Monday, March 21, 2011

The Places We Could Be Going Now

Tan Trench Coat (again!) - GAP ($20)
Chambray Shirt - GAP ($8?)
Yellow Striped Tee - Weavers, Ross years ago ($4?)
Navy Blue Cords - Old Navy ($7)
Yellow Jelly Flats - J. Crew via Goodwill ($7)

This morning brought round two of the torrential downpour, which is why I donned my trusty trench yet again. However, by the time I took these pictures after work (around 3:30-ish) it was bright and sunny. Go figure. At least it allowed me to take my outfit pictures without any fear of drowning ;)

Given that I took a little break from my Color Rotation duties last week, today is only day four for me. Any guesses on today's color? Why yellow, of course. Unlike orange, yellow does have a presence in my wardrobe, if only because I am huge fan of primary colors. Given the state of the weather, I opted for a more casual yellow ensemble since nobody wants to have to walk halfway across campus in rain and a fancy dress and heels.
While I thought I was being super smart wearing my jelly ballet flats in the rain, I learned the hard way that plastic flats are much different than plastic boots. For the 10 minutes I was actually out in pouring rain, my shoes got so soaked that they kept flopping off my feet. Suffice it to say, it was a very slow and awkward walk to my car for lunch. But once the rain stopped and the shoes dried everything was fine again. Lesson learned I suppose.

Want to know the highlight of my day? I found an awesome sequin-covered tank top at Ross for just $0.99! It's not exactly something I can wear everywhere, but for $1 I'll make it work. After all, sequins are never wrong in my book. Stay tuned for my green ensemble tomorrow!

"Lemon Love" - Aslyn

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