Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This Isn't the Ideal

Striped Long Sleeve Tee - Faded Glory, Walmart
Red Strapless Tube Dress (worn as skirt) - Wet Seal ($10)
Gold Embellished Flats - Charlotte Russe ($5)
Gold Quilted Chain Strap Bag - Gianni Bini (free via clothing swap)

Turns out I was supposed to wear pink today. Whoops. All this Color Rotating has got me a bit confused, I guess. Whatever the case, I mistakenly thought today was a red day, so I wore red.But don't you worry tomorrow I'll be wearing pink.

Given that this is week 3 of me attempting to infuse more color into my daily outfits, I feel I can be a little reflective. Turns out I have a lot of color in my closet. Who knew? While I haven't quite decided how long I'll keep this going (3 or 4 weeks most likely), I am surprised that it's been relatively easy. Other than me not really owning any orange, it hasn't been that hard incorporating color. And I like automatically having a focal point for every outfit I choose during the week. Makes getting dressed that much easier.

In other words then, so far so good :) Tomorrow's my long day of work, so while I fully intend to post something, no guarantees. Hope the week's still treating you all well!

"Time & Confusion" - Anberlin

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