Monday, October 4, 2010

The Girl Can't Help It

Clear Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses - 99 Cents Store ($1)
Red Plaid Button-Down Shirt - H&M Boys ($7)
Black Jeggings - Jolt, Nordstrom Rack ($7)
Black Motorcycle Boots - Mossimo, Target ($36)

Today marks the debut of the other pair of boots I ordered from Target about a month ago. I vacillated about whether I would keep both pairs of boots since it did seem a bit excessive. Nevertheless, in the end, I decided that I loved them both and they both play very distinct roles in my wardrobe. Plus, I bought them with a gift card, so it's not like it cost me anything. This pair is a knockoff of the Frye Harness boot, but they do the trick for me since they are made of genuine leather and have a heft to them.

If I'm being honest, yesterday afternoon was really the first time I wore these boots, but I didn't take a picture of my outfit because I was lazy. After wearing them yesterday I fell in love and decided to wear them again today, regardless of what the weather was going to be like. Well, surprisingly enough, it actually rained! Not a torrential downpour or anything, but definitely steady rain for a good part of the day. I was not expecting that. I didn't even have an umbrella (which my hair had to suffer for). Still, at least I was wearing my boots.
Lastly, I will acknowledge that these are probably some of the ugliest sunglasses I own. But there's just something I can't resist about over-the-top hideous sunglasses that cover half of my face. And for $1 I couldn't past them up! They may just be my new favorite thing, even if they do make me look quite ridiculous. And yes, I am wearing my 12-year-old nephew's shirt. Because clearly I don't have enough clothes in my own closet.



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