Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So This Is Inevitable Withdrawal

White Cardigan - Vintage, Goodwill ($2)
Black/White Sheath - Merona, Goodwill ($2)
Red Leather Belt - Vintage, South Street Thrift ($2)
Black Leather Peep-toe Heels - Nine West, Hand-me-downs from a friend

Again I attempted to take a photo without my trademark sunglasses. And again, the results left much to be desired. Without my glasses I always seem to look tired and/or confused. Granted, given that I took this photo before 7 am, I probably was tired and confused, but I'd rather it didn't show so obviously on my face!

Not that you all are particularly concerned, but the weather is finally getting down to more reasonable temperatures. I spent Monday quite comfortably in the air conditioned building at work, but when I left at 3 pm, it was a blazing 100+ degrees outside! Crazy, right? It's never that hot out here EVER (I'm pretty sure some local L.A. records were broken). Today was a much milder 80 degrees, which is why I had no problem rocking this black sheath.
Don't I seem much more comfortable (and awake) with my sunglasses on? I think so. Other than the heat and work, today was pretty uneventful. However, tomorrow after work I am going to see Jamie Lidell at the Echoplex with my friend Q. You may recall from this post that I saw Jamie L. last April for the first time. I loved it and am heading back for round two tomorrow. I am super psyched, especially now that I have his new album and will be able to sing along with all the new stuff. Provided I'm not too drained from work, I'll try to think up something exciting to wear. Expect photos . . . eventually ;)

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  1. Well with or without the sunnies, I think you look great! I LOVE this classic but still fun look!



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