Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm In Love With My Own Sins

Magenta-ish Corduroy Blazer - Vintage, Goodwill ($8)
White Cardigan (under jacket) - Vintage, Goodwill ($2)
Tiered Floral Dress - Ross ($10)
Wide Brown Belt - 99 Cents Store ($0.99)
Leather Shoulder Bag - Vintage Coach, gift
Fuchsia Tights - gift
Brown Leather Riding Boots - Vintage Ralph Lauren, Goodwill ($10)

So these tights are pink. Like, seriously pink. My aunt just gave me them over the weekend, and at the time I thought they were a bit too intense for my liking. However, yesterday my friend J (who is 6 months pregnant and adorable) wore bright yellow tights and totally rocked it, so she inspired me to think outside my comfort zone. I got no strange looks or weird remarks, so I deem the tights a success! And I think I'm kind of in love with them now.

In fact, I'm already focused on creating another outfit centered around these tights. There's kind of baby mania going on amongst my friends ( two just recently had babies and two have babies on the way in the spring). And my friend K is throwing a shower for her sister next month where there will be a contest for who can wear the most pink (in honor of the forthcoming baby girl). I'm pretty much a shoo-in with these awesome pink tights.
On another more interesting side note, my bff went to the Ellen Show with her twin daughters today and EACH of them totally one an XBOX 360/Kinect system! Crazy, right? I'm super psyched for them because even if they won't give me one (ha ha), they can totally sell two of them for a good amount of money. And what family couldn't use some extra money these days. But believe me, I will definitely be with them next time they go to Ellen :)

"America's Suitehearts" - Fall Out Boy


  1. I LOVE the bright tights. I think it does take some courage to wear them, and the right look to make it work. You've done it ;).

    Also..I LOVE Ellen...she is so funny. I think that is hard to do without using dirty jokes.

  2. i love everything about this outfit! you look great...and i can't believe that belt was only $.99!



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