Sunday, December 26, 2010

I've Been Waiting For You For So Long

Tortoise Shell Wayfarers- Ray-ban (free w/ insurance)
Black Blazer - GAP ($20)
Gray Strong Shoulder Embellished Blouse - Forever 21 ($3)
Black Pencil Skirt - Windsor, years ago
Black Platform Pumps - Attention, Kmart ($10)

Hello again. Still no wireless network in my house. We've been getting the runaround from Verizon, so we opted to drop DSL and switch to broadband from our cable provider. Hopefully the broadband will prove to be faster and more reliable than the DSL. Once it's installed, that is. Currently I am at my best friend J's house using her for her wi-fi.

I got back back yesterday from four days in the desert with my best friend G, my mom, my sister and my four nephews. There was a torrential downpour (seriously, there was barely any visibility) as we drove there, but after that it was sunny and low 70s. Crazy weather for Christmas weekend. However, I didn't really make use of the sunshine since I spent most of my time in sweatpants, eating and watching the entire first season of White Collar (great show, btw). But guess what? Tomorrow I leave for yet another trip, this time to Solvang/Santa Barbara with a different group. I figure I better get in all the vacationing now, before I've got to back to work.
Since there is a giant outlet mall near Indio (where I spent all last week), my sister and I had planned to do some shopping, but then we decided we'd wait for the after Christmas sales. Thus, today I woke up early (for a Sunday) and headed to my local mall to see what bargains were to be had. Urban Outfitters, GAP and Ann Taylor Loft all had 50% of clearance sales that we're pretty good. I got a dress, skirt, blouse, belt and shoes at Urban for just $35. Pretty much made braving the crowds worth it.
Still, I'm getting that familiar feeling where I start regretting all the unnecessary shopping I do. I'm thinking of starting a "buy nothing new" vow for the new year (kind of like Mel at Idee Geniale). Nothing's been confirmed, but maybe once I regroup and reorganize my closet, I'll make some sort of legit plan because I definitely need a few more limits in my life. Which I write as I simultaneously finish this post and shop online. Sigh.

"Come Home" - OneRepublic

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Memories Like Embers Keep Up Us Warm

Plaid Sweatshirt - Volcom, Macy's ($15)
Black Imitation Wayfarers - 99 Cents Store
(not that my outfit here is particularly interesting)

Just checking in to say . . . I am out of commission. There has been some kind of crazy rainstorm for the past week here in my little beach city. You'd think that would be the perfect time to catch up on blogging since rain is the perfect excuse to stay cozy in your house with your computer. Of course, that is just the time my wireless network would choose to go out in my house. Turns out (according to Verizon), my phone jack needs to be repaired, so, as a result, I am without internet.

Currently I am at my local library using their wi-fi, but I will be in the desert for the next week, so maybe that more reliable internet will enable to get back to my regularly scheduled blogging.
Hope you all are managing to stay warm and looking forward to some much deserved time off!

"Don't Wake Me Up" - The Hush Sound

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We're Looking for Something Dumb To Do

Black Lace Blouse - Vintage, South Coast Thrift Center ($3?)
Black Embossed Belt - Claire's ($2)
Checked Pencil Skirt - Vintage, South Coast Thrift Center ($4)
Black Suede Flats - Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters ($6)

Honestly, this is not what I wore today. Ever have one of those days where you don't have any desire to do anything you're supposed to? Well, that was me yesterday. Therefore, this is the outfit I wore yesterday when I hung with my friend Q and completely blew off all of my responsibilities.

And when I say blew off, I mean BLEW OFF. First, the two of us went to a smashing good breakfast at the Original Pancake House. I am all about blueberry pancakes and home fries, and I haven't had them in ages so it made me super happy. After that we headed to our local Nordstrom Rack for a bit of shopping. I bought shoes, but decided today that I don't really love them so I will be taking them back. Still, it was fun to shop. And we rounded out our afternoon with cupcakes in Manhattan Beach. SO good.
Today, on the other hand, I had to get back to reality. But I got through the chilly weather and full day of work by remembering that tomorrow is my last day of work. Yay winter break!

"Marry You" - Bruno Mars

Monday, December 13, 2010

Love, I Don't Get Enough Of It

Red Corduroy Trench Coat - Mossimo, Target via Goodwill ages ago
Long-sleeve Striped Tee - Faded Glory, Walmart (gift)
Black Jeggings - Jolt, Nordstrom Rack ($7)
Black Patent Brogues - Coconuts, Marshalls ($10)
Black/Gold Circle Scarf - Divided, H&M ($10 for set including gloves and hat!)

Anybody else out there work in the school system? I could not possibly be any more ready for winter break. I figured since this week is finals at the college I work at, that things would be a bit slower in the Writing Center. Well I was wrong. It was so hectic that I didn't even have enough time to finish my Vogue I intended to complete during my down time! Blasphemy, I know. Still, I do realize that at the very least I should be grateful for the 3 weeks vacation I will be enjoying shortly.

Today's outfit was inspired by my running out of time this morning and having to dress as quickly as possible. Traditionally, I usually skew a bit more casual on Mondays, since I'm only in the Writing Center and not in the classrooms. Of course, the patent brogues took it up a notch, and, as usual, they stirred up quite a bit debate amongst my co-workers. An older male co-worker called them "sparkly", and after I took issue with that statement (they are shiny, not sparkly!) , he proceeded to call me "Dorothy" for the rest of the day. Being that it was actually pretty warm today (75 degrees, and yes I know it is December), the coat and scarf were added after I left work.
I especially was hoping for a slow Monday because I had quite a jam-packed weekend. Friday night I saw The Tourist with my friend Q (silly, but super cute if you love Johnny Depp and/or Paul Bettany. Ooh , and Timothy Dalton!). Saturday I did some thrifting with my mom (bought an awesome vintage sequin sweater you'll see soon), and that night my friend M hosted a girl's only party that was super fun. Sunday night some friends and I went to Umami Burger in Hollywood for dinner. I was a bit bummed that they were all out of earth burgers (though the portabello Umami burger was a nice substitute), but we totally sat at a table right in front of Ginnifer Goodwin, so that made up for it! I love seeing celebrities, and even though I never feel the urge to talk to them or ask for an autograph, it makes me value the privilege of living in L.A.

And for the record, I totally intended to do a post yesterday, but all of my individual photos came out terribly. Nevertheless, I really loved my dress I wore to my religious meeting, so I'm still sharing the best photo of the bunch, which happens to include my adorable (but often bratty) 13-year old nephew in his Sunday best as well.
Purple Satin Dress - Attention, Kmart ($6)
Black Peep-toe Heels - Nine West (gift)
Black Bow Clutch (not pictured) - Forever 21 ($6)

Just so you know, I bought this dress at least 3 years ago, so don't go scouring Kmarts looking for it. And really, is there any thing cuter than a little boy in a suit? I'm trying to enjoy these last pre-pubescent days before he gets facial hair and is a foot taller than me and realizes that he doesn't actually have to do everything I tell him ;)

"Monster" - Kanye West feat. Rick Ross, Drake & Nicki Minaj

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sophistication Isn't What You Wear

Wool Camel Coat - H&M ($20!)
Houndstooth Print Sheath - Merona Collection, Target ($10)
Black Enamel Bow Earrings - Forever 21 ($1.50)
Black Platform Pumps - Attention, Kmart ($10)

Just like Taylor says, "Sophistication isn't what you wear," but it definitely think it can play a role. I mean, I've never felt more sophisticated than I did tonight wearing this outfit. Mind you, I may have been channeling a 'sophisticated' grandma, but I still enjoyed it. This dress is actually one I've mentioned in two previous posts (here and here), but never actually wore. Yes, it's quite a bold pattern, and the length isn't necessarily the most flattering, but it made me feel very ladylike. And, even though it's a Target dress, it definitely gives off the same sort of vintage feel I search out in my thrifted purchases.

Another welcome addition to the ensemble is my new camel coat! The coat is yet another Black Friday purchase, this time from my beloved H&M. It was initially $100 (!), but was marked down for Black Friday. Amazing, right? I've been wanting a camel coat for ages, ever since fashion mags had been touting it as the latest "it" color. While I'm not one to jump on every trend, I do appreciate camel-colored pieces because it is such an amazing neutral that can really go with a lot of pieces. Plus, I foresee it taking all of my dresses up a notch every time I wear it. As an aside, the coat is also made from recycled wool, which was a nice bonus. I try to be as eco-friendly as possible in my day-to-day life, so it's nice when that can translate to my clothing purchases.
And, for those of you interested, I am actually kind of wearing lipstick in these pictures. I used ELF natural lip liner and then lightly brushed on Sephora Collection The Red #4. Lightly is key since it is a very intense red, and that wasn't exactly the vibe I was going for tonight. Then I added a bit of ELF liquid lipstick in Cherry Tart. Obviously I'm not a huge makeup fiend, but lately I've been branching out and being a bit more adventurous. Mainly I'm usually too lazy to take the time to put on makeup, but in an effort to finally be a grown up, I'll be putting forth a little more effort in the weeks to come. Let me know what you think!

"Better Than Revenge" - Taylor Swift

Monday, December 6, 2010

I Guess Every Superhero Needs His Theme Music

Magenta Corduroy Blazer - Vintage, Goodwill ($7)
Floral Chiffon Blouse - Charlotte Russe ($5)
Pull-On Jean - Silence & Noise, Urban Outfitters ($13)
Green Canvas Pumps - Cooperative, Urban Outfitters ($15)

So anybody got that go-to outfit you put on when you can't possibly think of anything else to wear? I've got a few,and today I wore one of my old favorites. While I'm not certain if this exact outfit has ever been featured on my blog, believe me when I tell you that I wear all these pieces together quite often. There's something I just love about how the blazer brings out the pink and purple flowers in my blouse that always seems to make a winning combo for me, no matter how many times I wear it. I may not be wearing a cape, but I did feel kind of super.
The only new element in play here would be my shoes I scored at Urban Outfitters. Ever since this particular line of canvas shoes showed up at Urban last summer, I'd been coveting this pair and the lemon yellow wedge version. Of course, I was never willing to pay full price, but my best shopping bud N managed to find me this pair amidst the chaos and confusion that was Urban on Black Friday. And they were my size an everything! I realize it is winter, but these colors were just so cheerful that I'm thinking I may be all about winter florals now.

But I lied - the other new element in play is my hair! Given that my hair is ridiculously thick and temperamental, I very rarely wear it down since it can frizz and curl up just by someone mentioning the word "moisture." Still, for some reason last night I felt the urge to spend the hour and half it takes to painstakingly straighten my hair, and this was the result. Three hours into work it was back in a bun, but at least I attempted.

Hope you all made it through Monday as easily as possible. One day down, four to go ;)

"Power" - Kanye West

Saturday, December 4, 2010

It Really Breaks My Heart To See A Promising Citizen Deviate

Tortoise Shell Sunglasses - Ray-ban ($140, but free w/ insurance!)
Cream Tie-neck Blouse - Vintage, Goodwill ($2)
Red Wool V-neck Sweater - Old Navy ($5?)
Cream Wool Pencil Skirt - J. Crew, Goodwill ($2)
Gold Watch - Guess, Rose Bowl Flea ($10)
Gold Rose Clip-on Earrings - Claire's ($1)
Brown Leather Riding Boots - Ralph Lauren, Goodwill ($10)

Every time I wear this skirt, I essentially style it the exact same way. Does that make me boring? Maybe, but it might also make me smart since I don't feel the need to mess with a good thing. Actually, I did mix it up a little by adding this red sweater that I totally forgot I even owned. I felt very cheery, but a little too festive, especially since I don't even celebrate Christmas and this is a very holiday-ish red.

Still, all in all, I had a very enjoyable Saturday. I helped my mother throw a dinner party for about a dozen friends, and it all went down very well. There were plenty of vegetables to go around for a (still) vegetarian me, and I got to spend some quality time with a couple of friends who are moving to Hawaii (jealous?) in a few months, so that was nice. We laughed and ate . . . and ate some more.

Other than that, I'm just enjoying what's left of the weekend before another hectic work week. I'm considering an evening trip to Disneyland tomorrow just to cheer myself up before Monday. I am so ready for the semester to be over, so I can get my three weeks off from work and brace myself for the spring. But I guess I should just be grateful that I work in the school system and I even get three weeks of vacation.
On a more random note, aren't these little earrings adorable? They totally look vintage with the antique gold finish and clip-on backs, but I found them at Claire's. Clip-ons do take a little getting used to, but I love them too much to care. Also, did anybody notice my new sunglasses? Probably not, since they pretty much look exactly like my Urban Outfitters knock-offs, but these Ray-bans are the real deal! I was due for a new pair of glasses from my optometrist, and since my insurance was covering it, I sprung for these prescription sunnies. They've made me almost completely give up on my contacts. Almost. We'll see how long the love affair lasts.

"The Un-American" - Matt Morris

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Here's The Party, Everybody

Navy Stripe Crop Top - Forever 21 via Fashion District ($2)
Red Leather Belt - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($2)
High-Waisted Jeans - BDG, Urban Outfitters ($10)
Red Suede Flats - Mossimo, Goodwill ($7)
Silver Anchor Necklace - Forever 21, years ago
Navy Blue Peacoat (not pictured) - Bitten by SJP ($10)

Over a week without a blog post?! I am really shirking my responsibilities here. But I am super thankful for you regular readers who bear with me :) If you follow my twitter, you probably know that on Monday I had a tooth removed. It was a particularly painful and drawn out procedure, but I only have myself to blame. Let that be a lesson to you all: that's what happens when you decide to ignore a cavity because it doesn't hurt and you don't have dental insurance. Learn from my mistakes.

However, today I was feeling about 85% well, so it was a better and brighter day. Thus, I mustered up the courage to wear my new high-waisted jeans and a cropped shirt. Not sure if it was entirely work appropriate, but I did wear a tank under the shirt (as always!) so it was totally G-rated. While I was a bit wary of the combo since it made me feel like my hips were 100 times magnified, it didn't look too bad in the pictures, so I guess it was okay.
Whatever the case, I felt very nautical (and mildly patriotic?). This is the first pair of high-waisted jeans I've bought, and though there is definitely a "mom" aspect to them, they are so comfortable! Extra stretchy and with the high waist I don't have to worry about pulling them up all day lest I flash some underwear. I am very glad I snagged this pair on Black Friday.
Enough about clothes! Want to know the highlight of my day? I totally took my first Bollywood dance class today! As anyone who knows me will attest to, I am IN LOVE with all things Bollywood, but for some reason I've never gotten around to taking a Bollywood dance class. I coerced my friend Q into going with me, and it was a million times better than I expected. The teacher was sweet and very helpful, and I totally feel I've mastered some genuine Bollywood choreography tonight. Basically, all my dreams are coming true ;)

I was on such a high after Bollywood class that I decided to keep my adrenaline going and took my usual Zumba class too! That was way more intense, so I'm certain I will have all kinds of soreness tomorrow, but for now I feel incredibly accomplished. Any of you folks take dance/exercise classes? Any favorites or recommendations?

"Twist" - Pritam & Neeraj Sridhar (Love Aaj Kal soundtrack)


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