Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We're Looking for Something Dumb To Do

Black Lace Blouse - Vintage, South Coast Thrift Center ($3?)
Black Embossed Belt - Claire's ($2)
Checked Pencil Skirt - Vintage, South Coast Thrift Center ($4)
Black Suede Flats - Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters ($6)

Honestly, this is not what I wore today. Ever have one of those days where you don't have any desire to do anything you're supposed to? Well, that was me yesterday. Therefore, this is the outfit I wore yesterday when I hung with my friend Q and completely blew off all of my responsibilities.

And when I say blew off, I mean BLEW OFF. First, the two of us went to a smashing good breakfast at the Original Pancake House. I am all about blueberry pancakes and home fries, and I haven't had them in ages so it made me super happy. After that we headed to our local Nordstrom Rack for a bit of shopping. I bought shoes, but decided today that I don't really love them so I will be taking them back. Still, it was fun to shop. And we rounded out our afternoon with cupcakes in Manhattan Beach. SO good.
Today, on the other hand, I had to get back to reality. But I got through the chilly weather and full day of work by remembering that tomorrow is my last day of work. Yay winter break!

"Marry You" - Bruno Mars

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  1. I love the fabric of this skirt with the lace of the shirt! Such a great mix of textures and patterns!



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