Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Every Day Is Like Survival

Brown Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters ($6)
Gold Wings Necklace - Gift from my grandmother
Snake Print Bodysuit - Cache (vintage), South Street Thrift Center ($3)
Black Embossed Belt - Claire's ($2)
Beige Silk Pencil Skirt - Vintage, free via clothes swap
Black Embellished Sandals - Aerosoles, Kohl's ($7)

Not much to say for today. Due to some intense marine layer, it was quite a bit cooler than I expected. But I'm not complaining! I haven't worn tights in over a week, so I should just be grateful. And while my outfit may seem new, that is not the case.

I bought the bodysuit a couple months ago, but a picture of me wearing it has just never made it onto the blog. Though it's not super obvious in the photo, this bodysuit totally has shoulder pads. At first it made me feel weird, but they aren't too severe so I decided not to remove them. I wore this all day and I'm fairly sure none of my friends noticed them, so they can't be too bad.

And, of course, the skirt is another new-to-me item I picked up earlier this month at the clothes swap I co-hosted. It's vintage and 100% silk. Plus, I'm totally feeling its neutral beige color, even if it does make me sort of blend into the wall. Nothing quite like striking clothing swap gold!

"Karma Chameleon" - Culture Club

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  1. Ya look super chic, my dear. Love the snake skin - that's one animal print I don't wear which, now that I think about it, I don't know why! It's great!

    I'm jealous of your ability to not wear tights! It's FREEZING here!



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