Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Memories Like Embers Keep Up Us Warm

Plaid Sweatshirt - Volcom, Macy's ($15)
Black Imitation Wayfarers - 99 Cents Store
(not that my outfit here is particularly interesting)

Just checking in to say . . . I am out of commission. There has been some kind of crazy rainstorm for the past week here in my little beach city. You'd think that would be the perfect time to catch up on blogging since rain is the perfect excuse to stay cozy in your house with your computer. Of course, that is just the time my wireless network would choose to go out in my house. Turns out (according to Verizon), my phone jack needs to be repaired, so, as a result, I am without internet.

Currently I am at my local library using their wi-fi, but I will be in the desert for the next week, so maybe that more reliable internet will enable to get back to my regularly scheduled blogging.
Hope you all are managing to stay warm and looking forward to some much deserved time off!

"Don't Wake Me Up" - The Hush Sound

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