Monday, September 13, 2010

Start Acceleration, Take It Back To Square One

Black Sunglasses - H&M ($6)
Black Scarf - From somewhere ages ago
Black Tank Dress (worn as shirt) - Scoop LLC, South Street Thrift Center ($4)
Black Acrylic Boyfriend Cardigan - Love By Design, JC Penney ($12)
Black Rayon Shorts - Charlotte Russe ($5)
Black Tights - From Somewhere ages ago
Black Patent Laceless Oxfords - Coconuts, Marshall's ($12)

So I am definitely back to my old tricks. Today I embraced the greatness that is an all black outfit! Granted, the tights may be a bit seasonally premature, but my beach town is socked in with fog (seriously, there's even a fog advisory today). So I took it as a sign that I could pretend fall/winter was upon me, and I dressed accordingly.

As you can see, I finally busted out my patent oxfords. I bought these shoes at least 2 years ago, just as the trend was developing. As I recall, my mother was certain they were the ugliest shoes she'd ever seen, but I loved them. Still, I rarely wear them because I can never seem to decide what they really go with. Plus, sometimes I feel the patent is too much for the day time. How would you guys go about styling a pair of black patent brogues? They're such a trendy shoe now, that I feel I should be getting more use out of them.
The tank I am wearing is actually a body-con dress/tunic (dress for the brave, tunic for me) I thrifted over the summer. I wore it a ton as a pool cover-up when I was in the desert over the summer (I'll spare you the visuals ), and I know it'll be a super layering piece in the cooler months. Lastly, here's a reappearance of my soft shorts. Again, these shorts are a piece I was super excited to buy, but then I really ended up having a hard time styling them. The black short/black tight/black shoe combo is pretty foolproof, but I would like to try something a bit more adventurous in the future. But for a pretty low key day of running a few errands and lounging, I think I did alright.

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  1. Love it. Don't know if it's the shiny shoes or the all black outfit that did it but I'm lovin' it!

    Had a similar problem with my shorts...Can't seem to think of enough ways to style them!



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