Friday, February 25, 2011

Manos Manos Arriba (Hands Up)

Black Cloche - Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters ($5)
Red Cardigan - Moda International, Goodwill ($2)
Polka-dot Dress - Merona, hand-me-down from friend
Black Sweater Tights - Gap ($4)
Black Patent Oxfords - Coconuts, Marshall's ($10)
Silver Bow Necklace - Forever 21 ($1.50)
Red Lipstick - Sephora Collection Rouge Cream in The Red 04

How many of you are loving the combo of red, white and black? Well, obviously I do. I'm calling this my "Minnie Mouse" look. Something about the combo of red and polka dots makes me automatically think Minnie Mouse. Also, I have noticed that something about this hat makes me want to wear red lipstick. Maybe a part of me thinks with the hat, the red lips aren't as dramatic. Looking at the pics, however, it seems the hat draws even more attention. Oh well. I felt good about myself all day, and that's really all that matters.
Today I had the privilege of going with my friend J, her sister and another friend to buy party favors for her baby shower. I really do love babies. While I don't see myself wanting a child of my own (for a plethora of reasons), it is so fun watching someone else go through a pregnancy and then enjoying the little tiny person that comes after nine months. I've spent so much time with J that I can feel like I'm related to baby K now. We even joke that he probably thinks I'm his dad since I have pretty deep voice (even compared to his actual dad).

We also had a really good lunch at Lazy Dog Cafe. I'd never been, but we were already at our local mall so we figured we'd try it out. So good. I had a Mediterranean Veggie Foccacia sandwich and it was delicious. Highly recommend it. In fact, I just may go eat my leftover half a sandwich right now :) Happy weekend!
"Mueve La Pompa" - Axe Bahia

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Always Say We're Going To Stop

Black Blazer - GAP ($18)
White Scarf - Gift
Black Floral Print Romper - Charlotte Russe ($10)
Black Ribbed Sweater Tights - GAP ($4)
Black Leather T-Strap Flats - Cooperative, Urban Outfitters ($10)
Green Satchel - H&M via Goodwill ($6)

Oh look, I'm wearing my black blazer yet again. I always start out intending to go a completely different way when it comes to my outerwear, but often inadvertently fall back on my beloved blazer. I really need to make some sort of "black blazer" montage so that I can really get an idea of how many times I wear this one clothing item. I'll get on that right now.

Secondly, I'm doing the whole shorts with tights thing. While it's kind of obscured by the white scarf that's swallowing me, I'm actually wearing a romper I got some time last summer (Also seen here). I wore super thick sweater tights because it was cold, but also because I had to work today, and I felt it was important to tone down the amount of leg I was showing. Wouldn't want
the students to get the wrong idea, you know?

Really though, this outfit had me yearning for summer. Remember when we could wear shorts without tights? Now granted, this being Southern Cali, I could very well be back in warm weather next week, but for right now I'd rather commiserate over the sorrow that winter can be at times. Who's with me?

"Last Friday Night" - Katy Perry

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Watch Him As He Goes

So I've got no outfit post today, but please humor as I go all fanboy (fangirl?) for a moment. I'm going to give you all a little insight into me as a person. When I say I am obsessed with comic book superheroes, I mean OBSESSED. Pretty much for as long as I can remember. Of course, the focal point of my obsession has always been Superman. I fell in love with Christopher Reeve in the cheesy 70s films as a small child (like 3 or 4 years old), and ever since then I've gobbled up every bit of the Superman mythology I could get my hands on, be it comic books, novels, movies or television incarnations (Yes, I am still watching Smallville to this day).

Heck, I have a Superman memorabilia coming out of my ears since everyone I know always buys me anything with the super logo emblazoned on it. Whatever the case, the only reason I'm writing this post is because I just purchased the latest copy of Entertainment Weekly and guess what's on the cover?!
Just so you know, I was so excited about this that I took this picture on my phone and sent out a mass text to all my friends so they could share my enthusiasm. Crazy, I know, but they understood. While I liked aspects of the last Superman movie (pro: Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, con: Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane), it pretty much bombed at the box office, so I was not surprised to hear they'd be rebooting the franchise. I've known for a while that Henry Cavill would be the new Man of Steel, but swooned a little when I finally saw him on his first magazine cover.

Christopher Nolan (of Dark Knight and Inception fame) will be directing, and while I love how he brought new life to the Batman franchise I do have a few reservations. I get why the studios would choose him since everything he makes has been golden lately, but I hope he stays true to the essence of the Superman mythos. Everything Nolan has been most famous for has been extremely dark. While Batman is essentially a vigilante with a gigantic chip on his shoulder, Superman has always been essentially good. He's not dark or twisted and his natural inclination is to do what's right. I desperately hope Nolan doesn't re-imagine the Superman story to the point that he loses the innate goodness in favor of some sort of manufactured turmoil and conflict that diverges from the comics.

Ok, but enough obsessing on my part. As you can see, I clearly could analyze all of this for ages, but I'll spare you. Do any of you guys have any secret (or not so secret) obsessions that people are surprised to learn about? And are you even remotely excited about a new Superman?

"My Hero" - The Foo Fighters

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Waitin' for the Day When We're Both Safe

Grey Cardigan - Express, Goodwill ($5)
Grey Pleated Sweater Dress - Old Navy ($6?)
Grey Glittery Scarf - Jones New York (gift)
Grey Argyle Tights - JC Penney's ($4?)
Grey Heeled Booties - Deena & Ozzy, Urban Outfitters ($30)

So I played it safe today and went the monochromatic route. It's just such an easy way to feel put together even if you don't want to put forth any effort. We've been having cold (for us) temps lately, so it is such a pain getting dressed every morning. All I want to do is wrap up in a coat and/or blanket and call it a day.
However, I do have to be a functioning member of society and properly dress myself. Actually, today was a few degrees warmer than yesterday, so I didn't have to wear my coat all day. I promise I don't always wear these booties with the same tights, but for some reason the only time I've photographed myself wearing them it's been in pretty much the exact same way. he next time I wear them I will surely do something a bit more creative.

As you can see, I've been sort of retooling my blog layout yet again. I wanted something a bit simpler, but still vibrant, so I may be sticking with this new background. I also added Disqus so that it'll be easier for me to respond to your individual comments. So even though this was a pretty uneventful post, keep the comments coming!

"Safe In L.A." - Gold Motel

Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Is Not A Test

True story: I was actually featured in Kyla's "Blue Collar Collective" post on her blog Blue Collar Catwalk! For those of you not aware, Kyla's blog has always been awesome, but she has recently devoted a post every Sunday to fellow bloggers in outfits that cost less than $100. As anybody who reads my blog knows, I don't think I've ever worn an outfit that cost more than $100 since most stuff I own is either thrifted or extremely on sale.

Still, this outfit from a couple months ago is one I've always been particularly proud of. And the fact that Kyla also liked it kind of makes my week. If you don't already read her blog, do it! She's super sweet and stylish. Plus, unlike a few other bloggers out there, she manages to look adorable on a regular person's budget. I aspire to achieve her level of class and comfort. Thanks Kyla!

"Cannibal Queen" - Miniature Tigers

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Undertaker Drew A Heavy Sigh

Black Trench Coat - H&M ($20)
White Scarf - Gift
Red Cable Knit Sweater - Vintage, Goodwill ($2)
Black Leather Belt - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($2)
Black Abstract Print Sheath - Merona, Goodwill ($7)
Red Gingham Button-down - Talbots, South Street Thrift Center ($2)
Red Opaque Tights/Black Sheer Tights - Target ($3 each)
Black Leather Boots - Zigi Girl, Wild Pair ($30)
Black Fingerless Gloves - Forever 21 ($5)

Oh yeah, my title today is a Wings reference. I don't know why, but I've been totally obsessed with Wings lately. Go figure. Anywho, it was supposed to be a downpour today, so I dressed in tons of layers in preparation, which you can probably figure out from my extra long list of items featured in this ensemble. Turns out it hardly even rained, but it was still super windy so at least I stayed warm. Here's what I started out the day wearing:
I look super uncomfortable because I was cold. And that is what I looked like for most of the day. Underneath the jacket, however, there was a whole lot more going on. I wear this dress quite a bit, but I wanted to try to mix things up by putting a shirt underneath it. While it's not very evident in my photos, the button-down I'm wearing is actually red gingham. It's an interesting contrast to the black/white abstract print of the dress. Even though I felt I was being adventurous, nobody really got to see it under the long coat, so it kind of didn't count. But at least I knew about it.

Hope you all in other parts of the country aren't freezing too terribly. Now I'm off to own my friend J in a game of "Words with Friends." Do any of you guys play? If so, reach out to me (username: secretsuperheroine) because I am always looking for a challenge!

"Band On The Run" - Wings

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shaking Like A Leaf

Camel Wool Coat - H&M ($20)
Gray Knit Turtleneck - Sweater Project (free via clothes swap)
Camel Silk Pencil Skirt - Vintage (free via clothes swap)
Gray Argyle Tights - Worthington, JC Penney's ($4)
Gray Lace-up Booties - Deena & Ozzy, Urban Outfitters ($30)

It's raining again! But no complaints since I know people in other states have it much worse than we do. Besides, it just presents me with more reasons to wear my tights and coats without people making fun of me for being overdressed :) And it's the first blog appearance of my booties I bought last month! I love them and wear them constantly. There's just enough heel to not be dangerous and I they are comfy enough to wear all day. I think they're on sale on the UO website right now, so if you're interested I definitely recommend them.

Being that today is Feb. 15, I figured it was a good time to reflect on all of my goals for the past month, and discuss how I've been doing. Firstly, I made it a whole month without any shopping (it officially began Jan. 13). While I'd love to stick to a strict no-shopping policy for at least a few months, the realist in me knows it just isn't feasible. Still, in conjunction with paying off all my credit card debt in the next 3 months, I've started only spending cash. Every week I have a specific amount of cash I get from the bank and that's all I can spend. When it's gone, then I'm done spending. That will severely limit any future shopping I may do, so that should keep me in check.
With regards to exercise, I'm finally back to the gym three days a week. Woo hoo! Monday I do pilates and Zumba, Wednesday only pilates and Thursday only Zumba. I also want to incorporate something active (a bike ride? hike?) on the weekends, but that's still a work in progress. Kind of like my diet. For the past month I've been drinking a protein smoothie (30+ grams) every morning right when I wake up, and I think it's doing wonders for my appetite. While I'm not exactly trying to lose weight, the extra protein early in the day is really filling, so I don't feel hungry as quickly. I haven't done great with cutting back on my sugar intake (which you can see from my cupcake post last week), but I'm trying. Sort of.

What about you guys: any goals you've been attempting to reach lately? Success or failure? Or maybe a little of both, like me?

"Get Your Back Off The Wall (3OH!3 Remix)" - Family Force 5

Monday, February 14, 2011

It Felt So Right I Couldn't Believe It

White Cardigan - Vintage, Goodwill ($2)
Rhinestone Bow Brooch - Random jewelry store in NYC ($1)
Pink Lace Embellished Sheath - Vintage, Long Beach Flea Market ($5)
White Studded Pumps - Charlotte Russe ($5)

I'm writing this as I sit on my pilates ball and recover from a two hour block of exercise at the gym. Yep, I said
two hours. I took pilates and Zumba back-to-back. Aren't you proud of me? I'm feeling great right now, but tomorrow will surely be different.

I also sort of unofficially went back to work today :/ The spring semester officially started last Saturday, but usually I don't have to start until one week into the semester. However, one teacher wanted me in class today, so I sucked it up and went. Money's always good, but it is a bit of a bummer getting back to the old routine. On the bright side, next Monday is a holiday so no school! Believe me, I know I'm a little pathetic.

About the outfit: I wore this yesterday. It was nice, but pretty unremarkable. If anything, the most exciting aspect of this whole ensemble was my bright pink lipstick. Wearing it amongst my friends, I kind of felt like my lips were glowing, but in the photos it doesn't look too intense. Anyway, I liked it, so that's all that matters, right? Right.

"Did It Again (Remix)" - Shakira feat. Kid Cudi

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm Fiending

Green Cardigan - Cherokee (Mom's)
Black Leather Belt - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($2)
Red Floral Print Skirt - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($3)
Patent Shoulder Bag - Gryson for Target via Goodwill ($6)
Black T-strap Flats - Wanted, Ross ($7)

Today was a much better day than yesterday. I got to sleep in a bit and awoke to a lovely dull ache in my arms and legs from yesterday's Pilates class. That might sound weird, but there's nothing I like more than feeling that residual pain that lets me know I've had a good workout in the past 24 hours.

Every time I wear this skirt I wonder if I could've styled it better. It's already so bright that I'm wary of doing anything too crazy. But I like the combination of the green cardigan. It's not too matchy (as I've done in the past), but the sweater brings out the few bits of green present in the skirt.
But let's get to the main event. After a lovely vegetarian lunch with my friend J and her two daughters, I met up with my other J-named friend (let's call her "pregnant J") and we headed to Sprinkles cupcakes in Beverly Hills. I'd always heard about how super their cupcakes are, but didn't understand first hand until today.

When I got there it was impossible for me to choose just one cupcake, so instead I bought four: Red Hot Velvet (red velvet w/ spicy cinnamon cream cheese frosting), Raspberry Chocolate (chocolate cake w/rasberry frosting), Lemon (lemon cake w/lemon frosting) and Chocolate Marshmallow (chocolate cake w/ marshmallow frosting). I just couldn't help myself. I ate the red velvet one first (of course!), and it was really too good. Super rich and everything I'd ever want from a cupcake. However, I soon realized the sugar rush was super intense and that there was no way I'd be able to eat the other cupcakes today without ending up in a sugar coma.
(apologies for the blurry phone pic)

In the end, I opted to give away the other three cupcakes (one to my nephew, two to my friends daughters). It's a good thing too because I just looked up the nutrition facts for the cupcake I did eat, and it had 497 calories and 16 g of saturated fat! Totally worth it, mind you, but not if I had eaten all four. Whatever the case, I went to Zumba tonight, so hopefully those calories are long gone ;)

"The End" - Kid Cudi feat. GLC, Chip Tha Ripper & Nicole Wray

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

And Now I'm Towing The Line

Purple Cardigan - Canyon River Blues, Sears ($6)
Blue Elastic Belt - Forever 21 ($4)
Multi-Colored Sleeveless Dress - Newport News ($8)
Purple Over-the-knee Socks - Forever 21 ($2)
Brown Leather Riding Boots - Vintage Ralph Lauren, Goodwill ($10)

I am so tired. And that feeling sort of translated into my outfit today. Do you ever feel like you over think things when it comes to getting dressed? I'm getting to the point where I sometimes feel anxiety when I have to choose an outfit in the morning. I need to get back to the basics, keep it simple and realize that it's not really that important. I mean, it's important to put forth effort, but I need to get back to dressing for me, not others.

So today's outfit kind of left me feeling ho-hum. It's not particularly interesting and sort of follows my typical formula: dress+sweater+socks+boots = acceptable outfit. Still, I was able to muster a smile for my photos. I'll start over fresh tomorrow, which should be easy since I've got some awesome plans.
In the morning I'll be hanging with my best friend and we're going to lunch at an awesome local vegan restaurant, the Green Temple. Then, in the afternoon, I'm going with my friend J and her sister to the famous Sprinkles Cupcakes (squee!!) to taste some cupcakes and get some inspiration for her upcoming baby shower. AND, it's supposed to be in the mid-70s tomorrow! If that doesn't get me out of my mid-week funk, I don't know what will.

"Multiply" - Jamie Lidell

Monday, February 7, 2011

This Rut That I Fell Into By Mistake

Red Printed Sheath - Merona, Target ($10)
Brown Peep-Toe Bow Heels - Zara ($20)
(quite a simple outfit, no?)

Anybody interested in a brief peek into my often twisted psyche? Well, about a year ago I was fully absorbed in a workout routine that centered on Pilates at least 2x a week. The twisted part is that I only started going to the classes regularly because I was a little bit in love with the teacher, an adorable British ex-pat. Now, it was perfectly harmless, but as I started to frequent his class I began to realize that he wasn't just good-looking; he was also an amazing Pilates teacher. My body was strengthened like it had never been before.

About 9 months ago that teacher was in a horrible motorcycle accident. He survived, but recovery took ages so all his classes were subbed out. At first, I tried to keep up my routine, but the subs just couldn't teach like he did. So Pilates kind of fell by the wayside, and I moved onto other classes (see: Spin, Zumba). Imagine my surprise then, when tonight, as I was walking into Zumba and the previous Pilates class was walking out, out walks my old teacher as good as new! I said welcome back (and he remembered me!), and went into my class. So basically, this is a really drawn out way of me saying that I'm finally headed back to Pilates. Yes, it's partially because I'm a little shallow and think the instructor is cute, but, it's mainly because I want that strength and toning back in my body.

Oh, and this outfit is not at all what I wore today. It's Sunday's ensemble. Yesterday I totally avoided all the Superbowl hype and went to Disneyland with a group of friends. That meant I got home late despite having to get up early today. Thus, every piece of clothing I actually wore today was made of sweatshirt material for maximum comfort. So I leave you with Sunday's pictures when I was a bit more presentable ;)

"Be My Escape" - Relient K

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm In Love With My Own Sins

Magenta-ish Corduroy Blazer - Vintage, Goodwill ($8)
White Cardigan (under jacket) - Vintage, Goodwill ($2)
Tiered Floral Dress - Ross ($10)
Wide Brown Belt - 99 Cents Store ($0.99)
Leather Shoulder Bag - Vintage Coach, gift
Fuchsia Tights - gift
Brown Leather Riding Boots - Vintage Ralph Lauren, Goodwill ($10)

So these tights are pink. Like, seriously pink. My aunt just gave me them over the weekend, and at the time I thought they were a bit too intense for my liking. However, yesterday my friend J (who is 6 months pregnant and adorable) wore bright yellow tights and totally rocked it, so she inspired me to think outside my comfort zone. I got no strange looks or weird remarks, so I deem the tights a success! And I think I'm kind of in love with them now.

In fact, I'm already focused on creating another outfit centered around these tights. There's kind of baby mania going on amongst my friends ( two just recently had babies and two have babies on the way in the spring). And my friend K is throwing a shower for her sister next month where there will be a contest for who can wear the most pink (in honor of the forthcoming baby girl). I'm pretty much a shoo-in with these awesome pink tights.
On another more interesting side note, my bff went to the Ellen Show with her twin daughters today and EACH of them totally one an XBOX 360/Kinect system! Crazy, right? I'm super psyched for them because even if they won't give me one (ha ha), they can totally sell two of them for a good amount of money. And what family couldn't use some extra money these days. But believe me, I will definitely be with them next time they go to Ellen :)

"America's Suitehearts" - Fall Out Boy


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