Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Then Get Back To Business

Why has it been a whole week since my last post? I can't say I know exactly. Laziness is more than likely the culprit. Still, I have been rather busy. I fully intended to start the week off strong blog-wise, but then I ended up going for a 40-mile bike ride (from Redondo to Santa Monica, round trip!), and that just wiped me out. Super fun times though :) Nevertheless, here are the photos I intended to post last Friday: a rather run-of-the-mill outfit.
Gray Scarf - Free via Clothes Swap
Purple/Pink Floral Print Dress - Windsor ($10)
Black Saddle Bag - Claire's Outlet ($5?)
Grey Suede Flats - Old Navy ($5?)

This was me trying to get some wear out of old clothes in my closet. Can't say I love this dress, but I don't hate it enough to get rid of it. It's just okay. Regardless, the real focal point was my purse. Since last Friday a lot of FBFF bloggers were doing "what's in my bag" posts, that's what this will be too! Here's a close up of my purse:
Like the average girl, I'm a lover of purses in all shapes and sizes. But if I had to choose, I am all about tiny bags. I never really feel the urge to carry that much stuff around with me (minus the occasional book), so even when I carry larger bags, they usually are relatively empty and just more a fashion statement than a necessity. So what exactly can one girl fit into a small saddle bag? This:
  1. Keys (complete w/ Superman key chain)
  2. Sunglasses (H&M Wayfarers)
  3. Camera (Sony Cybershot)
  4. Wallet (made of duct-tape by my nephew - it was a labor of love)
  5. iPod Earphones
  6. iPod Touch
  7. Cell phone (the old model; recently updated to a Samsung Captivate)
  8. Smith Bros. cough drops (always! I have a perpetual cough these days)
  9. Rosebud Salve (um, always! Chap-stick is my best friend)
  10. Pocket Mirror (Forever 21)
  11. Blotting Papers (the cheapy ELF ones from Target, only $1!)
  12. Hand Sanitizer (yummy Green Apple scent from Bath & Body Works)
  13. Lotion (Apricot, also Bath & Body Works)
  14. Lip Gloss (Apple Mojito, also Bath & Body Works)
  15. Lipstick (ELF in Seductive)
  16. Lipstick Pen (not Marc Jacobs, a knock-off from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC)
  17. Nail File (Bath & Body Works)
Now be honest: did you really think I had all that stuff in my little purse? Don't let it's size fool you! That's all for now, and I can't wait to finally check out all the purse posts from my fellow FBFF members from last Friday. And maybe, if I'm good, I'll get a nice new outfit post for you all tomorrow. I'm seeing Ozomatli at the House of Blues tomorrow night, so the outfit just might feature sequins ;)

"Run The World (Girls)" - Beyonce

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