac" and "Mint Sorbet" with a bit of  a silver accent. Anybody else addicted to nail polish lately? Let me know in the comments!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Leopard Print and Fashion Star

Leopard Print Blouse - Macy's ($16)
Orange Shorts -Fashion Star for H&M ($14 w/ discount)
Brown Sandals - Old Navy ($10?)

The prodigal daughter has returned! Um, yeah, so I took a 9 month blog hiatus. Why did I do such a thing? Ultimately, I just felt like I needed to dedicate more time to my real life as opposed to my cyber life. Perfectly reasonable, right? Whatever the case, I'm essentially back now; while I make no promises about regularity, I'd love to get back in the swing of things with daily outfit photos.

For the time being, I leave you with a shot of the outfit I wore to Thursday night's Santigold show at the House of Blues. She was AMAZING. Better than I ever expected. On an unrelated note, these are my new shorts. Sometimes I think they're red, sometimes I think orange. They come from the Fashion Star line at H&M, and though I didn't really watch the show, I do love me these shorts. I have also been feeling the leopard/red combo lately. It's almost like wearing leopard is not enough attention for me; I've got to add traffic light red too! Clearly I never got enough attention as a child ;-)


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