Sunday, July 31, 2011

We Draw Lines In The Sand

Brown Sunglasses - H&M ($3)
Brown Lace Cardigan - Xhiliration, Target ($5)
Pink Lace-embellished Dress - Vintage, Long Beach Flea ($5!)
Gold Cocktail Ring - Forever 21 ($4?)
Taupe Peep-toe Heels - Simply Vera, Kohl's ($2!)

I know Sunday is almost over, but this is what I wore today. Honestly, this dress is a bit too small for me at the top, but I love it so much that I just feel the urge to squeeze myself into it every now then. The tightness is essentially unnoticeable, unless I breath deeply, that is. The things I'm willing to do for a beloved vintage dress.

Another strike against me: I totally spilled some sort of oil-based salad dressing on the bottom of my dress today. There's construction work happening at my place of worship, and I volunteered this afternoon to serve the workers lunch. Sadly, whilst carrying out a tray of salad I stumbled a little and spilled on the hem of my dress which my apron wasn't able to cover. It's not really obvious in the photo, but the stains are definitely there. Hopefully nothing a little Woolite and a prayer can't take care of.

On a completely unrelated note, just where has the entire month of July gone? I cannot believe tomorrow is already August 1. While for some that might mean the end of summer, for me, it's really just the beginning. Tomorrow I'm going on what I've been calling my "pre-vacation" vacation. My family (mom, sister, nephews, cousin) and a bunch of my friends are all spending a week in our time share in Indio, CA. We go every summer and basically just spend the whole time eating, swimming and shopping; not much else to do when it is 110 degrees outside. However, after we come back, I'll be going on my real vacation: 17 days in Kauai, HI!

Today I spent most of the afternoon trying to pack my clothes for the five days in Indio. I doubt this will surprise anyone, but I tend to over pack. I can't help it! I have so many clothes, and I can never decide what I absolutely need, so I usually just opt to take everything. Terrible reasoning, I know. However, today I tried super hard to narrow my items down and this was the final result:
Though these items also include what I'm wearing for the ride to Indio tomorrow, I don't really think I succeeded on the packing front. I recognize that there is no way I will need all these clothes (oh yeah, I've put 3 swimsuits - don't judge), but I'm taking them regardless. I've just got too many summer clothes that I want to wear. I am also realizing that I may spend to much time shopping at the Gap and H&M. Whatever the case, I better get my act together soon or else, who knows what kind of drama I'll stir up trying to pack for two and a half weeks in Hawaii!

"Elongo" - Bedouin Soundclash

I Can't Believe It

This is a bit of a delayed post, but I totally had the same outfit featured on multiple blogs last week. And the cherry on top is that it is an outfit that I truly love!
First, the ladies of Ruby-Eyed Okapi featured me on their tumblr page. Their blog is faith-based and focuses on scripture and purity, and their corresponding tumblr showcases outfits they deem modest. And in conjunction with that feature, I was also featured on the blog Justice Pirate.

Victoria, of Justice Pirate, also promotes modest dressing (and is affiliated with Ruby-Eyed Okapi), so I guess it wasn't too surprising this outfit ended up on her site too. While I've never labeled myself as "modest blogger," I most definitely feel that I try to dress modestly. Part of that is because of my faith, but also just because of my own personality. So even though I don't necessarily preach modesty, it was nice to have some very chaste ladies take notice :)

"Oh My God" - Kaiser Chiefs

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Then Get Back To Business

Why has it been a whole week since my last post? I can't say I know exactly. Laziness is more than likely the culprit. Still, I have been rather busy. I fully intended to start the week off strong blog-wise, but then I ended up going for a 40-mile bike ride (from Redondo to Santa Monica, round trip!), and that just wiped me out. Super fun times though :) Nevertheless, here are the photos I intended to post last Friday: a rather run-of-the-mill outfit.
Gray Scarf - Free via Clothes Swap
Purple/Pink Floral Print Dress - Windsor ($10)
Black Saddle Bag - Claire's Outlet ($5?)
Grey Suede Flats - Old Navy ($5?)

This was me trying to get some wear out of old clothes in my closet. Can't say I love this dress, but I don't hate it enough to get rid of it. It's just okay. Regardless, the real focal point was my purse. Since last Friday a lot of FBFF bloggers were doing "what's in my bag" posts, that's what this will be too! Here's a close up of my purse:
Like the average girl, I'm a lover of purses in all shapes and sizes. But if I had to choose, I am all about tiny bags. I never really feel the urge to carry that much stuff around with me (minus the occasional book), so even when I carry larger bags, they usually are relatively empty and just more a fashion statement than a necessity. So what exactly can one girl fit into a small saddle bag? This:
  1. Keys (complete w/ Superman key chain)
  2. Sunglasses (H&M Wayfarers)
  3. Camera (Sony Cybershot)
  4. Wallet (made of duct-tape by my nephew - it was a labor of love)
  5. iPod Earphones
  6. iPod Touch
  7. Cell phone (the old model; recently updated to a Samsung Captivate)
  8. Smith Bros. cough drops (always! I have a perpetual cough these days)
  9. Rosebud Salve (um, always! Chap-stick is my best friend)
  10. Pocket Mirror (Forever 21)
  11. Blotting Papers (the cheapy ELF ones from Target, only $1!)
  12. Hand Sanitizer (yummy Green Apple scent from Bath & Body Works)
  13. Lotion (Apricot, also Bath & Body Works)
  14. Lip Gloss (Apple Mojito, also Bath & Body Works)
  15. Lipstick (ELF in Seductive)
  16. Lipstick Pen (not Marc Jacobs, a knock-off from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC)
  17. Nail File (Bath & Body Works)
Now be honest: did you really think I had all that stuff in my little purse? Don't let it's size fool you! That's all for now, and I can't wait to finally check out all the purse posts from my fellow FBFF members from last Friday. And maybe, if I'm good, I'll get a nice new outfit post for you all tomorrow. I'm seeing Ozomatli at the House of Blues tomorrow night, so the outfit just might feature sequins ;)

"Run The World (Girls)" - Beyonce

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You Should Be My Candy Cane

I totally looked amazing today. However, I neglected to take any outfit photos, so you'll just have to take my word for it ;) Still, I didn't want the day to go by without me sharing anything with you all. Thus, I give you a nail polish post. Today's nails were inspired by a spread in last month's Glamour (I think the one with Olivia Wilde on the cover):
Awesome, right? The lime green, though cool, seemed a bit much, so for my version I changed it to a deep red instead. The process was simple enough. First, I applied one coat of a base color. For my version I used Ruby Kisses Red Cameo. Then, one at a time, I applied a second coat of red, immediately followed by thin diagonal lines of white and pink. I used some pretty cheap Kleancolor pink and white nail art colors (the thin bottles w/ the skinny brushes). Then, using a thin nail brush, I made 3 s-shaped swirls in the paint, from top to bottom. That created the wavy design. It probably took about 20 minutes altogether, and here is the finished product:
Not bad, right? It kind of reminds me of peppermints. I also made sure to use my newly purchased Seche Vite base and quick drying topcoat. Any of you ever used Seche Vite? I've used the topcoat for the past couple months, and it's pretty amazing how quickly it dries nails. In ten minutes I can wash dishes with newly painted nails without worrying about any smears. I just bought their base coat last week though, so I'm very eager to see if the combo of the base and topcoat will make my fancy new manicure more durable. I'll let you know the verdict in a few days :)

"Sugar So Sweet" - Tyrone Wells

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Just A Matter Of Time

Black Knit Cardigan - Forever 21 (free via clothes swap)
White V-neck Tee - Nollie, PacSun ($4)
Red Skinny Jeans - Bullhead, PacSun ($10)
Suede Leopard Pumps - Deena & Ozzy, Urban Outfitters ($10)

I'm surprised it actually took so long for this outfit to make a blog appearance. A variation of this ensemble has been my weekend uniform for the past couple of months. Colored jeans make me feel a bit more festive, so I don't feel terrible about falling back on this look over and over again.
In fact, I wore this same thing to see my friend J's daughter in a local production of Annie last month; then, I proceeded to wear this same outfit to lunch with J today. She probably is starting to worry that these are my only pair of jeans ;)

Typically, on a mall run or to a movie I'd be rocking my Toms, but since I was going to work I decided to be a grown up and wear heels. Whenever I wear these jeans I always seem to want to pair them with the same neutral colors and/or leopard heels. Perhaps I've got myself in a little style rut. So I open the floor to you all: what would you wear with red jeans?

"Giving Him Something He Can Feel" - En Vogue

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ain't Nobody Going To Interrupt My Game

White Cable Knit Sweater - Vintage, Discount Thrift ($1.50)
Pink Midi Skirt - Vintage, Goodwill ($6)
Beige Leather Platform Sandals - Chinese Laundry, Fallas Paredes ($10)
Gold Quilted Chain-strap Purse - Gianni Bini (free via clothes swap)

Happy Monday! Today was pretty uneventful. The sun was shining, and I took a rather enjoyable (and lazy!) afternoon nap. Also, I finally upgraded to a new phone, which I was long overdue for. I mean, it's no iPhone but it's light years away from my old clunky, brick of a phone. And although this is yet again not what I actually wore today (more like last week), just remembering this outfit is putting a smile on my face.

Aren't there just some clothing items in your closet that automatically make you happy when you wear them? This skirt is one of them. Just as I was getting weary of seeing all the midi skirts in style magazines, I happened upon this skirt last May. Not only does it have large pleats and polka-dots, but I am also in love with the soft pink/blush color. Everything I'd ever want from a midi skirt. On a completely unrelated note, I'm currently in the market for a new car. My mom's car has been decommissioned, so my plan is to give her my old (but reliable) Corolla and invest in a new car for me. That being said, I've never had a car note, and I'm a little terrified as to what a monthly payment will do to my financial status. I'm seriously thinking of adopting a year-long no-shopping policy a la Mel of Une Vie Geniale. While I do realize she's recently lifted her shopping ban, she did last six months, which is more than I have ever done. I know I'm a thrifty shopper, but I do already have so much clothing; at least 6 months should be feasible, don't you think?

"Faded" - Soul Decision

Friday, July 15, 2011

She's A Good Girl

Striped Maxi Dress - H&M ($13)
Black Raffia Belt - Wet Seal ($2.50)
Black Lace-up Sandals - Material Girl, Macy's ($24)

Full disclosure: this is not really what I am wearing today. I'm cheating and plying you with an outfit I wore earlier this week. I can't believe it's already Friday. This week was a mad blur, but I had to make sure you guys got to see me wearing one of my most favorite clothing items. Don't let the fact that it's never made a blog appearance fool you - this dress is one of the champions of the closet. I bought this dress about six months ago and have already worn it at least a dozen times. Every time I go on vacation, it's in my suitcase. When I'm too lazy to think of an outfit, I wear this dress, and suddenly people think I am so stylish. Totally worth every penny.
And here's a little peek at my feet so you can check out my latest shoe purchase, I'd been searching for black sandals that were comfortable with a slight heel (as opposed to the towering black sandals I already own). These shoes are it. And, even better, I found them at a store I had a gift card for so they cost me nothing. If only all aspects of my life could work out so conveniently, right? But enough about my outfit, because today is Fashion-Beauty-Friend-Friday and this week's post centers on labels in the blogosphere. Thanks to Katy of Modly Chic for formulating questions on a particularly insightful topic!

1. As someone who write/blogs about fashion, have you placed yourself into some sort of blogging category?
I think I have. I like to think of myself as being in the "lifestyle" blogger category. Yes, my posts are very fashion-centric, but I also write about other things I love (i.e., music, movies, books) and my daily life. Really, I almost view my blog as a diary of sorts, chronicling whatever interesting bits take place in my day.

2. What keeps you from or encourages you to label yourself as a certain kind of blogger?
Well all of my favorite blogs seems to fall in that fashion/lifestyle mold. The best fashion blogs aren't about labels and runway shows and sponsors; they're about regular (but beautiful!) people who love clothes and use them to express their personalities and way of life. So if anything, I feel privileged to label myself the same way they might.

3. When picking blogs to read and follow are you drawn to ones that indicate a certain group or way of thinking/being?
I'm usually drawn to bloggers in a similar age bracket as me, and with similar clothing styles. I'm more likely to choose a blogger who prefers vintage or my ladylike ensembles than one who favors designer or more edgy looks. Also, interestingly enough, I tend to be drawn to bloggers who have an element of faith in their lives. I'm definitely not into "religion" bloggers, but I inevitably seem to discover that bloggers whose style and editorial voice I enjoy, tend to have a strong faith.

4. Do you think there are benefits in labeling yourself or others?
Not really. If anything, labels often lead to division. But it's unavoidable. It's human nature to want to label because it makes it easier to interpret and understand our world. So no point in fighting it!

5. Agree or Disagree - We're all just people; we don't need all the labels.
I agree, but think it's naive to actually believe it will happen.

And that's that! Can't remember the last time when I thought deeply about "labels," so this was a pretty interesting topic. Can't wait to read what the rest of you have to say.

"Free Falling (Live)" - John Mayer (but originally Tom Petty)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let's Share Our Pot of Gold

Leopard Cardigan - Harve Benard, Sears ($6?)
Mustard Yellow Tank Top - Calvin Klein (free via clothes swap)
Chambray Button-down Skirt - Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters ($5)
Brown Strappy Wedges - Mossimo via Goodwill ($7)

Today was "yellow" day, as determined by the fine folks over at Everybody, Everywear. Firstly, I am obviously wearing yellow. Secondly, I was thoroughly underwhelmed by this outfit. I love the effect a shot of color can have on an outfit or even a person's outlook, but this mustard tank was just not doing it for me.

Yellow | Everybody, Everywear

Or maybe I'm projecting those feelings of lameness from the quasi-cold I am developing and the ridiculous drama that took place at work today (I'll spare you the details). But even though I was not feeling this look, I opted to share it with you guys just to show you that I gave it a shot. Do I get an "A" for effort, at least? Hopefully Tuesday went better for you than it did for me, but tomorrow's a new day so I'll think positively.

While I'll reserve my true emotions for once the deed is done, tomorrow I am getting a haircut! Not only have I not gotten a haircut in ages, I have never (in my entire life!) gone to a professional salon, so tomorrow will be a huge milestone. Don't let my braided bun fool you - I've got a TON of hair, which is a part of the reason why I never go to salons. It just costs too much money to get done. But I desperately need to cut off all my split ends so I can get some fresh growth, and my friend Q persuaded me to go with her to some salon in Beverly Hills. Let's hope they're are no regrets and stay tuned for a new and (hopefully) improved 'do!

"Rainbow" - Jessie J

Monday, July 11, 2011

Trying To Make It Real

Brown Rounded Wayfarers - H&M ($3)
Leopard-print Dress - Zara ($20, but free w/ gift card)
Brown Bow Peep-toe Heels - Zara ($15, but free w/ gift card)
Gold/Rhinestone Bow Bracelet - H&M ($2)
Gold Watch - Guess, Rose Bowl Flea Market ($10)

Can you believe that it is already July 11? (7/11 is free Slurpee day, for all of you not in the know). I know this is ridiculous, but I already feel like the summer is wasting away. I haven't even gone on any vacations yet! But enough complaining already.

This outfit is actually from a few Sundays ago, but I never got around to posting it. Isn't this dress adorable? I can't say that I ever thought I'd wear a full-on leopard print dress, but somehow in these muted shades and super-soft fabric it just works. I've worn it a few times since I bought it last winter, but this is its first blog appearance. I was also brave and added a bold lip to this ensemble. Red would have been the obvious lipstick choice, but I went a bit more subdued for a Sunday morning and used Loreal's Infallible Lipstick in Rosé. It still packs a punch though.

Despite my laments, this past week/end was the first where I really felt like it was summer. Saturday we threw a surprise graduation party for my nephew. He was genuinely surprised and scored a bunch of loot, so it was an overall success. Also, the weather was just perfect, so I was finally able to wear my cut-off shorts (white Levi's) and my beloved chambray shirt; sadly, there are no decent photos of my party outfit because I spent most of the time hostessing and stuffing my face with food ;)

Another pivotal summer activity took place yesterday afternoon when my friend N and I rode our bikes down to the beach for the first time. The first thing we realized was how out of shape we are. The second was how crazy the beach is on the weekend, a reminder of why I usually only go on rides on weekdays. Nevertheless, we spent a few hours at the beach, hit up the grocery store for some cake (don't ask - we just like cake) and ended the night in the Jacuzzi. Quintessential summer day.

How has the summer been treating all of you guys? Are you just starting to enjoy it, or are your sights already set on the fall? Let me know in the comments!

"Compared to What" - John Legend and The Roots

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In This Place

I've done it again guys. I know how déclassé (at least according to the "rules" of style) it is for someone to wear a matchy-matchy outfit, but can I just say that it's something I secretly love. And when I bought the electric blue Calyspo St. Barth for Target espadrilles I just knew I was going to wear them with every electric blue piece of clothing I own, even it meant getting crazy looks!

From the moment I saw Jessica of What I Wore wear this outfit, I knew I'd be coveting those shoes. I finally bought them last Saturday, and have worn them three times already! While Jessica was much more creative with her styling (of course!), I couldn't help but pair my new fave shoes with my old fave summer dress. Here's what yesterday's outfit entailed:
Cream Beaded Cardigan - GAP ($10)
Electric Blue Tank Dress - GAP ($8)
Gold Whistle Necklace - Forever 21 ($4)
Electric Blue Espadrille Wedges - Calypso St. Barth for Target ($7.50!)

Amazed by the price I paid for the shoes? Believe me, so am I. All the CSB for Target just went on sale at my local Targets, so I have no clue why these beauties were marked down so low, but I certainly am happy about it. I can't tell you how many complements I've gotten on them for the past week, and they are super comfy for a whole day of walking.
Turquoise Asymmetrical Hem Tee - Mossimo (free via clothes swap)
White Jeans - Old Navy ($8?)

Today I repeated my fashion faux pas and paired the shoes with a slouchy turquoise tee and another summer staple, my beloved white jeans. It was the perfect casual-but-cool summer ensemble for me, and made me feel quite cheerful despite having to work from 7:30 am to 6 pm. So, to sum everything up, I LOVE these shoes! No, I did not need another pair of shoes (even if they were such a great price), but I did clear out four pairs of shoes from my closet in order to justify this purchase. That makes it a little better, right?

On a completely unrelated note, it is officially exactly one month until I leave for Kauai! You might not remember, but my mother, my nephew and I are going to visit our friends in Kauai Aug.8 - Aug.25. It's our first time to Hawaii so we are all ridiculously excited (Well, except for my nephew since the trip is a graduation present for him and he doesn't know he's going yet. Awesome, right?) I'm already thinking about what to pack (we want to try to check in only one suitcase for the three of us). These espadrilles just might make the cut!
And just for kicks, here's a close-up of my latest nail polish. Most exciting news ever: an Ulta just opened down the street from my house! As far as I know, there was never an Ulta anywhere in L.A., so this was very exciting for me. Last week I went with my trusty Glamour mag coupon ($5 of $10 purchase!) and bought two new polishes. I got Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Sunset Orange and Sally Hansen Crackle in Antiqued Gold (which I'm wearing here over Sinful Colors Snow Me White). While I love the light gold-almost-silver color, I still believe the OPI shatter works better than any of the other shatter lines out there. But for a few dollars less, I suppose Sally Hansen will suffice ;)

"But It's Better If You Do" - Panic! At The Disco

Monday, July 4, 2011

I'll Take The Blow For You

Navy Blue Shift - Land's End via Goodwill ($2)
Striped Purse - Dooney & Bourke (gift)
Beige Patent Flats - Cotton On ($5)

Everyone enjoy their long weekend? Mine had it's moments. My mom and I kept my four nephews from Saturday afternoon till today, so we alternated shifts of entertaining them. She fed them lunch and took them to the beach; I played Wii with them and took them to the park. Aren't I such a good aunt?

Other than that, I tried my best to keep cool, as this weekend was our first genuine heatwave. I do love warmth, but I also discovered Sunday morning that there is a hive of bees outside of my bedroom window! Crazy, right? While I am not terrified of bees in general, I am terrified by the idea that a swarm might come through my bedroom window. Bee removal should be coming tomorrow, so I guess I can live without an open window for another 24 hours. Let's hope it doesn't get any warmer.

"You Won't Feel A Thing" - The Script


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