Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Here We Are

(strolling at Pali Ke Kua/Hideaways)
Floral Tank - H&M ($5)
White Shorts - Unionbay, Sears ($5)

There are no words. I only have two more days in Kauai. :/ It's kind of bittersweet because the island is so beautiful and I will definitely miss my friends, but I am kind of ready to be back home in my own house and bed. Vacations can't last forever, right? Still, the past 2 1/2 weeks have been amazing. I've literally driven from one end of the island (Ke'e beach on the north shore) all the way to the other (Polihale on the west shore).
(braving the lava rocks at Queen's Bath in Hanalei)

Floral Print Tank Dress - Random store @ Kukui Grove ($4)
GlitterFlip-flops - Sears ($1)

Tomorrow is my final planned excursion, which will include a tour of the old sugar mill of Waimea and a hike in Waimea Canyon (aka "the grand canyon of the Pacific"). While I'm obviously biased since Kauai is the only Hawaiian Island I've ever been too, I say if you haven't been, you must make the trip! You definitely won't regret it, and once I'm back home I will be giving all the highlights of weeks in paradise :) Hope you all are still enjoying what's left of summer!

"You Should Know Better" - Andy Grammer

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's Looking Like A Beautiful Day

Orange Tank - Old Navy ($13)
Skinny Jeans - H&M ($10)
Brown Clog Sandals - Old Navy ($8)

So it's official: I've finally made it to Kauai! We left LAX this morning at 9 am and arrived around 2 pm at Lihue Airport. The above picture was taken in the random but adorable garden section of the Honolulu airport. There was a brief layover there before we made it to Lihue, so my nephew and I did some airport exploration.

I fully intended to do a full blown packing post for this trip, like I did for Indio, but time just got away from me. With only 48 hours between vacations, there wasn't much time for anything other than unpacking, doing a few loads of laundry, and repacking for Kauai. But I'm finally here and all the hassle was definitely worth it.

Though we dedicated today to catching up with our friends (they moved to Kauai from L.A. seven months ago), my mom and I did make an effort to see the beach our first day. Our friends live on the east shore in Kapa'a, about a mile from the ocean. So we braved the sidewalk-less roads and semi-dense jungle and managed to at least put our feet in some water.
It was a tad windy, but still lovely, crystal clear waters. And if you think that picture's a bit lame, check out this outtake:
Day one down, 15 more to go! Expect progressively better photos ;)

"One Day Like This" - Elbow

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'll Help You See It Through

What exactly does one say about vacationing in 115 degree weather? Really, there are no words. My trip to Indio is winding down, and despite the heat it's managed to be pretty great. My days have been filled with family, food and friends. Oh yes, and shorts! I've finally been wearing shorts like I always wished I could. In my normal life, the weather is rarely warm enough for someone like me (prone to a chill) to wear shorts. But that is pretty much what I've been living in for this past week. See exhibit A:
Straw Fedora - Merona, Target ($12)
Blue Printed Romper - Heritage 1981, Forever 21 (gift)
Jelly Sandals - Gap ($5?)

Before you say anything, yes, I know this particular piece of clothing was not present in the items I said I was packing for my trip. My sister actually bought this for me and gave it to me when we got out here, so I had to wear it to show my appreciation. I know not everyone is on the romper bandwagon, but I love them. So comfy and perfect for heat. Then, yesterday I wore this outfit for a day at the outlets:
Black/White Tee - Gap ($4)
Graphic Print Shorts - Gap ($11)
Black Saddle Bag - Claire's ($6?)
Black Gladiator Sandals - Payless ($10?)

This photo doesn't do my shorts justice. The print is just awesome and I waited all summer for them to go on sale. And I continued to show my support for the Gap with this ensemble. On a side note, anybody seen Crazy Stupid Love? Ryan Gosling is adorably gorgeous in it, but the best part is when, during the makeover montage, he slaps Steve Carell's character and forces him to say "I am better than the Gap." Nevermind that I was clad from head-to-toe in Gap as I watched the film - I thought it was hilarious ;)

That's it for now. Expect another check-in post before I fly off to Kauai on Monday. Hope the summer is treating you all as well as it's treating me!

"Waste" - Foster the People


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