Sunday, December 26, 2010

I've Been Waiting For You For So Long

Tortoise Shell Wayfarers- Ray-ban (free w/ insurance)
Black Blazer - GAP ($20)
Gray Strong Shoulder Embellished Blouse - Forever 21 ($3)
Black Pencil Skirt - Windsor, years ago
Black Platform Pumps - Attention, Kmart ($10)

Hello again. Still no wireless network in my house. We've been getting the runaround from Verizon, so we opted to drop DSL and switch to broadband from our cable provider. Hopefully the broadband will prove to be faster and more reliable than the DSL. Once it's installed, that is. Currently I am at my best friend J's house using her for her wi-fi.

I got back back yesterday from four days in the desert with my best friend G, my mom, my sister and my four nephews. There was a torrential downpour (seriously, there was barely any visibility) as we drove there, but after that it was sunny and low 70s. Crazy weather for Christmas weekend. However, I didn't really make use of the sunshine since I spent most of my time in sweatpants, eating and watching the entire first season of White Collar (great show, btw). But guess what? Tomorrow I leave for yet another trip, this time to Solvang/Santa Barbara with a different group. I figure I better get in all the vacationing now, before I've got to back to work.
Since there is a giant outlet mall near Indio (where I spent all last week), my sister and I had planned to do some shopping, but then we decided we'd wait for the after Christmas sales. Thus, today I woke up early (for a Sunday) and headed to my local mall to see what bargains were to be had. Urban Outfitters, GAP and Ann Taylor Loft all had 50% of clearance sales that we're pretty good. I got a dress, skirt, blouse, belt and shoes at Urban for just $35. Pretty much made braving the crowds worth it.
Still, I'm getting that familiar feeling where I start regretting all the unnecessary shopping I do. I'm thinking of starting a "buy nothing new" vow for the new year (kind of like Mel at Idee Geniale). Nothing's been confirmed, but maybe once I regroup and reorganize my closet, I'll make some sort of legit plan because I definitely need a few more limits in my life. Which I write as I simultaneously finish this post and shop online. Sigh.

"Come Home" - OneRepublic

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