Monday, February 7, 2011

This Rut That I Fell Into By Mistake

Red Printed Sheath - Merona, Target ($10)
Brown Peep-Toe Bow Heels - Zara ($20)
(quite a simple outfit, no?)

Anybody interested in a brief peek into my often twisted psyche? Well, about a year ago I was fully absorbed in a workout routine that centered on Pilates at least 2x a week. The twisted part is that I only started going to the classes regularly because I was a little bit in love with the teacher, an adorable British ex-pat. Now, it was perfectly harmless, but as I started to frequent his class I began to realize that he wasn't just good-looking; he was also an amazing Pilates teacher. My body was strengthened like it had never been before.

About 9 months ago that teacher was in a horrible motorcycle accident. He survived, but recovery took ages so all his classes were subbed out. At first, I tried to keep up my routine, but the subs just couldn't teach like he did. So Pilates kind of fell by the wayside, and I moved onto other classes (see: Spin, Zumba). Imagine my surprise then, when tonight, as I was walking into Zumba and the previous Pilates class was walking out, out walks my old teacher as good as new! I said welcome back (and he remembered me!), and went into my class. So basically, this is a really drawn out way of me saying that I'm finally headed back to Pilates. Yes, it's partially because I'm a little shallow and think the instructor is cute, but, it's mainly because I want that strength and toning back in my body.

Oh, and this outfit is not at all what I wore today. It's Sunday's ensemble. Yesterday I totally avoided all the Superbowl hype and went to Disneyland with a group of friends. That meant I got home late despite having to get up early today. Thus, every piece of clothing I actually wore today was made of sweatshirt material for maximum comfort. So I leave you with Sunday's pictures when I was a bit more presentable ;)

"Be My Escape" - Relient K

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