Friday, April 29, 2011

We Ain't Sweatin' To The Oldies

It's that time again: Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday! This week's questions are right up my alley as they relate to personal fitness routine. I can't wait to read what all of you in the blogosphere are doing to keep yourselves in tip-top shape.

1. Do you keep some kind of fitness routine? Why?
Currently I’ve settled into a routine I really love. On Mondays I take Pilates for an hour and follow it up with a Zumba class for an hour. The combination of the intense stretching and high-voltage aerobics really leaves me feeling fit. Tuesday is my day off, but on Wednesday morning I take Pilates again. I find that Pilates does a lot for strengthening my muscles and just pulling everything in, but I only really benefit when I take it at least two times a week. In the summer (when my work schedule is much simpler), I try to hit three classes a week, but that’s just not an option right now. Thursday night I take another Zumba class, and on Fridays (depending on whether I have more exciting plans) I’ll try to take Zumba again. Now that spring is here, I also try to include a brisk walk or bike ride at the beach at some point during the weekend since it’s so nice out.

Keeping up my fitness routine is a pretty big deal for me because I know I will never be able to limit my diet. I love food so much and could never deny myself something I really want, thus working out is the only way to ensure I don’t pack on the pounds. I’m actually in the best shape I’ve ever been (I actually weigh less than I did in high school), so I want to keep it that way ;)

2. Has working out, maybe training for a marathon or something of that nature, helped with your own perception of body image?
Last year I ran my first 5k, and while that might not seem very groundbreaking to you marathon runners out there, it was a huge deal for me. I was never a particularly active kid; while other kids joined sport teams I went to the library and read hundreds of books. Even in high school all my friends were on the volleyball or tennis teams or ran track/cross-country but I sat them out. Running literally would make me feel like I was going to have a heart attack.

Still, inspired by the Biggest Loser, last year I decided that if someone several hundred pounds overweight could run a 5k, then I certainly could try at least once. I trained and ran on local tracks, ran from my house to the beach, ran on treadmills – the works. And on July 4th I ran my first 5k. I finished in a decent time (approx 30 mins.) and had the satisfaction of a job well done. Even though I still loathe running (and haven’t run one day since!), the whole experience really showed me that my body is capable if I’m willing to push myself a little.

3. When you are hitting the gym or just going out for a long walk what do you wear? Is it about functionality or fashion?
Usually it’s more about functionality. At the gym, my foremost concern is comfort and support. I don’t want bits of me flopping about, if you catch my drift ;). I normally stick to a black/white/grey color scheme because I always like my clothes to match my shoes. Silly, I know, but once a matcher always a matcher. If I’m just going for a walk or bike ride, I’m much more lax. Sometimes I’ll wear jeggings and flip-flops. Just depends on my mood.

4. Do you feel there is a cultural perception of what you ‘should’ be doing for your own physical fitness?
I don’t know. I guess African-Americans in general are thought to be more athletically inclined, but that’s never been true for me so I feel no obligation to those cultural perceptions. I’m sure people might assume I’d naturally excel at Zumba as well since it's a dance-based aerobics class and I should supposedly have some sort of “natural” rhythm, but that’s not really true either. The only thing that’s made me improve is going to class regularly.

5. Dream big… what would be your ultimate fitness goal.
This is boring, but ultimately I’d just like to keep up a regular, consistent and enjoyable fitness routine for the rest of my life. Sometimes I get on a fitness kick and workout constantly whereas other times I get lazy and just forget about the gym altogether. My family has a history of health problems (cancer, diabetes, high-blood hypertension, high-cholesterol), and I know that my staying fit will play a large role in my avoiding some of those problems. So I just want to do all I can to make sure I stay on the right fitness path for me.

Thanks to Katy of Modly Chic for coming up with another set of awesome questions!

"The New Workout Plan" - Kanye West

Thursday, April 28, 2011

You Gave Me The Stars

Beige Embellished Sweater - Gap ($9)
Lilac Asymmetrical Blouse - Gap ($6)
Silver/Rhinestone Statement Necklace - PacSun ($1.50!)
Denim Leggings - Silence & Noise, Urban Outfitters ($14)
Tan Patent flats - Cotton On ($5!)

So my nephew hates these shoes. He says when I wear them they make me look like I'm barefoot, which confuses him. I say that's the reason why I like them! They are that perfect neutral nude color so I can wear them with almost any outfit. Totally worth the $5.
Also, here is the debut of a few of my new pieces from the Gap. The minute I saw this blouse, I knew I had to have it. I have a bizarre obsession with blouses and dresses with asymmetrical necklines. I rarely wear them, but I surely like to by them. Maybe it has something to do with my love of shoulder blades (weird, I know), but I just think they are super flattering without being too risque. Of course, I didn't want to pay full price for this shirt when I first saw it in the store, so I waited patiently for it to go on sale. Well, last weekend when I was in San Diego I finally snagged it. Other than the style, the pale purple is also perfect for spring.
Another new Gap purchase is my sweater. Though it doesn't come through in my photos, the shoulders have adorable silver beading, and you know how I feel about sparkle. While I can't say that I necessarily needed another sweater, it was so cute I had to have it. Oh, and even my necklace is new! It's giant and sparkly - what else could I want?

So, guess where I'm going on Saturday morning? The Toms warehouse sale! Awesome, right? Toms headquarters are located in Santa Monica, but every year they have a warehouse sale in Valencia, which is about an hour from where I live. While I've always admired the Toms company (though slightly ridiculing their hipster patrons), I've never bought a pair because I just couldn't fork over the $50. At the warehouse sale, however, prices should be significantly reduced, so I'm hoping to score some good deals. My friends and I are caravan-ing at the crack of 7 am. Wish us well!

"The Gift" - Go Crash Audio

Monday, April 25, 2011

We're Bridging the Gap

Fuschia Blazer - Liz Claiborne Petites, Goodwill ($10)
White V-neck Tee - Nollie, PacSun ($3)
Chambray Button-down Skirt - Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters ($5!)
Wings Ring - Forever 21 ($5)
Brown Wedge Sandals - Mossimo via Goodwill ($7)

So I spent the weekend in San Diego and did some major shopping. Did I intend to shop? No, but what can I say - it's my mom and I's favorite past time. And the Gap was having an a-mazing sale at Fashion Valley mall, so it is what it is. Stay tuned for those pieces.

However, today's outfit features some newly thrifted items that I am oh-so-happy to have in my closet. Is this blazer not a dream? A few weeks ago I saw a bright pink blazer at Zara and fell in love. Of course, I was completely unwilling to pay $60+ for it, but I still dreamed about. Enter Goodwill. I picked up this totally 80s version two weeks ago for a whopping $10. Now, $10 is a bit more than I like to spend on thrifted items, but I just loved everything about this blazer. And though this is it's first blog appearance, I have already worn it three times since I bought it, so I am definitely getting my money's worth ;)
My other new acquisition? These awesome Target wedges. I know many of you have seen these shoes around everywhere. If you want to see the real deal, check out Jen of JenLovesKev who has the authentic Dolce Vita version in brown. I, on the other hand, have the Target knock-offs, but they look pretty much identical to me. Secondly, I totally thrifted this pair at my local Goodwill too! Our Goodwills in my part of town tend to get hand-me-downs from the local Target stores (for no rhyme or reason), and these shoes were completely new, but somehow ended up at Goodwill. Maybe they were a return or something so Target shipped it over to Goodwill. Whatever the case, I only paid $7 for them even though they are still selling at my local Target for $30. So great deal, right?

Lastly, this button-front skirt has been a cherished item in my closet, but for some reason it's never made it onto the blog. I scored it last November on Black Friday and then proceeded to wear it half a dozen times throughout my Christmas break. It's super comfy and adorable so I expect it to get a ton of mileage this spring. Really, everything about this outfit just made me smile. Are there any items in your closet that you wear that automatically make you feel good about yourself? Let me know about them in the comments :)
*Side note: My good friend J finally had her baby on Saturday night! I went straight to the hospital yesterday afternoon as soon as I got back from San Diego. Is anything more fun than a newborn baby?

"Like That" - Black Eyed Peas feat. Cee-lo, Talib Kweli & John Legend

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Not the Pale Moon that Excites Me

Time for another round of Fashion-Beauty-Friend-Friday questions! This week we're continuing with the theme of inspiration, but in a bit more superficial manner ;) Be sure to check out all the other awesome blogger responses over at Modly Chic.

Which celebrity (celebrities) do you look to for fashion inspiration?
While I can’t say I draw a ton of inspiration from celebrity style, I have always admired the way Reese Witherspoon and Diane Kruger put their outfits together. Reese is a classic beauty and that always translates to her crisp, ladylike style. You’ll never see her in anything hyper-trendy. She sticks to classic cuts and elements that really make her style timeless, which is probably why you pretty much never see her on a “worst dressed” list. Diane Kruger, on the other hand, is much more daring and adventurous with her fashion choices, but she still does it in a ladylike manner. Nothing she wears is ever too revealing or risqué, yet she always seems to take it to the next level. That’s a skill I too wish to master.

2. When it comes to your own personal style, what inspires you?
I think what inspires me most are the fashion blogs I read. It’s crazy to see how regular people create beautiful outfits and combinations that are totally wearable in real life. Beyond that, I am huge fan of thrifting, flea markets and vintage, so a color or texture or motif can also inspire me. I love vintage silhouettes that I think are much more flattering for my body type, and the juxtaposition of combining an older vintage piece with something more modern like a band tee or ridiculous heels.

3. How do you hope to inspire your readers?
My main message I suppose is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look nice. The average fashion magazine may have beautiful pictures and outfits, but 99 percent of the time I’d never be able to afford one piece on the models. I doubt there is any piece of clothing in my closet I paid more than $20 for (not including shoes!), and yet I think I still manage to look put together and (relatively) stylish. That’s what I want my readers to learn: looking fashionable doesn’t have to mean incurring loads of debt. In fact, it’s even more satisfying when you know you look nice and you paid a little bit of money :)

4. Outside the realm of fashion who/what inspires you?
Definitely movies and television. A favorite of mine is the character Emma Pillsbury on Glee. She favors mild vintage silhouettes (pencil skirts, cardigans, brooches, bow-neck blouses), but in bold, bright hues that really make it modern. If I could dress like her everyday, I would. Speaking of bold colors, I also love the eye-catching color and shine that dominates the world of Bollywood film. I’m a Bollywood addict, so female leads in films like 3 Idiots and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi all inspire me to wear jewel-toned hues that really complement darker skin so well.

5. And since Idol is ending… Which songs inspire you?
Well for me music is the be all and end all so pardon me if you think this list is a bit too much:
“Spaceship” – Kanye West (very inspirational an all about overcoming challenges)
“Ottoman” – Vampire Weekend (just simple and beautiful, essentially the aura I'd like to exude)
“Pretty Girl Rock” – Keri Hilson (cheesy but fun empowering girl anthem)
“Everyone Nose” – N*E*R*D* (no better song for getting ready for a night out)
“Go Go Gadget Flow” – Lupe Fiasco (bold, brash and a bit cocky, but in a totally lovable way)
“Dancehall Queen” - Robyn (all about dancing like nobody's watching)
“Mojo So Dope [Clean]” – Kid Cudi (appreciating yourself without worrying about anybody else) “Something Good Can Work” – Two Door Cinema Club ( a 3-minute party from start to finish)

And there you have it. A bit of insight into what inspires me on a daily basis. Can't wait to see what the rest of you out there have to share!

"The Nearness of You" - Norah Jones

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This Is My Place For Unrulyness

I realize that it's already midweek, but I would be remiss if I did not do a little recap post on the Kid Cudi show I went to Monday night. Before I do that, however, I kind of feel like I need to explain my relationship with Kid Cudi and his music. In general, I'm pretty broad-minded when it comes to my music selection. I listen to a little bit of everything (as you might be able to tell from the varied concerts I attend).

However, when it comes to hip-hop, I am very choosy. I can't stand a lot of the popular hip-hop (or "ring-tone rap," as I call it) that is all about the club or getting wasted or "ho's" or whatever. It's all pretty useless and offensive to me. But I am a huge advocate of conscious hip-hop that relays some message about life or personal struggles or politics - basically something with a purpose. I wholeheartedly love artists like Common or Mos Def or Lupe Fiasco. Even Kanye West (despite his obvious craziness) walks the line of popular and conscious music.

When I first heard of Kid Cudi I hated him because he had a super popular, mildly offensive song called "Make 'Em Say." Though I knew nothing about him, I immediately wrote him off because when it comes to music I am pretty judgmental and a little snooty, if I'm being honest. Then, a couple months later I saw him performing "Pursuit of Happiness" on Saturday Night Live and completely fell in love. Do you know the song? It's pretty much the greatest. It made me go out and buy his album and became a true fan. His second album wasn't quite as enjoyable as the first one, but I still love him. Still, I don't know that I would have ever forked over the cash to see him live except that my friend R from San Diego desperately wanted to see him, so I said I'd go with her. By the time we decided we wanted to go the tickets were already sold out, but we managed to score some for a decent price on Craigslist.
While I knew from his albums that Kid Cudi did have a bit of fixation with drugs (I mean, he does have a song called "Marijuana" on his latest record), I was not prepared for what I encountered at the show. Pretty much everyone in the crowd was smoking pot for the WHOLE show. It was gross. My clothes and hair reeked of it once I got home. Discounting my annoyance with all the potheads surrounding me, Kid Cudi did put on an amazing show. He was gracious and friendly with the crowd, and performed almost every song I wanted to hear. Really, if it wasn't for my aversion to his fan base, I would see him again in a second. Sadly, I don't think his fan base will be changing anytime soon, so that will probably be the first and last time I see him life. But I guess I couldn't have known that without going.
K West Late Registration T-shirt - Touch The Sky Tour 2005
Red Knit Pencil Skirt - Forever 21 ($4)
Black Wedge Heels (not pictured) - Tilly's ($10)
Black Faux Leather Moto Jacket - Cotton On ($10)

Here is me looking haggard (but happy) at the end of the show. It was so packed and so hot and smoky that my back was pretty much dripping with sweat. I'm sure you all wanted to know that ;) And though my feet were cutoff in this pic, I was wearing these crazy 5" wedge heels at the show so I could tower over the majority of the crowd. They were comfortable at first, but I think standing in any pair of shoes would have hurt after 6 hours.

Have you guys ever been to a concert that disappointed you majorly in some way? Either by the venue or the crowd or the performance? Let me know in the comments!

"Maniac" - Kid Cudi

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rainbows Have Nothing to Hide

In case you haven't picked up on it, I've officially terminated my run on the Color Rotation. I intended to post a few more outfits, but then with my camera decommissioned I just decided to call it quits. Even though I'm ending a bit prematurely, I do think it was a very good experience. As you can see from the collage, I really did incorporate quite a bit of color into my outfit choices.

If I could do it again, I would definitely go a bit bolder with my color choices. The pinks and reds and yellows I chose were pretty vibrant, but my greens and blues were a bit boring. And of course, I want more orange in my closet, but that's a work in progress. I would definitely do it again once I infuse a few more bits of color into my wardrobe. Overall, I deem it a success! Thanks Colleen (of Scrap and Run) for inspiring me to branch out of my comfort zone :)

"Rainbow Connection" - Jason Mraz

You Can't Get Enough

Leopard Print Cardigan - Harve Benard, Sears ($7)
Black Tunic - Charlotte Russe ($5)
Boot-cut Jeans - Old Navy ($5)
Wooden Bangle - Long Beach Flea Market ($0.50)
Brown Platform Clogs - Aldo via Goodwill ($7)

And I am back! No, I haven't fixed my camera, but in the meantime I am borrowing a friend's camera so I'm not slacking on my blog duties. I feel like it's been so long since I've done an actual post. This is what I wore to my first day back to work. Sigh. Spring break is officially over. However, it wasn't all badness since I met my soon-to-give-birth friend J, her husband D, and our other friend J for an awesome lunch. I could eat Italian food all day, every day. And I kind of did yesterday.

This outfit was inspired by . . . me trying to get out of my house on time. These are my new jeans. I can't remember the last time I wore jeans that were not skinny, but these were so cheap and on sale so I figured, why not? I don't know that I think that they are particularly flattering, but I will continue to wear them. Also, they are super long, even with my ridiculously tall platform clogs.

I've kind of been on a crazy shopping spree lately, which is terrible, I know. Last Wednesday I bought a dress at H&M and a blazer and shoes at Goodwill. Then Sunday I went to the Long Beach flea market and bought two dresses. All soon to make their blog debut. Stay tuned . . .

"Addicted to Love" - Florence + The Machine (originally Robert Palmer)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's Not So Bad

I am all about this week's Fashion Beauty Friend Friday questions because they center on gratitude, and really, who of us doesn't need a reminder every now and then of all the people and things we should be grateful for? I know I do.

1. When it comes to me personally – I owe a lot of who I am to:
my mother. We are super close and are pretty much always on the same page. Everything about me, my faith, values and morals all stem from the kind of person she is and the way she's lived her life. Of course, my dad plays a big part too (in fact, our personalities are so similar that we often clash), but my mom and I definitely have a special bond. I don't know what I'd do without her!

2. When it comes to me professionally – I owe a lot of who I am to:
No clue. My degree is in journalism, but I don't really work in that field. I love teaching English on a one-on-one basis like I do as a tutor, but I don't think I'd ever want to the full responsibility of being a credentialed teacher. My professional life doesn't hold that much significance for me other than providing a way for me to support myself. My only goal professionally has always been to work at a job I enjoy, regardless of how much money I might make. Who knows who I got that idea from!

3. When it comes to the art of blogging, I’m grateful to these people for helping me through some rough spots:
Sorry to be so boring, but nobody in particular fits the bill here. My blog is pretty small, so there haven't been any major problems. Still, I'm grateful to all the wonderful bloggers out there who inspire me daily to take risks and put myself out there. Things that definitely go against my own natural inclinations.

4. One blogging challenge I’m grateful happened because it made me
stronger was…
when I first started my blog and then quit for about 3 months. I had given up because I really wasn't getting the sort of feedback I wanted and hadn't really committed to it. However, somehow during those three months I realized that for me, blogging wasn't really about getting attention and being followed and getting sponsors (though that would always be awesome) - it was about giving myself a creative outlet that I had been lacking for a long time. That break from blogging really motivated me to appreciate my blog for what I wanted it to be: a way for me to express myself on my own terms.

5. To my readers, I’d like to say…
thanks! It always boggles my mind that anybody would want to read something I write, let alone follow my blog. And then, to even comment or interact with me? I am eternally grateful. Having got caught up in the intricate world that is the blogosphere, there are so many lifestyle blogs that I follow so regularly that I feel like I know these girls. Like we're friends in real life or something. So the idea that even one of my blog followers might feel the same way about me is pretty heartwarming.

And that is that. I can't wait to read all the things my fellow FBFF members are grateful for and thanks to Katy of Modly Chic for these great questions!

"Thank You" - Dido

Within His Dreams He Sees The Life He's Made

I've had a crisis induced blog absence: my camera has pretty much given up. The lens doesn't focus anymore, and while I intend to get it fixed, there has been absolutely no time this week. Thus, no outfit post for you. However, in lieu of an outfit post, I'm going the book review route.My last completed reading selection was One Day by David Nicholls. Simply put, I loved it. It was alternately hilarious and tragic, and Nicholls writes in a familiar and casual manner that makes all his books particularly easy and enjoyable reads. One Day centers on the unlikely relationship that develops between Dex and Emma, two college students (and polar opposites) who have a quasi-one night stand that turns into a strangely co-dependent friendship.

The gimmick of the novel is that each chapter chronicles one day in the life of Dex and Emma on the same date (July 15) exactly one year in the future. (Confused? The first chapter is about July 15, 1988; then the next is July 15, 1989; etc.) I know it sounds weird, but once you read it the structure works surprisingly well.

I am sucker for any Brit novelists, but Nicholls really knows how to write characters that are deeply flawed but still inexplicably endearing. I actually finished reading this book last week at work, and the ending was so touching that I almost burst into tears, Fortunately I was able to keep together as I didn't want to startle any of my students :)
Bottom line: I highly recommend this book. Also, it's soon to be in theaters as the film version - starring Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe) and Anne Hathaway in the lead roles - will be in theaters this July. Keep an eye out for that. Up next for me, as you can see from my sidebar, is the Steinbeck classic East of Eden. True story: East of Eden is the only Steinbeck work I have ever read. Not even Grapes of Wrath or Of Mice and Men. Crazy, right? While I could have chosen to read one of his novels I am not familiar with, I opted to re-read my old favorite. From the vivid imagery to the intricate storyline to the plentiful Biblical allusions, I have always loved East of Eden. In fact, the first time I read it I loved it so much that I refused to watch the film version since I was certain it couldn't possibly live up to the novel's awesomeness.
However, my co-workers have encouraged me to watch the classic James Dean film, so I'm thinking I'll finally do it once I finish the novel this time. When I told my co-workers I was re-reading East of Eden one mentioned that he never reads anything more than once. It was pretty weird to me since I've read all my most favorite books tons of times. What about you guys: do any of you have a favorite novel you've read over and over?

"Day and Night" - Kid Cudi

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello Sunshine

Floral Print Cardigan - Jaclyn Smith, Kmart ($5)
Yellow Wool Pleated Dress - Vintage, Goodwill ($2)
Taupe T-strap Heels - Simply Vera, Kohl's ($2 with coupon)

Try as I might, I cannot seem to find anything orange to add to my closet. I'm on Spring Break this week (woo hoo!), so to celebrate, my friend Q and I spent the morning/afternoon shopping in Santa Monica. Sure, there were tons of beautiful orange clothes out of my price range, but nothing that I'm willing to actually fork over the cash for just yet. In fact, all I bought today was a ring from Forever 21. Grand total: a whopping $5. What can I say, I'm a big spender.

That was all a roundabout way of me explaining why I skipped orange in the Color Rotation and just moved right on to yellow. The above outfit was actually worn yesterday and features my favorite thrifted-and-altered dress. It's made multiple blog appearances so I'll spare you the detail shots of the button up back, but just know that nothing I own makes me feel more like a lady than this dress. I love it!

As a bonus, here's a phone shot of what I wore Saturday to help my friend Q throw a bridal shower for her best friend:
Black Blazer - Gap ($18)
Silver/Black Romper - Lucca Couture, Urban Outfitters ($12)
Black Tights w/ Glitter Back Seam - Urban Outfitters ($5)
Black Platform Lace-up Wedges - Forever 21 ($28)

I fully intended to take real photos of this outfit, but by the time I had a brief moment to take a photo, my camera battery had died :( So Q's niece took this picture of me on her phone. It suffices, but I really would have loved a back shot so you all would have been able to see the awesomeness that is my tights. They have a back seam of sparkly silver glitter. Amazing, right?

Since I was working the shower and not actually a guest, I went for classy and festive, but not so festive that I'd show up the bride or actual guests. True story: I bought this romper a year ago (when I still had my super Urban discount), and this is only the second time I've worn it. Terrible, right? I do like it a lot, but there just aren't many places for me to wear it to. So I was really glad I got to use it over the weekend.

Anybody else on Spring Break? Hope you're enjoying it like I am!

"Hello/Goodbye (Uncool)" - Lupe Fiasco

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm Crazy But You Like It

It's Friday again, which means that it's time for another Fashion Beauty Friend Friday post. I know I haven't participated in a while, but that's mainly been due to having no time, not because I don't totally love the awesome questions Katy of Modly Chic comes up with. This week's prompt is simple enough: What are the top 5 Spring trends that you are looking forward to seeing/sporting this season?

1. Platform Wedges – While I can’t say I’m on board for all the 70s revival I’m seeing out there (flared jeans? Not so much), I am all about the mega-high platform heel. It gives you the glamour of a high heel, but with the comfort and the practicality of flat (almost). I’ve got a couple pairs of wedge heels in my arsenal already, but I’ve been ogling this pair at Macy’s for quite some time:

(Rocket Dog Sadie Wedge)
Here’s hoping they go on sale soon!

2. Maxi Dresses – I love a good maxi dress. When styled properly they can make you look very sophisticated, but they are super comfortable and easy to wear. Are you sensing a pattern? I want to look nice, but without any effort. Isn’t that what we’d all like? Lulu’s has a monopoly on gorgeous maxi dresses that I would love to own:

(L - Evening Disclosure Navy Blue Maxi ,R - Lighten Your Load Pale Blue Maxi)

3. Bright Colors/Coral/Orange – So you all know that I’ve been trying to wear more color on a day-to-day basis. Spring time is the perfect time to embrace neon hues that would normally be a bit over the top. In particular, I really want to incorporate this season’s it-color coral and orange elements since I don’t really own anything in those shades. Here are a few items I think might be able to help me do just that:

(L - Vibrant Woven Dress, R - Springtime Eyelet Sweater)

4. Rompers – Maybe this trend is over, but I refuse to surrender! I collected a dozen rompers last summer, and I still see them popping up in magazines and lookbooks so I have to assume they are still viable. What better way to herald in spring than with an all-in-one short ensemble with a cutesy print (think florals or polka dots or even hearts!). It’s been a struggle not to buy these ones given that I already own so many:

(L - ASOS Screen Siren Red Playsuit , R - ASOS Heart Print Playsuit)

5. Daytime Sequins – I love sequins, but I generally feel obligated to relegate them to the night. Tons of my favorite stores lookbooks (I’m talking to you J.Crew!) have been featuring casual daytime outfits that incorporate my beloved sequins. Maybe it’s a pair of lovely camel-colored sequined shorts worn with a chambray shirt or a nautical-inspired sweater dress with navy paillettes – either way, it sounds like spring to me!

( Merino Confetti Stripe Sweater-dress)

Geez. After all that now I really want to go shopping. Who's with me?

"Loca" - Shakira feat. Dizzee Rascal

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm Alright, I'm Just Fine

White Cardigan - Vintage, Goodwill ($2)
Pink Strapless Dress - Mossimo, Target ($6)
Black Leather Flats - Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters ($6)

I've got 10 minutes to write this post before I have to go to work. Therefore, don't judge me for my lack of inspiration please :) I wore pink today to make up for yesterday's
Color Rotation confusion. As you can see, I really wore pink. All of my friends could not stop talking about how bright this dress was. But that's ok. Today it's ugly and overcast, so my dress brought a little excitement to an otherwise ho-hum morning.

You all may remember this dress from a couple weeks ago when I wore all pink to my friend R's baby shower. I toned it down, pairing it with black and white, but I think once it warms up I'll try some more interesting color combos. Maybe a teal cardigan instead of white? We'll see what happens when the time comes.
Also, have any of you ever been to The Habit? Despite my current quasi-vegetarian status, I do love a good burger and I just had a superb one from there this afternoon. I opted for the veggie burger on grilled sourdough with grilled onions and Swiss cheese. A-mazing. The only downside is that right now I am so full that all I want to do is nap, but instead I have to go have essay conferences with 3 classes full of students. Let's hope I can keep it together for the next 6 hours ;)

"So What" - Pink

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This Isn't the Ideal

Striped Long Sleeve Tee - Faded Glory, Walmart
Red Strapless Tube Dress (worn as skirt) - Wet Seal ($10)
Gold Embellished Flats - Charlotte Russe ($5)
Gold Quilted Chain Strap Bag - Gianni Bini (free via clothing swap)

Turns out I was supposed to wear pink today. Whoops. All this Color Rotating has got me a bit confused, I guess. Whatever the case, I mistakenly thought today was a red day, so I wore red.But don't you worry tomorrow I'll be wearing pink.

Given that this is week 3 of me attempting to infuse more color into my daily outfits, I feel I can be a little reflective. Turns out I have a lot of color in my closet. Who knew? While I haven't quite decided how long I'll keep this going (3 or 4 weeks most likely), I am surprised that it's been relatively easy. Other than me not really owning any orange, it hasn't been that hard incorporating color. And I like automatically having a focal point for every outfit I choose during the week. Makes getting dressed that much easier.

In other words then, so far so good :) Tomorrow's my long day of work, so while I fully intend to post something, no guarantees. Hope the week's still treating you all well!

"Time & Confusion" - Anberlin

Monday, April 4, 2011

Well She Craves Affection

Owl Print Tunic - She Said, JC Penney ($2 with coupon)
Black Leggings - Charlotte Russe (gift)
Gold Bird Connector Ring - Forever 21 ($3)
Color-block Leather Sandals - Simply Vera, Kohl's ($7)

Do you have items in your closet that you swear you love, yet you almost never wear them? I know, I know, if you haven't worn something for over a year you should get rid of it, but I'm talking about things you wear maybe once or twice a year. Are they still worth holding on to if you really think you love them?

Winded commentary aside, these shoes fall squarely in that category. I bought them a few years ago and loved the quirkiness of the stacked wood heel and nude/black straps. They are super comfy too, and yet I wear them twice a year at best. But I still refuse to part with them. And it's a good thing too because who knew color blocking would be such a big trend this season. Imagine my shock when I saw these Nine West shoes in February's People Style Watch:
While they are clearly a classier version than my shoe, they do have a similar aesthetic, and so I was inspired to wear my neglected sandals to work today. Other than the ridiculous amount of noise the heels made clacking through the hallways, I felt good about wearing them. I really think they elevated an otherwise uneventful outfit.
Speaking of my outfit, lest you decry my lack of color, this is my "print" outfit for the Color Rotation. Yes, my tunic has owls printed on it. Adorably kitschy, no? Especially for $2. A very comfy and practical outfit for the ever dreaded Monday. But getting back to my previous point, do any of you have items you love but never use in your closet? What inspires you to wear your neglected pieces?

"She Loves Everybody" - Chester French

I'm Heading Back In Time

Sigh. No excuses, but today's post is yet another recap post. I don't know where the week goes, but I did stick to my Color Rotation schedule, and I do have photos (albeit mediocre ones). Last I checked in I had donned yellow, so we'll pick up with green:
White Linen Blazer - Sears ($7?)
Olive Green Maxi Dress - Mossimo via Goodwill ($2)
Brown Wedge Clogs - Aldo via Goodwill ($7)
Brown Embossed Belt - 99 Cents Store ($0.99)

I wore this to work on Thursday, for our unseasonably warm temps. It basically felt like summer already, but I spent most of the day in the class room and most of the evening helping my friend Q make party favors for her best friend's bridal shower. Nothing says fun like gluing colored paper and 60 tiny lavender bows onto paper cones. Anything for a friend, I suppose.

White Cardigan - Vintage, Goodwill ($2)
Blue Print Sundress (worn as a blouse) - Jonathan Martin, Ross ($6?)
Blue Pencil Skirt - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($3?)
White Patent Sandals - Predictions, Payless ($7)

Blue Crocheted Cardigan - Old Navy ($7)
Blue Striped Tee - Old Navy ($4)
Medium Wash Skinny Jeans - H&M ($10)
Blue Wedge Loafers - BC Footwear, Ross ($10)
(awesome cake courtesy of J's baby shower)

There were two blue-centric outfits for Friday, but none of my photos came out properly for either one. Oh well. At least from these blurry pics you can get an idea of what I wore. On the left is what I wore to work, and on the right was my blue-themed outfit for my friend J's baby shower. She's having a boy, so since I wore all pink for my friend R's baby shower, I wore blue for baby Kaeden (adorable name, no?). I ate way too much cake, but the shower was a success.
Mauve Velvet Blazer - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($4?)
Blue Ruffle Neck Blouse - Mossimo, Target ($4)
Floral Print Pencil Skirt - Attention, Kmart ($2)
Black Patent Wedge Maryjanes - Payless, years ago ($10?)
Black Leather Purse - Vintage SAS, Rose Bowl Flea Market ($5)

And on Saturday I wore purple. It's not particular clear in this photo, but this velvet blazer is a lovely soft shade of mauve. It's really one of my favorite thrifted pieces. And I paired it with my satiny floral print skirt for a professional, but fun look.

So, in conclusion, I'm hoping to do better this week with my regular postings. And with my regular blog reads as well. When I go MIA for so long I feel like I've missed so much on every blog I usually read. But this week should be much less stressful, and next week I'm on spring break! Yay for vacations from work ;)

"The Perfect Scene" - Mercy Mercedes


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