Thursday, October 7, 2010

We Cut the Legs Off of Our Pants

Leopard Print Cardigan - Harve Benard, Sears ($7)
White V-neck Tee - Nollie, PacSun ($4)
Black Rayon Shorts - Charlotte Russe ($5)
Black Dot Tights - Merona, Target ($3)
Black Lace-up Boots - Dolce Vita for Target ($26)

I did the unthinkable today and wore these dangerously short shorts to work. Now before you all scold me, let me defend myself! Yes, I am technically an "educator" of sorts, but I am not an official teacher. That being said, in the Writing Center where I work there is absolutely no dress code. Not only do I routinely see my co-workers in sweats and UGG boots, I also routinely see a ton of inappropriate cleavage from our student receptionists. My shorts couldn't possibly be more offensive than sweat pants or cleavage, could they?
(Sorry for the blurry pic, but it was my favorite of the ones I took)

Well, having gone through the day wearing them, I am not entirely sure. Traditionally, the way I determine if an outfit is a bit too much is by the kind of reactions I get from others. The minute I walked into the breakroom one of my co-workers said, "D is here! And she has legs!" Not exactly the greeting I was hoping for, but I guess that's what happens when one wears shorts of these nature. Mind you, I thought I was dulling the impact by wearing the tights (I would never wear these shorts to work w/o tights), but apparently it was not enough. Also, I had two students (with whom I had tutoring sessions) make remarks about how "young" I was to be working in my capacity. Now while people generally think I look younger than I am, I can't help thinking the outfit may have played a role as well.
Whatever the case, what's done is done. Incidentally, this is the same exact outfit I wore last Thursday to the Jamie Lidell concert but I never took a photo. So today I adhered to my unofficial rule that if I haven't photographed an outfit that means I haven't really worn it and am therefore free to wear it again! Pretty handy rule, don't you think?


  1. I think people just generally aren't used to the fact that shorts can be formal and totally appropriate. It takes a while for newer trends to assimilate into daily life, but I think you look totally appropriate. And I want those tights. And maybe with the leopard print and the sheerness, it contributed to the reactions you got, but that's because people just automatically see things like that as risqué, when really you look totally fineeeee and classy and fabulous. :)

  2. Aw thanks ;) Your words have made me feel much better about the whole situation.



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