Monday, December 13, 2010

Love, I Don't Get Enough Of It

Red Corduroy Trench Coat - Mossimo, Target via Goodwill ages ago
Long-sleeve Striped Tee - Faded Glory, Walmart (gift)
Black Jeggings - Jolt, Nordstrom Rack ($7)
Black Patent Brogues - Coconuts, Marshalls ($10)
Black/Gold Circle Scarf - Divided, H&M ($10 for set including gloves and hat!)

Anybody else out there work in the school system? I could not possibly be any more ready for winter break. I figured since this week is finals at the college I work at, that things would be a bit slower in the Writing Center. Well I was wrong. It was so hectic that I didn't even have enough time to finish my Vogue I intended to complete during my down time! Blasphemy, I know. Still, I do realize that at the very least I should be grateful for the 3 weeks vacation I will be enjoying shortly.

Today's outfit was inspired by my running out of time this morning and having to dress as quickly as possible. Traditionally, I usually skew a bit more casual on Mondays, since I'm only in the Writing Center and not in the classrooms. Of course, the patent brogues took it up a notch, and, as usual, they stirred up quite a bit debate amongst my co-workers. An older male co-worker called them "sparkly", and after I took issue with that statement (they are shiny, not sparkly!) , he proceeded to call me "Dorothy" for the rest of the day. Being that it was actually pretty warm today (75 degrees, and yes I know it is December), the coat and scarf were added after I left work.
I especially was hoping for a slow Monday because I had quite a jam-packed weekend. Friday night I saw The Tourist with my friend Q (silly, but super cute if you love Johnny Depp and/or Paul Bettany. Ooh , and Timothy Dalton!). Saturday I did some thrifting with my mom (bought an awesome vintage sequin sweater you'll see soon), and that night my friend M hosted a girl's only party that was super fun. Sunday night some friends and I went to Umami Burger in Hollywood for dinner. I was a bit bummed that they were all out of earth burgers (though the portabello Umami burger was a nice substitute), but we totally sat at a table right in front of Ginnifer Goodwin, so that made up for it! I love seeing celebrities, and even though I never feel the urge to talk to them or ask for an autograph, it makes me value the privilege of living in L.A.

And for the record, I totally intended to do a post yesterday, but all of my individual photos came out terribly. Nevertheless, I really loved my dress I wore to my religious meeting, so I'm still sharing the best photo of the bunch, which happens to include my adorable (but often bratty) 13-year old nephew in his Sunday best as well.
Purple Satin Dress - Attention, Kmart ($6)
Black Peep-toe Heels - Nine West (gift)
Black Bow Clutch (not pictured) - Forever 21 ($6)

Just so you know, I bought this dress at least 3 years ago, so don't go scouring Kmarts looking for it. And really, is there any thing cuter than a little boy in a suit? I'm trying to enjoy these last pre-pubescent days before he gets facial hair and is a foot taller than me and realizes that he doesn't actually have to do everything I tell him ;)

"Monster" - Kanye West feat. Rick Ross, Drake & Nicki Minaj

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