Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm Heading Back In Time

Sigh. No excuses, but today's post is yet another recap post. I don't know where the week goes, but I did stick to my Color Rotation schedule, and I do have photos (albeit mediocre ones). Last I checked in I had donned yellow, so we'll pick up with green:
White Linen Blazer - Sears ($7?)
Olive Green Maxi Dress - Mossimo via Goodwill ($2)
Brown Wedge Clogs - Aldo via Goodwill ($7)
Brown Embossed Belt - 99 Cents Store ($0.99)

I wore this to work on Thursday, for our unseasonably warm temps. It basically felt like summer already, but I spent most of the day in the class room and most of the evening helping my friend Q make party favors for her best friend's bridal shower. Nothing says fun like gluing colored paper and 60 tiny lavender bows onto paper cones. Anything for a friend, I suppose.

White Cardigan - Vintage, Goodwill ($2)
Blue Print Sundress (worn as a blouse) - Jonathan Martin, Ross ($6?)
Blue Pencil Skirt - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($3?)
White Patent Sandals - Predictions, Payless ($7)

Blue Crocheted Cardigan - Old Navy ($7)
Blue Striped Tee - Old Navy ($4)
Medium Wash Skinny Jeans - H&M ($10)
Blue Wedge Loafers - BC Footwear, Ross ($10)
(awesome cake courtesy of J's baby shower)

There were two blue-centric outfits for Friday, but none of my photos came out properly for either one. Oh well. At least from these blurry pics you can get an idea of what I wore. On the left is what I wore to work, and on the right was my blue-themed outfit for my friend J's baby shower. She's having a boy, so since I wore all pink for my friend R's baby shower, I wore blue for baby Kaeden (adorable name, no?). I ate way too much cake, but the shower was a success.
Mauve Velvet Blazer - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($4?)
Blue Ruffle Neck Blouse - Mossimo, Target ($4)
Floral Print Pencil Skirt - Attention, Kmart ($2)
Black Patent Wedge Maryjanes - Payless, years ago ($10?)
Black Leather Purse - Vintage SAS, Rose Bowl Flea Market ($5)

And on Saturday I wore purple. It's not particular clear in this photo, but this velvet blazer is a lovely soft shade of mauve. It's really one of my favorite thrifted pieces. And I paired it with my satiny floral print skirt for a professional, but fun look.

So, in conclusion, I'm hoping to do better this week with my regular postings. And with my regular blog reads as well. When I go MIA for so long I feel like I've missed so much on every blog I usually read. But this week should be much less stressful, and next week I'm on spring break! Yay for vacations from work ;)

"The Perfect Scene" - Mercy Mercedes

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