Thursday, June 30, 2011

Commerce Dressed Up As Rebellion

Hello all! Another Friday, another set of FBFF questions. This time Katy, inspired by a post of Vahni of Grit and Glamour fame, asks what our signature look is. I look forward to reading about (and shamelessly stealing!) the formulas of all you stylish bloggers out there. In the meantime, here's my take :)

1. What’s your go-to outfit formula?
This is an easy one for me. Blouse/Tee + Belt + Pencil Skirt + Cardigan/Blazer = Outfit

2. How did you come about this formula?
I don't really know. I used to be all about dresses; actually, I kind of still am, but over the past couple of years my collection of skirts (pencil, in particular) has grown exponentially. I think I realized that for my body type the pencil skirt was one of the most flattering options, and, cinched with a belt, I just couldn't go wrong. Plus, a lot of vintage pencil skirts give me the coverage I like, since most modern skirts are shorter than I would wear.

3. Do you have different formulas for different occasions in your life?
Oh definitely. While I don't take a ton of weekend photos, my formula for the weekends tends to be jeans, a tee-shirt, a long cardigan, a scarf and sneakers. On Sundays, when I go to my religious meetings, 95% of the time I'll be wearing a dress (usually vintage) and my highest heels. Lately on vacations, I'm usually in a romper or a maxi dress. Even though I don't wear them a ton in my day-to-day life, rompers pack easy and require almost no effort, so they're always my vacation uniform. And you already know how I feel about maxi dresses <3

4. Has it morphed over the years?
I've definitely begun to lean more heavily on vintage. That's probably been the biggest change in my dressing formula.

5. Which other blogger’s outfit formula would you like to swipe?
I love the style of Julie of Orchid Grey. She has this really beautiful bohemian-prep vibe that I adore, and almost every outfit she wears seems like it's straight out of an editorial shoot. Plus, she really nails the details with her accessories, something that I haven't quite been able to master.

"Uniform" (get it?) - Bloc Party

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