Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shaking Like A Leaf

Camel Wool Coat - H&M ($20)
Gray Knit Turtleneck - Sweater Project (free via clothes swap)
Camel Silk Pencil Skirt - Vintage (free via clothes swap)
Gray Argyle Tights - Worthington, JC Penney's ($4)
Gray Lace-up Booties - Deena & Ozzy, Urban Outfitters ($30)

It's raining again! But no complaints since I know people in other states have it much worse than we do. Besides, it just presents me with more reasons to wear my tights and coats without people making fun of me for being overdressed :) And it's the first blog appearance of my booties I bought last month! I love them and wear them constantly. There's just enough heel to not be dangerous and I they are comfy enough to wear all day. I think they're on sale on the UO website right now, so if you're interested I definitely recommend them.

Being that today is Feb. 15, I figured it was a good time to reflect on all of my goals for the past month, and discuss how I've been doing. Firstly, I made it a whole month without any shopping (it officially began Jan. 13). While I'd love to stick to a strict no-shopping policy for at least a few months, the realist in me knows it just isn't feasible. Still, in conjunction with paying off all my credit card debt in the next 3 months, I've started only spending cash. Every week I have a specific amount of cash I get from the bank and that's all I can spend. When it's gone, then I'm done spending. That will severely limit any future shopping I may do, so that should keep me in check.
With regards to exercise, I'm finally back to the gym three days a week. Woo hoo! Monday I do pilates and Zumba, Wednesday only pilates and Thursday only Zumba. I also want to incorporate something active (a bike ride? hike?) on the weekends, but that's still a work in progress. Kind of like my diet. For the past month I've been drinking a protein smoothie (30+ grams) every morning right when I wake up, and I think it's doing wonders for my appetite. While I'm not exactly trying to lose weight, the extra protein early in the day is really filling, so I don't feel hungry as quickly. I haven't done great with cutting back on my sugar intake (which you can see from my cupcake post last week), but I'm trying. Sort of.

What about you guys: any goals you've been attempting to reach lately? Success or failure? Or maybe a little of both, like me?

"Get Your Back Off The Wall (3OH!3 Remix)" - Family Force 5


  1. Cute outfit!! I'm failing at my goal of not spending unnecessary money in February. I didn't realize so many things would crop up! And just things like...supplies for my boyfriend's birthday party, and mailing my best friend a coat she's been dying for (expensive!)...sigh.



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