Thursday, September 2, 2010

You've Got You To Blame

Blue Sleeveless Sundress - Merona via Goodwill ($2)
Brown Leather Bucket Bag - Vintage, Rose Bowl Flea Market ($7)
Brown Leather Wedges - Aldo

Why such a surprised look on my face? Because my 12-year-old nephew deigned to actually take my photos for me. He pretty much hates doing it, but he must have been in a particularly magnanimous mood.

Basically another day, another dress. I actually remember trying on this dress a couple of months ago at Target but then deciding that I didn't like it enough to pay full price. Imagine my surprise when I found the same dress in my exact size at Goodwill. At $2, I wasn't going to pass it up, an I'm glad I didn't. I love the color and ocean-inspired print and am already thinking of ways for it to transition into fall.
So I've already used both my $50 Kohl's gift card and my $50 Target gift card. I've come to realize that I've really got no love for Kohl's. No matter how hard I tried, I could not find one piece of clothing I really wanted to spend $50 on. Tragic, no? In the end, I bought a few shirts for my nephew and a new speaker for my iPod.

Now Target, on the other hand, I can always find something there. But, in light of the fact that I couldn't possibly need anymore clothes, I decided to scour for new boots. I've been yearning for a pair of Doc Marten-ish (minus the price tag) combat boots that I can wear to toughen up some of my more girly dresses and skirts. Enter these beauties:
Did you even know Dolce Vita had a discount line for Target? Neither did I. While these aren't real leather, they got excellent reviews and were on sale for $27.99, so I figured I couldn't pass them up. But I didn't stop there. I've also been looking out for some rugged, motorcycle boots. Then I came across this pair:
The Katherine Engineer boot is genuine leather, and, since all boots are on sale at Target this week, they were marked down to $39.99. Now I know ordering two pairs of boots may seem excessive, but I just couldn't choose between the two, so I figured I'd order both and just decide which one I like best when I see them in person. Well, when I put them in my cart, I realized that if you buy 2 pairs of boots right now on, they knock another 10% off. Add to that a few other discounts I found online, and my grand total for both pairs came to just under $62. Which means (drum-roll please), I only paid $12 out of pocket for both pairs of boots! So, I'm not going to lie, that means I just might be keeping both pairs once they arrive. Don' t judge me.


  1. Oh you so lucky! I love it when I pass up an item only to find it later on sale... score!

  2. OO...I like your Aldo purse...Is it real leather?

    And I actually am the opposite of you. I can find stuff at Kohls (I like Simply Vera and Elle collections) but few things at Target. So when I go to Target it's just to pick up small stuff like...household items...but at Kohls I shop :D


  3. The purse is actually vintage and it is real leather. If you meant the ALDO shoes, those are leather too.

    And I can't believe you do better at Kohl's than Target! I try to find things at Kohl's but it never really works out. However, that could be because I want everything to be less than $10 ;)



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