Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Need Your Water To Clean And Baptize Me

Gold Aviator Sunglasses - Target ($3)
Khaki Blazer - Old Navy (gift)
Ethnic Print Sundress - Handmade, Goodwill ($7)
Black Elastic Raffia Belt - Forever 21 ($3)
Black Embellished Wedges - Aerosoles, Kohl's ($10)
Brown Leather Shoulder Bag - Charter Club, random Anaheim thrift store ($1.60)

True story: it was 90 degrees in my town today. At my place of work? 100 degrees. Has the weather not been informed that today was November 4? Therefore, this sort of weather is officially unacceptable and I am considering doing a rain dance. Where was this sun when I wanted it, in the summer, when I was working piddly summer school hours and actually had the time to enjoy it? Color me disappointed.

Whatever the case, today's heatwave allowed me to bust out my favorite ethnic print dress. Each time I wear it, I essentially style it the same, but I'm hoping to do something different with it once it finally cools down. Maybe some layering and a pair of boots? And, in case you're wondering, I only wore the jacket in the early morning (6:30 am) since there was a chill, but by 10 am the heat was on.
Not sure if you all have caught on (or are even interested), but the title of pretty much every post I've ever done on this blog has been a line from a song. Sometimes it's a reference to something I actually write about. Sometimes it's a reference to some part of my outfit. And sometimes it's just a line from a song that I've been particularly enjoying that day. A la Shea at Bon Chic Bon Gastronomique, I have decided to end each post with the name of the song my post title was taken from. Consider it my own personal recommendation for an awesome song, if you're in the market for that sort of thing.

"Rain Dance" - The Very Best feat. M.I.A.

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