Sunday, November 7, 2010

But At Least There's Something Beating In My Chest

Yellow Sheath - Merona, Target ($10)
Clear Rhinestone Bangle - Claire's ($1)
White Studded Pumps - Charlotte Russe ($5)

A sunny dress for a Sunday morning. Pun intended. I seem to be really embracing color these days. If anything, I'd have to credit this blog for getting me out of my black-on-black-on-black rut. Not only have I left my monochrome inclinations by the wayside, but I've also turned into the kind of girl willing to brave the stares and remarks of her her friends/family for wearing crazy bright dress. And believe me, this dress is way more yellow than it seems in the photo. In fact, I rarely wear it because it is so easy to recall.

Enough about my dress. Everyone have a good weekend? Mine was good, but crazy busy, as usual. My Saturday was a whirlwind of work, lunch, shopping, dinner (Vietnamese - and I didn't hate it!) and a movie. But staying out late was alright, cause I gained an hour from Daylight Savings Time! Anybody else kind of bummed about having to 'fall back'? I am not looking forward to darkness at 5 pm.
I realize I may be the last person in the whole world, but I finally saw The Social Network tonight. Despite the gratuitous language and compromising situations, it was very compelling. Of course, the most sympathetic character was Andrew Garfield (swoon!) as Eduardo, but Jesse Eisenberg clearly was the best actor as Zuckerberg. Just the fact that Aaron Sorkin could get me to remotely care about all these guys who are now twenty-something billionaires was a feat in and of itself.

It also made me reminisce about my Facebook days back in college. It really kind of was like crack for me. In the end, it got to be so time-consuming that I finally just cut myself off. That was about 3 years ago and somehow I've still managed to survive. What about you guys: any of you have a personal or blog-related Facebook? How much time do you spend on it? And do you remember when it was still cool and exclusive to college kids only? Shout me a holler!

"Cult Logic" - Miike Snow

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  1. God, that dress fits you perfectly. I tried it on at my Target and it fit me so weird. Fits the boobs, to big in the waist. Fits the waist, too tight on the boobs. Ughhh. Love the color on you!



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