Monday, December 6, 2010

I Guess Every Superhero Needs His Theme Music

Magenta Corduroy Blazer - Vintage, Goodwill ($7)
Floral Chiffon Blouse - Charlotte Russe ($5)
Pull-On Jean - Silence & Noise, Urban Outfitters ($13)
Green Canvas Pumps - Cooperative, Urban Outfitters ($15)

So anybody got that go-to outfit you put on when you can't possibly think of anything else to wear? I've got a few,and today I wore one of my old favorites. While I'm not certain if this exact outfit has ever been featured on my blog, believe me when I tell you that I wear all these pieces together quite often. There's something I just love about how the blazer brings out the pink and purple flowers in my blouse that always seems to make a winning combo for me, no matter how many times I wear it. I may not be wearing a cape, but I did feel kind of super.
The only new element in play here would be my shoes I scored at Urban Outfitters. Ever since this particular line of canvas shoes showed up at Urban last summer, I'd been coveting this pair and the lemon yellow wedge version. Of course, I was never willing to pay full price, but my best shopping bud N managed to find me this pair amidst the chaos and confusion that was Urban on Black Friday. And they were my size an everything! I realize it is winter, but these colors were just so cheerful that I'm thinking I may be all about winter florals now.

But I lied - the other new element in play is my hair! Given that my hair is ridiculously thick and temperamental, I very rarely wear it down since it can frizz and curl up just by someone mentioning the word "moisture." Still, for some reason last night I felt the urge to spend the hour and half it takes to painstakingly straighten my hair, and this was the result. Three hours into work it was back in a bun, but at least I attempted.

Hope you all made it through Monday as easily as possible. One day down, four to go ;)

"Power" - Kanye West

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