Monday, March 7, 2011

The Ink Of A Scholar

So I've kind of been reading up a storm lately. Therefore, in lieu of an outfit post, here is a text heavy book post! I have always been a major book lover. In fact, as a child I didn't really have toys, but I had a giant chest full of books. It was my favorite past time. When I was younger I was super serious and thought I was oh-so-smart, so I only read serious books. Things I thought smart people were expected to read. Some of it I loved (Dickens, Austen) and other bits I hated (Faulkner - no offense to any literati!)

Now that I'm older, however, I've opted to just read for me. I've got nobody to impress, so if I don't like a book I'll stop reading it. And I'll read the trashiest romance novels as much as the next girl. The last three books I've read are all pretty contemporary, and they are all films too! I've yet to watch the movies, but I can give you a review of the books.
In December I read Something Borrowed. It's pretty run-of-the-mill chick lit, but I really enjoyed it. The gist of the story is that a girl starts to have an affair with her best friend's fiance. Of course, the best friends are more frenemy than friends since the pretty engaged one has always put down the smarter but less stylish friend. While I can't really embrace the morality of the book, it was a page turner and kept me wanting to know what happened next.

There's even a sequel called Something Blue told from the perspective of the pretty-but-shallow friend, but I've yet to read that. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a light, easy romantic sort of read. And the movie (starring Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson as the leads) will be in theaters in a few months.
In January I read The Romantics. I had seen ads for the film version last December, but when I found out it was a book, I knew I'd have to read it first. Again, this was a pretty easy read. But I didn't really like it all. All of the characters were super whiny and highly unlikable. The premise is that a group of college friends are coming together for the wedding of the group's golden couple. Only the groom is not really in love with his fiance. He's in love with his fiance's best friend (also her maid of honor). I didn't realize it until just now, but it seems there's a running theme in my book choices!

While the premise itself was okay, the characters are all upper crust trust fund kids with problems that made me hate them more rather than sympathize. Plus, the dialogue is very self-reverential and a little too hipster intellectual for my tastes. I've yet to watch the movie, but my hopes are that I like it more than the novel. Chances are I will since it stars my fave actors Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel and Adam Brody.
Last month I read It's Kind of A Funny Story. This is actually a young adult novel, but I read it in preparation for seeing the film which stars Zach Galifianakis and Emma Roberts. It's about a teenage boy suffering from depression who decides to check himself into a psychiatric hospital after he becomes suicidal. Not exactly light-hearted fare, but since the protagonist is a 15-year-old boy the difficult subject matter is tackled from a very humorous perspective.

This book really impressed me. It's definitely written for a younger audience, but the themes it touches on are things we can all relate to and the main character is extremely sincere and likable. I liked this book so much, I'm thinking about reading some of the author's other works.

And that's that. Up next for me is David Nicholls One Day. I've got no clue what it's about, but I loved his book A Question of Attraction (also an excellent film starring James McAvoy), so I've got high hopes for this one. What about you all? Read anything good/awful lately?

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