Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Whatever Poison's In This Bottle Will Leave Me Broken

Red Cardigan - Moda International, Goodwill ($2)
Blue Sleeveless Dress - Land's End, South Street Thrift Center ($4)
Sailboat Brooch - Gift via clothing swap
Cream Knee Socks - Forever 21 ($2)

Pardon my absence from the blogging world, but for the first time I actually have a legit excuse! I've only just barely re-entered the land of the living, since over the weekend I managed to catch a bout of food poisoning and/or stomach flu. Not sure exactly which it was, I only know it left me dry heaving two nights in a row. TMI? Well, then it's about to get worse. Apologies.

So it all started on Sunday night. In case you all haven't noticed, I'm kind of a concert fiend, and for as long as I can remember, my nephew has been begging me to take him to a concert. He just turned 13 last month, so I decided he probably is old enough for a show (given the proper circumstances). Sunday night I arranged to take him to the Rocket Summer show at Chain Reaction (a local kid-friendly, all-ages club).

Everything was going great until the second opening band came onstage. I started getting some gnarly stomach pains and even told my nephew I kind of felt like I was dying. Nevertheless, I soldiered on and figured I'd be able to just ignore it. Sadly, by the time the headliner made it to his second song, I made a beeline for the bathroom and just barely made it to a sink to . . . well, you can fill in the blanks. It was insane. I haven't thrown up in at least 10 years, so to go through that and in a public place was the last thing I was expecting.

Funnily, I felt fine after my little incident in the bathroom and was able to totally enjoy the show. I even went to work Monday morning without a hitch. Sadly, Monday night/early Tuesday morning, the bug came back with a vengeance. Suffice it to say, I spent most of Tuesday recovering in bed. But alas, I finally feel like I am whole again. At least, as whole as someone who has been living on crackers, Gatorade and almonds for the last 48 hours.
On a more upbeat note, the concert (despite the illness) was great! In my youth, I kind of was heavily involved the heart-on-your-sleeve, emo scene, and The Rocket Summer was one of my first loves. In perfectly emo fashion, TRS isn't so much a band as it is a guy, Bryce Avary, who writes and performs all his music. While I've grown out of most of my old music obsessions, I've always got a soft spot for TRS since he is so unquestionably talented. Plus, he's technically a Christian rock artist, so I can always count on him to keep things clean. Whatever the case, his show Sunday was incredible because it was totally stripped down and completely fan-centric. Bryce was the only one onstage the whole time and played all the instruments (keys, guitar, bass, drums - even, ukulele!). And he only played songs requested by the audience - essentially the way straight to my heart.

So after today's text-heavy post, I leave you with a clip of Bryce singing one his more well-known songs "Walls." Enjoy!

"Jude Law And The Semester Abroad" - Brand New

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  1. Well I hope YOU are feeling better! Yuck, what an unfortunate interlude in the concert/week. Keep on the mend!



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