Friday, October 1, 2010

I Get So Emotional Baby . . .

I'll fill in the blank for you guys. I get so emotional baby . . . when I don't get enough sleep. The past 48 hours has been a blur (hence the blurry concert photo that I kind of love). I am writing this post after taking an almost 3 hour "nap" (provided 3 hours is still nap territory), so I've finally regained a bit of my sanity.

The whole ordeal started yesterday morning. Thursday is traditionally my longest day of work (7:15 am - 6 pm), so it began as usual. Upon my arrival at school, I discovered that a pipe had burst in the second floor of the Humanities building, flooding the entire west side of the building. That meant that many classes were canceled and the Writing Center (where I work in the evenings) was shut down. The damage was kind of tragic, but the silver lining was that I got to home early (around 4-ish) with pay!
Mauve Velvet Blazer - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($4)
Plaid Sleeveless Bodysuit - Heritage 1981, Forever 21 ($5)
Black Leather Belt - GAP, gift
White Jeans - Old Navy ($7)
Black Flats - Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters ($5)
Rhinestone Connector ring - Urban Outfitters ($5)

I was overjoyed to go home early (as you can see in this photo), especially since my friend Q and I were going to a concert that night anyway. It gave me a chance to wind down and get mentally prepared for a night out. Back to my outfit. I felt super rebellious wearing white jeans after labor day (gasp!), but I don't really think anybody else thought I was being so groundbreaking. Really, it's been so warm lately that it still feels like summer, so why not still dress like it? Although, if I'm being honest, every time I wear these jeans I can't help but think of the scene in
Never Been Kissed where Drew Barrymore's character spills chocolate milk on her white jeans and says, "That'll teach me to wear white jeans after labor day." Then the mean girl Gibby says, "I don't think you're supposed to wear white jeans after 1983." Touche.

Anywho, on with my story. In the end, I didn't put any effort in getting dressed for last night's concert. Therefore, I conveniently neglected to take an outfit photo for you all. I basically wore a t-shirt, shorts, and my current two favorite items in rotation: my DV for Target boots and leopard cardigan. Easy peasy. The concert was awesome (of course), but didn't start until 11 pm! For a Thursday night, I thought that was insane (I mean don't people have to work on Friday?), but Jamie was even better than I remember. Plus, he performed for nearly 2 hours (!!!), so I definitely got my $25 worth.

Q and I didn't get back from the show until 1:30 am, which left me with a whopping 4 hours of sleep last night before I had to get up at 6:30 am for work today. Insane, I know. Nevertheless, I soldiered on through my morning, particularly because I had afternoon plans to hit up downtown L.A.'s fashion district with my friend N. I left work at 11:30 am, swung by the bank, and met N at noon to head downtown. Though I didn't get much, N found a killer pair of lace-up booties and it was just fun to walk around the fashion district since I haven't been down there in ages (like 10+ years).
Still existing on only four hours of sleep, I also stopped by the mall after we got back from downtown L.A. By the time I made it home this evening around 7 pm, I was exHAUSTED. My 3 hour "nap" has kind of recharged me, but I don't know that I would like to repeat such an experience. Clearly my sleep is too valuable for me to be living in such a manner. I'm getting too old for this business! Additionally, I essentially wore the exact same outfit today as I did yesterday. I nixed the blazer (due to the high temps downtown) and replaced the white jeans for white cutoff shorts. Don't judge me! If you'd only had 4 hours of sleep, you'd have worn the same thing too.



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