Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh Baby I Feel So Down

Black Cardigan - Fashion Max (borrowed from Mom)
Cream Ruffled Yoke Sweater - Forever 21, free via clothes swap
Black Twill Shorts - Old Navy ($7?)
Black Leather T-Strap Flats - Cooperative, Urban Outfitters ($10)
Gold Rhinestone Bow Bracelet - H&M ($2)

So I seriously have not left my house (other than for doctor's appointments) in exactly one week. That pesky eye infection I spoke of in my last post turned out the be the mother of all eye infections. Suffice it to say, I am finally on the mend and cannot wait to be back in the land of the living. I've got one more doctor's appointment on Wednesday and one last dentist appointment on Thursday. After that, I don't want to see another medical professional for at least a year!

Hopefully the rest of you have been having a better January than I've been having. But I see only good things in the future, since nothing could really be worse than the grossness that's been the last week of my life.
This outfit is actually the first I wore to the ophthalmologist last week. Yes I was suffering mercilessly at the hands of my eye infection, but my clothing choices were the only small joy I had in my life. In fact, this combo kind of gave off a casual tuxedo vibe, which was very fun for me.

This sweater is a very recent addition to my wardrobe because my friends and I had yet another massive clothing swap over New Years' weekend. I scored quite a few nice pieces, and while I don't think I'll do a round-up post like I did for last year's swap, expect to see the clothes in action shortly. Once I get this infection out of my system, that is.

"Last Nite" - The Strokes

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  1. You poor thing I hope your eye gets better soon! I love this fun yet oh-so sophisticated black and white look!



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