Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yeah, What Can I Get For Ten Dollar?

Leopard Print Sweater - Harve Benard, Sears ($6)
Cream Bodysuit - Vintage, Goodwill ($2)
Olive Wool Pencil Skirt - Ann Taylor, Goodwill ($2)
Taupe T-strap Heels - Simply Vera, Kohl's ($2 with a coupon)

Answer: Pretty much this entire outfit. Just a quick little nighttime post to let you guys know exactly how proud I am about this ensemble I wore tonight to my religious meeting. As you can see from my list of pieces in this look, the total cost for this whole outfit comes up to a measly $12! I clearly didn't put all these pieces together to purposely "dress for less," but it was a pleasant surprise one I realized it.

You might remember I thrifted this lovely Ann Taylor skirt over the summer. It's definitely more suited to fall/winter, and tonight it definitely kept me cozy while I braved the icy sea breezes. Also, I've decided I'm feeling the stockings/peep-toe look. Obviously bloggers around the globe have been doing it for ages, but I'm not super adventurous when it comes to hosiery. Yet, I feel this worked. Although I was a little concerned about my freakishly long toes (don't ask) potentially poking holes through my stockings. But so far so good!

Hope the week is treating you all well. If not, it's bound to get better as the week proceeds (no work! black Friday sales! sleeping in!) ;)

"10 Dollar" - M.I.A.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Close Your Eyes See Colorful Things

Tan Trench Coat - GAP
Yellow Pleated Wool Dress - Vintage (Altered), Goodwill ($2)
Brown Clutch - so old I can't remember where I got it
Dark Brown Opaque Tights - Worthington, JC Penney's (gift)
Leopard Pumps - Deena & Ozzy, Urban Outfitters ($10)

The bad news: it's Monday tomorrow. The good news: next week's Thanksgiving, which means not only do I get a few days off work, but there will also be some super sales going on! Something to look forward to, especially since I've been on a no shopping kick for the last four weeks or so. I will most definitely be doing Black Friday shopping, if only for the thrill I get from waking up early and watching crowds of crazed shoppers. Last year I found some pretty sweet deals (seen
here), so I'm hoping for a repeat performance this year.
But back to my outfit. I felt super sophisticated in my bright mustard vintage wool dress and trenchcoat today. This dress is one of my favorite thrifted finds from last summer, and I know I'll have fun dressing it up with tights and coats now that it's finally getting chilly. I also felt like I was being brave by wearing my dark brown tights with leopard shoes. I basically always match my shoes to my tights, so this was really out of the box for me, but I think it worked.

For the last few days, our highs have been in the low 60s, which is cold by beach standards. So it just might be time for me to get my tights into regular rotation. All the bloggers out there (particularly the East coast ones) have been such an inspiration with how they've worn their adorable colored tights, so I am hoping I can channel their style.And since I've been spotty, at best, with my blog posts, you all are getting a bonus outfit photo today! I'm sure the excitement is palpable ;) If you follow me on Chictopia you've already seen this, but if not, this is what I wore Friday:
Red Crocheted Hat - Forever 21 ($5)
Black Sweater Vest - GAP, years ago
Cream Long-sleeve Bodysuit - Vintage, Goodwill ($2)
Red Printed Skirt - NY&Co. ($6)
Lace-up Boots - Dolce Vita for Target ($26)

Notice all the layers. And I was still cold for most of the morning. We southern California girls clearly have no real grasp on what cold weather really is. I fear I may have to live here my whole life because only God knows what I'd do if I were ever subjected to
real wintry weather.

"Everyone Nose" - N.E.R.D.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Whatever Poison's In This Bottle Will Leave Me Broken

Red Cardigan - Moda International, Goodwill ($2)
Blue Sleeveless Dress - Land's End, South Street Thrift Center ($4)
Sailboat Brooch - Gift via clothing swap
Cream Knee Socks - Forever 21 ($2)

Pardon my absence from the blogging world, but for the first time I actually have a legit excuse! I've only just barely re-entered the land of the living, since over the weekend I managed to catch a bout of food poisoning and/or stomach flu. Not sure exactly which it was, I only know it left me dry heaving two nights in a row. TMI? Well, then it's about to get worse. Apologies.

So it all started on Sunday night. In case you all haven't noticed, I'm kind of a concert fiend, and for as long as I can remember, my nephew has been begging me to take him to a concert. He just turned 13 last month, so I decided he probably is old enough for a show (given the proper circumstances). Sunday night I arranged to take him to the Rocket Summer show at Chain Reaction (a local kid-friendly, all-ages club).

Everything was going great until the second opening band came onstage. I started getting some gnarly stomach pains and even told my nephew I kind of felt like I was dying. Nevertheless, I soldiered on and figured I'd be able to just ignore it. Sadly, by the time the headliner made it to his second song, I made a beeline for the bathroom and just barely made it to a sink to . . . well, you can fill in the blanks. It was insane. I haven't thrown up in at least 10 years, so to go through that and in a public place was the last thing I was expecting.

Funnily, I felt fine after my little incident in the bathroom and was able to totally enjoy the show. I even went to work Monday morning without a hitch. Sadly, Monday night/early Tuesday morning, the bug came back with a vengeance. Suffice it to say, I spent most of Tuesday recovering in bed. But alas, I finally feel like I am whole again. At least, as whole as someone who has been living on crackers, Gatorade and almonds for the last 48 hours.
On a more upbeat note, the concert (despite the illness) was great! In my youth, I kind of was heavily involved the heart-on-your-sleeve, emo scene, and The Rocket Summer was one of my first loves. In perfectly emo fashion, TRS isn't so much a band as it is a guy, Bryce Avary, who writes and performs all his music. While I've grown out of most of my old music obsessions, I've always got a soft spot for TRS since he is so unquestionably talented. Plus, he's technically a Christian rock artist, so I can always count on him to keep things clean. Whatever the case, his show Sunday was incredible because it was totally stripped down and completely fan-centric. Bryce was the only one onstage the whole time and played all the instruments (keys, guitar, bass, drums - even, ukulele!). And he only played songs requested by the audience - essentially the way straight to my heart.

So after today's text-heavy post, I leave you with a clip of Bryce singing one his more well-known songs "Walls." Enjoy!

"Jude Law And The Semester Abroad" - Brand New

Friday, November 12, 2010

Now I'm Lucky If I Get A Wink In

Black Blazer - Gap ($18)
Leopard Print Scarf - Vintage, gift
Red Dress - Mossimo via Goodwill ($2)
Metallic Gold Embellished Flats - Charlotte Russe ($5)

Happy Friday everyone! I don't really know where the week has gone. What I do know, is that I am quite content to curl up with a blanket and have a heart-to-heart with my overloaded TiVo. This is the first weekend in a long time where I haven't had plans or somewhere to be, and I am loving it. Technically, I guess I do have plans for Sunday since I am taking my 13-year-old nephew to his first concert, but Sunday seems light years from now.
Today's ensemble was inspired by my only getting 5 hours of sleep, but still having to be out of my house by 7 am. Lovely, no? My trusty black blazer made an appearance yet again. When I think about how often I wear this blazer (don't believe me? Check the archives), I can't even believe that I almost didn't buy it because I thought it was too expensive. At this point, my cost per wear is probably down to 5 cents, so I'm thinking it really is my go-to power piece.

Also, this week (though you all wouldn't know it since I failed to post photos) I have been all about the decorative scarf. I have at least 20 scarves and sometimes I forget to make the best use of them. This week I wore a scarf everyday, and it really seemed to work. Both times I've worn this dress (last seen here) I have accessorized with a leopard item, and I am really loving the tomato red/leopard combo. You'd think it'd be over the top, but I really think they complement each other well. Any combos you all are particularly liking these days?

In case you all don't follow my twitter, I have to mention that last night I took my Mom to see Chayanne in concert. Surprised? Well, although my mom doesn't actually speak Spanish, she is from Belize (tiny English-speaking country in Central America) so we carry quite a bit of what some might call Hispanic culture in our family, including but not limited to a love of Spanish music. Thanks to my brother-in-law, we scored some free tickets to Chayanne's No Hay Imposibles tour, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. While I didn't really know any of the songs since my entire knowledge of Chayanne consists of the movie Dance with Me and the song "Torero" that I dance to in my Zumba class, he still put on a great show full of pyrotechnics and boy-band worthy dancing. Not bad for a Thursday night. And though it's nothing too impressive, here's what I wore to the concert last night:
Pink Leopard Print Scarf - Gift
Blue Handkerchief-hem Tee - Mossimo, free via clothing swap
Black Jeggings - Jolt, Nordstrom Rack ($7)
Black Lace-up Boots - Dolce Vita for Target ($26)

Just so we're clear, this is also what I wore to work all day yesterday. Since I didn't get back from work until 6:30 pm, my choices were either change into something cuter/more exciting for the concert or have time to eat dinner. Clearly it was a no-brainer, and I chose food over changing, which meant my work clothes had to suffice. But at least I was festive with my super bright scarf! (FYI, this scarf was gift too! I'm just rolling in scarves these days.)

"Bohemian Love" - I Blame Coco

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hey, Stop, Do You Hear An Echo?

Yellow Wool Cardigan - Old Navy ($6)
Black Say Anything T-shirt - Warped Tour, years ago ($5)
Light Blue Leather Belt - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($1.50)
Checked Pencil Skirt - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($4)
Black Flats - Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters ($6)

Got a bit of deja vu going on today. More lemony yellow and even the same sunglasses as yesterday! I'm pushing it, I know. This sweater is super bright, which is why I am reluctant to wear it very often. However, today it got to be very windy, and it made me realize how warm and cozy this sweater is. It may be dayglo, but I might be making it a fall staple simply for warmth.
I've got a confession to make to you all. I broke my no shopping vow on Saturday. It had only been 2 weeks, but a friend I only see once in a while wanted us to go to one of our favorite local thrift stores. The store only takes cash, so my intent was to go without in money in my wallet, but I just couldn't bear the thought of missing out on some spectacular deal! So I brought $20 and ended up spending $15 on 2 skirts, a dress and 2 belts (the skirt and belt I am wearing today are both new purchases). I'm a failure.

I take a little solace in the fact that the cash I used was money that had been in my wallet for the last month (I didn't have to go to the bank), and I haven't done any credit card shopping. Even though I've slipped, I do want to continue for the next two weeks without shopping. And if I survive that, maybe I'll be able to extend the time little by little. At least, that's the plan.

"A Song Is Not A Business Plan" - The Rocket Summer

Sunday, November 7, 2010

But At Least There's Something Beating In My Chest

Yellow Sheath - Merona, Target ($10)
Clear Rhinestone Bangle - Claire's ($1)
White Studded Pumps - Charlotte Russe ($5)

A sunny dress for a Sunday morning. Pun intended. I seem to be really embracing color these days. If anything, I'd have to credit this blog for getting me out of my black-on-black-on-black rut. Not only have I left my monochrome inclinations by the wayside, but I've also turned into the kind of girl willing to brave the stares and remarks of her her friends/family for wearing crazy bright dress. And believe me, this dress is way more yellow than it seems in the photo. In fact, I rarely wear it because it is so easy to recall.

Enough about my dress. Everyone have a good weekend? Mine was good, but crazy busy, as usual. My Saturday was a whirlwind of work, lunch, shopping, dinner (Vietnamese - and I didn't hate it!) and a movie. But staying out late was alright, cause I gained an hour from Daylight Savings Time! Anybody else kind of bummed about having to 'fall back'? I am not looking forward to darkness at 5 pm.
I realize I may be the last person in the whole world, but I finally saw The Social Network tonight. Despite the gratuitous language and compromising situations, it was very compelling. Of course, the most sympathetic character was Andrew Garfield (swoon!) as Eduardo, but Jesse Eisenberg clearly was the best actor as Zuckerberg. Just the fact that Aaron Sorkin could get me to remotely care about all these guys who are now twenty-something billionaires was a feat in and of itself.

It also made me reminisce about my Facebook days back in college. It really kind of was like crack for me. In the end, it got to be so time-consuming that I finally just cut myself off. That was about 3 years ago and somehow I've still managed to survive. What about you guys: any of you have a personal or blog-related Facebook? How much time do you spend on it? And do you remember when it was still cool and exclusive to college kids only? Shout me a holler!

"Cult Logic" - Miike Snow

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Need Your Water To Clean And Baptize Me

Gold Aviator Sunglasses - Target ($3)
Khaki Blazer - Old Navy (gift)
Ethnic Print Sundress - Handmade, Goodwill ($7)
Black Elastic Raffia Belt - Forever 21 ($3)
Black Embellished Wedges - Aerosoles, Kohl's ($10)
Brown Leather Shoulder Bag - Charter Club, random Anaheim thrift store ($1.60)

True story: it was 90 degrees in my town today. At my place of work? 100 degrees. Has the weather not been informed that today was November 4? Therefore, this sort of weather is officially unacceptable and I am considering doing a rain dance. Where was this sun when I wanted it, in the summer, when I was working piddly summer school hours and actually had the time to enjoy it? Color me disappointed.

Whatever the case, today's heatwave allowed me to bust out my favorite ethnic print dress. Each time I wear it, I essentially style it the same, but I'm hoping to do something different with it once it finally cools down. Maybe some layering and a pair of boots? And, in case you're wondering, I only wore the jacket in the early morning (6:30 am) since there was a chill, but by 10 am the heat was on.
Not sure if you all have caught on (or are even interested), but the title of pretty much every post I've ever done on this blog has been a line from a song. Sometimes it's a reference to something I actually write about. Sometimes it's a reference to some part of my outfit. And sometimes it's just a line from a song that I've been particularly enjoying that day. A la Shea at Bon Chic Bon Gastronomique, I have decided to end each post with the name of the song my post title was taken from. Consider it my own personal recommendation for an awesome song, if you're in the market for that sort of thing.

"Rain Dance" - The Very Best feat. M.I.A.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Not Fair To Love You In Chains

Vintage Inspired Sunglasses - Walmart ($5)
Black 3/4 Sleeve Blouse - GAP, ages ago
Blue Elastic Belt - Vintage, Goodwill ($3)
Floral Pleated Silk Skirt - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($4)
Blue Flats - Xhiliration, Target ($5)

I think this skirt should come with a disclaimer. Caution: do not stare directly at this skirt as it's ridiculously vibrant print may cause temporary blindness. When I first wore this skirt, it was in the nighttime, so that have fooled me into thinking it wasn't quite as bright as it seemed. Well, I was wrong. Not that I'm complaining. But it may have been a bit much for my companions today.
I can't believe I haven't done a blog post in over a week! I'm not exactly sure what I did last week that made me so busy, but I think the main reason there were no posts was because my outfits were so underwhelming I had no desire to photograph them. Lame, I know. Still, my family and I did go away for the weekend, which is my excuse for not doing any posts then. Even though at first I was not psyched about joining my parents and nephew for a mini-vacation, I was able to get some much need rest. It ended up being a very welcome reprieve.
On Saturday all my mom and I did was shop, hitting up half a dozen thrift stores and the GIGANTIC Forever 21 I tweeted about. You all should be so proud of me since I did not purchase one item of clothing the whole day! Impressive, no? I felt pretty accomplished at the end of the day. Hope the weekend treated everybody else as good as it treated me.

"Showtime" - Nelly Furtado


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