Thursday, September 9, 2010

Only The Ends of the Red Will Show You My Blue Side

Red Billowy-Sleeved Dress - Mossimo via Goodwill ($2!)
Brown & White Leather ID Bracelets - Disneyland ($10 each)
Gold Cocktail Ring - Forever 21 ($3)
Gold & Garnet Class Ring - from Alma mater
Suede Leopard Pumps - Deena & Ozzy, Urban Outfitter ($10)

So this might sound insane, but isn't there something strangely invigorating about a really busy day? I mean, I could lounge around my house doing nothing, but by the end of the day I will still be exhausted. On the other hand, when I find myself on the go all day, I am totally wired by the end of the day. Like I feel extra accomplished or purposeful. Weird, right?

Well today was one of those days. Work officially started back up for me yesterday, so this morning started with my first English class of the semester. After that I had a quick Algebra tutoring session, and then just enough time to run a few errands and pick up some lunch at home. Then I had to head back to school to work a few hours in the writing center.
Straight from work I sped to meet some friends for happy hour at a local Flemming's Steakhouse. Does anyone else see the humor in a vegetarian going out to a steakhouse? The irony was not lost on me. Still, it was good company and I did manage to find a yummy Portabello mushroom burger, so I was taken care of. I cut dinner a bit short (sorry friends!) to make it to the 8 pm Zumba class. It was super fun as usual, and then I finally made it back home.

On a completely unrelated note, one pair of my boots has finally arrived. Yesterday the lace-up Dolce Vita for Target ones came, and I pretty much fell in love immediately. They are faux leather, but feel soft and supple like the real deal. My only qualm is that they are flat and a part of me feels like I need to grow up and get a "big girl" heeled boot. But then the other part of me thinks comfort is king, so I'll just have to reserve judgment until after the other pair arrives.
*Ignore the black - just my leggings I wore for modesty since this dress is bit shorter than I usually go

I fully intended to wear the new boots today, but as you may be able to tell from my outfit, our weather's brief foray into fall swiftly ended today. We were back to the sunny 70s, which encouraged me to wear this very red dress. Paired with the leopard shoes, I felt very BOLD , but in a good way. My coworkers couldn't help themselves with the comments, especially since they all typically wear t-shirts and jeans. Still, I felt good. And clearly that's all that really matters. Now I'm off to peruse the latest People StyleWatch and Marie Claire that just arrived today! Let's hope my energy wanes and I can eventually get to sleep.


  1. can't believe you got those shoes for 10 bucks!! and love the red :)

    and i totally agree, keeping myself busy is the only way I make it through each day! the adrenaline of always having things to do and places to be totally keeps me going (as long as i have a couple mental health days here and there!)

  2. The shoes were an awesome Black Friday purchase last year. Who knew leopard would come back so fiercely this season? I guess it's a good thing I braved the crowds and snatched them up that day ;)

  3. I love this bright look. It looks great on you! I never thought I could pull off red very well... The shoes are a good mix of patterns, too :)



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