Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Don't Think You're Ready For This

Brown Rounded Wayfarers - H&M ($3)
Teal Striped Tee - Divided, H&M ($5)
Medium Wash Skinny Jeans - H&M ($10)
Brown Clog Sandals - Old Navy ($8)
Neon Pink Plastic Watch - Xhilaration, Target (gift, but retails for around $15)

And by "this", I mean this riveting t-shirt and jeans combo I've got going on today :) I was super lazy today and spent the morning sleeping in, being an all-around slacker. Still, it was my first day working in the Writing Center for the summer session, so at some point I did have to shower and put on something decent.

Given the much more laid back vibe the summer session has, I opted to wear jeans on my first day back to work. But I made it slightly less casual by wearing some heels. These shoes didn't really seem that significant when I bought them; they were cheap and in my size, so I figured why not?However, they have quickly become my fave shoes of the summer. They have a heel, but aren't so high that I'm afraid of tripping. And they are the perfect nude shade (for my complexion, at least), so they easily work with any outfit. In short, I love them.
(Look ma, no sunglasses!)

Something else I love? My awesome neon pink watch! I didn't get any close-up shots for you all to see it's total greatness, but you can't miss that pop of color on my wrist. It's plastic, but matte, so the color is saturated but without a cheap-looking sheen. And while I will probably upgrade to a more durable version later (Nixon has awesome neon watches) , right now this one is definitely doing the trick. I love the edge it can add to any outfit, even jeans and a striped tee!

"More Than A Woman" - Aaliyah

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