Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So This Is Inevitable Withdrawal

White Cardigan - Vintage, Goodwill ($2)
Black/White Sheath - Merona, Goodwill ($2)
Red Leather Belt - Vintage, South Street Thrift ($2)
Black Leather Peep-toe Heels - Nine West, Hand-me-downs from a friend

Again I attempted to take a photo without my trademark sunglasses. And again, the results left much to be desired. Without my glasses I always seem to look tired and/or confused. Granted, given that I took this photo before 7 am, I probably was tired and confused, but I'd rather it didn't show so obviously on my face!

Not that you all are particularly concerned, but the weather is finally getting down to more reasonable temperatures. I spent Monday quite comfortably in the air conditioned building at work, but when I left at 3 pm, it was a blazing 100+ degrees outside! Crazy, right? It's never that hot out here EVER (I'm pretty sure some local L.A. records were broken). Today was a much milder 80 degrees, which is why I had no problem rocking this black sheath.
Don't I seem much more comfortable (and awake) with my sunglasses on? I think so. Other than the heat and work, today was pretty uneventful. However, tomorrow after work I am going to see Jamie Lidell at the Echoplex with my friend Q. You may recall from this post that I saw Jamie L. last April for the first time. I loved it and am heading back for round two tomorrow. I am super psyched, especially now that I have his new album and will be able to sing along with all the new stuff. Provided I'm not too drained from work, I'll try to think up something exciting to wear. Expect photos . . . eventually ;)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who You Gonna Run To Now?

Black Sunglasses - H&M ($6)
Leopard Print Cardigan - Harve Benard, Sears ($6)
Black Silk Romper - Heritage, Forever 21 ($10)
Black Leather Shoulder Bag - Wilson's Leather, gift
Black Embellished Wedges - Aerosoles, Kohl's ($7)

So this is what I wore last night to meet up some friends in Santa Monica. I have probably had this romper for over a year, and this is only the second time I wore it. We were all meeting up to attend Glow, an outdoor art show they've started holding ever year at the beach. Since my friends and I had never been, we didn't really know what to expect; let's just say we were underwhelmed.

Maybe the lot of us simply aren't cultured or refined enough to "get" the art that was on display, but nothing was remotely interesting to us. Except for maybe a lifeguard station that had foam coming out of it. But that would have been way more fun if they had actually let us run through the foam. Still, it was a good night in that I had a tasty dinner (pesto penne at Trastevere - mmm!), an overly indulgent giant bag of candy from the Candy Baron (double mmm!) and got to hang out with some old friends while making a few new ones.
Speaking of dinner, I have a query for you all: how much do you pay attention to restaurant grades? Not sure if this is the case in other counties/states, but in L.A. restaurants get letter grades from the health department and they are posted in the restaurant windows. Initially, my friend K, her husband and I had planned to have dinner yesterday at Umami Burger, right next to Fred Segal. Despite still being vegetarian, I am (and will always be) a devout burger lover, and Umami is pretty famous these days, so I was pretty psyched to try one of their veggie burgers. However, once we got there, K immediately noticed they had a "B" in their window. Even though her husband wanted to risk it anyway, we turned right back around and sought a more trustworthy A-level establishment. I can't for the life of me figure out why such a famous local burger place would have a B grade, but I hope it changes soon. I still want my burger!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

If Ya'll Fresh To Death, Then I'm Deceased

I feel pretty lame when I always talk about the weather to start out my posts, but I can't help it! The weather plays a big role in what I decide to wear each day, and this week has been kind of a doozy. On Tuesday, I spent the morning with my friend K and we were pretty much freezing - at least, as freezing as one might get in Hermosa Beach within the low 60s. That's equivalent to winter for us. While I was dressed appropriately, K was wearing only sandals and a flippy little summer skirt, so she was feeling the bulk of the cold. So you can understand my situation, here is what I wore Tuesday:
Red Cable Knit Sweater - Vintage, Goodwill ($2)
Gold Spectacles Necklace - Forever 21 ($3)
Wool Houndstooth Pencil Skirt - Vintage, Rose Bowl Flea Market ($5)
Checked Black Tights - Some place, ages ago
Black Lace-up Boots - Dolce Vita for Target ($26)

Basically, I had put on my cold weather finest. I bought this skirt last winter, and though it's never been featured on the blog, it's a favorite of mine. I was so glad it had cooled down so I could finally pull it out of my closet again. I always feel put together and ladylike when I wear it, so it was a good day.

Flash-forward to today. Sunny skies and highs in the 80s - yes, I said 80s. My fall/winter outfit dreams went straight out the window, as I had to dress for what is surely to be the start of our Indian summer in these here parts.
Tan Cardigan - Mossimo, Target, ages ago
Green Death Cab T-shirt - Street Scene 2005
Skinny Yellow Leather Belt - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($2)
Peach Linen Pencil Skirt - Worthington, Goodwill ($2)
Brown Leather Peep-toes - Thom McAnn, Kmart ($5)

I think it's kind of funny that, although I'm clearly dressed for different climes, I essentially have the same silhouette. Sweater, shirt, pencil skirt. Seems that's become my uniform of sorts. Either way, it was pretty crazy feeling like it was summer weather wise, but having to spend the whole day inside at work :( Maybe I'll get some fun-in-the-sun time over the weekend.

In the meantime, I will leave you all with the super cheery video for my go-to summer anthem "Surprise Hotel" by Fool's Gold. Even if you're weather's not as temperate as it is here, you can imagine it's still summer wherever you are. In a perfect world, I would've gone to see Fool's Gold at the Troubadour tonight, but alas, it was not to be (I am so dramatic, I know). At least I can watch the video and dream of the next time they grace their hometown of L.A. with their presence. Then I will DEFINITELY see them.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We Like To Watch You Laughing

Cropped Black Cardigan - Mossimo, Target ($6)
White V-neck Tee - Old Navy ($3)
Red Leather Belt - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($2)
Silk Floral Print Skirt - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($4)
Red Leather Purse - Vintage, Goodwill ($5)
Black Leather Booties - Mossimo, Target ($10)

Apologies for the dark nighttime photo. Apparently, summer is officially over and the sun is setting well before 7 pm now, which means I've got to take my evening outfit photos enshrouded in darkness. This is not what I wore all day, it was just for my meeting tonight. The skirt is a lot to take in (even more so in person), but I love the vibrant pattern and full pleated skirt. It's clearly not a look for everyone, and while quite a few of my friends thought it was a bit laughable, I'm pretty pleased with it.
I picked up this skirt over the weekend when my mom and I did a little thrifting. I was looking for a few particular pieces (tweed blazer, leather jacket, camel pencil skirt, etc), but didn't really find them. In keeping with my new found shopping mantra of only buying things I need or absolutely love, I ended up spending only $10, which is quite a feat for me. I got this skirt ($4), a snake-print bodysuit ($3, and not as crazy as it sounds), a skinny yellow leather belt ($2) and a lovely pair of beige gloves ($1!).

Since I hate having new things and not wearing them, I'm sure the rest of the items will be appearing shortly. Anybody else on the lookout for specific items for fall? Have you been having more success in the malls or thrifting? Let me know in the comments!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Dog Days Are Over

Hasn't this weekend just blown by? Now I can't say I did anything super fun, but I did manage to rest and catch up on all the stuff in my TiVo. Anybody else psyched about the new television season? Not sure if you all can tell, but I am a certified TV aficionado. I'm not the sort to just sit and channel surf for ages, but I firmly believe in watching religiously the dozen or so TV shows I love. I love fall TV premieres and this week on the agenda: House and GLEE - my life is a bit brighter.
Black Boyfriend Blazer - GAP ($18)
Owl-Print Tunic - She Said, JC Penney's ($3)
Black Sheer Footless Tights - Gift from sister
Blue Knee Socks - Gift from friend
Black Lace-Up Boots - Dolce Vita for Target ($26)

This outfit was the debut of my new boots! Sadly, my mad dash for photos in the morning before heading out to work did not leave me with any stellar pictures. The best one I got had me with my eyes closed, so these two are the best you're going to get today. Outside the sun was shining, but since I work in the classroom, the tights and socks and boots were not overkill - they kept me cozy in the AC all day.
On a completely unrelated note, I totally received my first ever blog award! The lovely Kirstin over at Crimson Rosella, tagged me for the Sunshine Award.
Kirstin is a lovely lady from Canada who is currently studying to be a teacher in beautiful Australia (I am so jealous!) and she has trendy-yet-ladylike style to boot. Her outfits are always adorable, and I feel completely honored that she'd even think to tag little old me with this award. To keep this love-fest going, I have nominated 7 lovely ladies whose blogs are up-and-coming, but still always inspire me and bring a smile to my face. And the nominees are:

Now now, I know the rules called for me to tag 12 other bloggers, but I only chose seven. So sue me :) Here are the rules ladies:

1) Save the image above and post it to your own blog

2) Pass the award on to 12 (or however many you want) fellow bloggers
3) Link the nominees
4) Let nominees know they have won this award by commenting on their blog
5) Share the love and link to the person you received this award from.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cool My Heels When The Heat is On

Clear & Gold Bead Necklace - NY&CO ($2)
Navy Blue Knit Blazer - Billabong, PacSun ($10)
Multicolored Knit Sundress - Newport News (free with credit)
Brown Leather Wooden Wedges - ALDO

It's always my intention to take my outfit photos in the morning, before I go about my day. This is especially since I find myself a bit wilted, as it were, by the end of a long day working. Well today was another one of those days where there was not enough time to do everything I wanted to. That means you all are stuck with an early evening photo of me feeling (and looking) less than 100 %.

I promise that when I left my house this morning just before 7 am, I was smiling brightly and my hair was styled properly and the sun was shining. Sadly, by the time I got home around 6:30 pm that shipped had sailed. I didn't have the motivation after work to brave the traffic and go to my pilates class. Instead, I opted for a less stress-inducing walk to the beach from my house. Hey, exercise is exercise.
Tomorrow will be another long day for me, starting with an English class at 7:15 am (!!) and ending at 8:00 pm with my Zumba class, so I best be getting to bed in a more timely fashion tonight. But I'll look on the bright side: only two more days until the weekend! Woot woot.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Start Acceleration, Take It Back To Square One

Black Sunglasses - H&M ($6)
Black Scarf - From somewhere ages ago
Black Tank Dress (worn as shirt) - Scoop LLC, South Street Thrift Center ($4)
Black Acrylic Boyfriend Cardigan - Love By Design, JC Penney ($12)
Black Rayon Shorts - Charlotte Russe ($5)
Black Tights - From Somewhere ages ago
Black Patent Laceless Oxfords - Coconuts, Marshall's ($12)

So I am definitely back to my old tricks. Today I embraced the greatness that is an all black outfit! Granted, the tights may be a bit seasonally premature, but my beach town is socked in with fog (seriously, there's even a fog advisory today). So I took it as a sign that I could pretend fall/winter was upon me, and I dressed accordingly.

As you can see, I finally busted out my patent oxfords. I bought these shoes at least 2 years ago, just as the trend was developing. As I recall, my mother was certain they were the ugliest shoes she'd ever seen, but I loved them. Still, I rarely wear them because I can never seem to decide what they really go with. Plus, sometimes I feel the patent is too much for the day time. How would you guys go about styling a pair of black patent brogues? They're such a trendy shoe now, that I feel I should be getting more use out of them.
The tank I am wearing is actually a body-con dress/tunic (dress for the brave, tunic for me) I thrifted over the summer. I wore it a ton as a pool cover-up when I was in the desert over the summer (I'll spare you the visuals ), and I know it'll be a super layering piece in the cooler months. Lastly, here's a reappearance of my soft shorts. Again, these shorts are a piece I was super excited to buy, but then I really ended up having a hard time styling them. The black short/black tight/black shoe combo is pretty foolproof, but I would like to try something a bit more adventurous in the future. But for a pretty low key day of running a few errands and lounging, I think I did alright.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

All Is Well

Cream Wool Sweater - The Limited via Goodwill
White Cropped Tank Top - Some random store years ago
Purple Leather Belt - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($2)
Peach Linen Pencil Skirt - Vintage, Goodwill ($2)
White Patent Sandals - Predictions, Payless ($7)

Not much to say for today. I wore this outfit expecting warm weather, but it never really happened. In fact, I probably could have wore some boots and nobody would've even given me a second glance. Of course, the one day I try to dress appropriately for the weather report that's the thanks I get.

I spent last night reading a bunch of fashion magazines and in People StyleWatch there was a great little piece on organizing your closet. It inspired me so much that I spent much of this afternoon re-organizing my closet. As you all might imagine, I have a ton of clothes so it was bit of an ordeal.

How do you all keep your things organized? I am constantly purging my clothes and shoes of items I don't use/want, but I still never seem to have any space. So today I attempted to maximize the space, and I even took to some photos so you all can see what I am dealing with.

I have one long closet on one wall of my bedroom where I keep all my blazers, dresses, rompers, sweaters and skirts hung up. I attempt to keep them all sort of organized by color, but it only lasts for so long.
dresses, rompers, tunics, sweatshirts, blazers, trenchcoats

sweaters, dresses

skirts, blouses, sweaters

I used to keep my tights tied to hangers and hung up in my closet, but it just took up too much space that could be used for clothes. So now I keep them in a plastic box underneath my dresses. I keep my scarves in a larger box in the same place.

Beneath my skirts in that same closet I have a big wicker chest that I keep my pants in. It's a little bizarre the amount of jeans/pants/shorts that I own, considering that I rarely wear them.
My shoes are also kept in this same closet, but on a shelf above the hanging items. First there are my flats, which I treat poorly, and just kind of stack together in a semi-color coded fashion. They're the shoes I wear the most so they constantly get disorganized.
Next are my sneakers. Again, these are rarely worn, but I can't bear to part with them.
Converse, Vans, Puma, Nike

Then there are my heels. They are the main attraction so I store each pair in a clear plastic box. These days, if I buy a new pair of heels, I try to purge some other pair from my rotation. At least then I can justify the purchase.
Lastly, there are my boots. They've only recently come out of storage and are currently taking up this corner of my floor, but are sometimes on the floor of the closet. Only God knows where I'll be putting the two new pairs of boots I just bought.
Ralph Lauren, Charlotte Russe, Zigi Girl, Banana Republic

The final thing I organized was my jewelry. I don't wear tons of jewelry, but I do kind of have a lot. I keep my earrings/rings/bracelets in this hanging organizer that's in my closet. Pretty self-explanatory.
I hang my necklaces on a tie rack that I spray painted. It keeps them untangled and makes for nice decoration.
That's all I got to today. I still haven't braved my bureau which contains all my socks, underwear, sleepwear, casual shirts (including a full-length drawer of just concert tees!), belts and soft hats. Besides that there are my other hats (fedoras, cloches, etc.), sunglasses and purses. Maybe I'll get to that stuff next weekend. Any of you trying to streamline your closets? Let me know if you've got any tips; I can definitely use the help.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Only The Ends of the Red Will Show You My Blue Side

Red Billowy-Sleeved Dress - Mossimo via Goodwill ($2!)
Brown & White Leather ID Bracelets - Disneyland ($10 each)
Gold Cocktail Ring - Forever 21 ($3)
Gold & Garnet Class Ring - from Alma mater
Suede Leopard Pumps - Deena & Ozzy, Urban Outfitter ($10)

So this might sound insane, but isn't there something strangely invigorating about a really busy day? I mean, I could lounge around my house doing nothing, but by the end of the day I will still be exhausted. On the other hand, when I find myself on the go all day, I am totally wired by the end of the day. Like I feel extra accomplished or purposeful. Weird, right?

Well today was one of those days. Work officially started back up for me yesterday, so this morning started with my first English class of the semester. After that I had a quick Algebra tutoring session, and then just enough time to run a few errands and pick up some lunch at home. Then I had to head back to school to work a few hours in the writing center.
Straight from work I sped to meet some friends for happy hour at a local Flemming's Steakhouse. Does anyone else see the humor in a vegetarian going out to a steakhouse? The irony was not lost on me. Still, it was good company and I did manage to find a yummy Portabello mushroom burger, so I was taken care of. I cut dinner a bit short (sorry friends!) to make it to the 8 pm Zumba class. It was super fun as usual, and then I finally made it back home.

On a completely unrelated note, one pair of my boots has finally arrived. Yesterday the lace-up Dolce Vita for Target ones came, and I pretty much fell in love immediately. They are faux leather, but feel soft and supple like the real deal. My only qualm is that they are flat and a part of me feels like I need to grow up and get a "big girl" heeled boot. But then the other part of me thinks comfort is king, so I'll just have to reserve judgment until after the other pair arrives.
*Ignore the black - just my leggings I wore for modesty since this dress is bit shorter than I usually go

I fully intended to wear the new boots today, but as you may be able to tell from my outfit, our weather's brief foray into fall swiftly ended today. We were back to the sunny 70s, which encouraged me to wear this very red dress. Paired with the leopard shoes, I felt very BOLD , but in a good way. My coworkers couldn't help themselves with the comments, especially since they all typically wear t-shirts and jeans. Still, I felt good. And clearly that's all that really matters. Now I'm off to peruse the latest People StyleWatch and Marie Claire that just arrived today! Let's hope my energy wanes and I can eventually get to sleep.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Will Someone Wake Me Up

Black Boyfriend Blazer - GAP ($20)
Blue Plaid Tunic - Ross, years ago ($6)
Ribbed Sweater Leggings - Gift from Mom
Brown Leather Riding Boots - Vintage Ralph Lauren, Goodwill ($10)

It's only September 7 and already fall has arrived in my fair beach town. That meant today I got to delve a little deeper into my closet and dust off (somewhat literally) last season's boots. With nary a sliver of sun out today, I opted for what I'll call a "professional lumberjack" sort of look. I kept warm, was comfy still managed to look presentable for tutoring. Also, I felt like I was being really adventurous since I opted to go with brown boots. Typically I'd wear a black boot with this sort of outfit, but the brown made it a little less predictable and still seemed to work.
The cooling trend will continue this week (high of 63 tomorrow!), so I guess I'll be experimenting even more with some fall outfits. My boots from Target have yet to arrive, but you can be sure that once they do I will be incorporating them into my wardrobe ASAP. As a bonus, here's a photo of what I wore last Sunday, but forgot to post.
Black/White Printed Dress - Handmade Vintage, Goodwill ($2)
Black/White Peep-toe Slingbacks - Merona, Gift from friend

As you can see, over the weekend the weather was much more cooperative, so I was able to wear this newly acquired vintage dress. I really am in love with the zany print, and since the color palette is neutral, I think I'll be able to pair it easily with other elements as it gets colder. While I'm kind of bummed to realize that summer really is over, anyone else out there psyched for fall/winter layering and all around coziness?

Friday, September 3, 2010

I'll Be Workin' From Sun Up To Midnight

Vintage-inspired Sunglasses - Walmart ($5)
Black Boyfriend Blazer - GAP ($20)
Gray Pinstripe Sheath - Merona via Goodwill ($7)
Black Leather Belt - GAP, gift
Silver Dome Ring - H&M ($3)
Black Suede Flats - Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters ($6)

So yesterday, my nephew got a virus on his brand new laptop that he's only had for about two months. Since I am the most tech savvy of my family (not that that's saying much), I was given the job of fixing the computer. It took me until 1 am to finally fix the darn thing; theoretically 1 am isn't that late, but when you have to get up at 6 am the next day, it's pretty terrible.
Therefore, this morning when I was getting dressed I had very little desire to be creative. The result: a pretty straightforward ensemble in a go-to neutral palette. As I left my house I felt fairly boring and predictable, but reflecting on it, I think it was a good choice. I felt super professional all day, and, now that I think about it, I very well could have been inspired by the suiting in the fall J. Crew catalog. All I'm missing is some stockings and well-heeled oxfords.

Anyway, as nice I may have thought I looked all day, there was nothing better than changing into sweat pants and a t-shirt the moment I got home. After a much needed nap, I had a movie night with my friend J. We watched two of my favorites: I Could Never Be Your Woman (criminally under-watched but so cute Michelle Pfeiffer/Paul Rudd rom-com) and All About Steve (criminally underrated but so hilarious Sandra Bullock film). Add in some amazing Thai food and some dreamy coconut milk ice cream and you've got yourself a night! Just exactly what I needed to end the week on a high note.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

You've Got You To Blame

Blue Sleeveless Sundress - Merona via Goodwill ($2)
Brown Leather Bucket Bag - Vintage, Rose Bowl Flea Market ($7)
Brown Leather Wedges - Aldo

Why such a surprised look on my face? Because my 12-year-old nephew deigned to actually take my photos for me. He pretty much hates doing it, but he must have been in a particularly magnanimous mood.

Basically another day, another dress. I actually remember trying on this dress a couple of months ago at Target but then deciding that I didn't like it enough to pay full price. Imagine my surprise when I found the same dress in my exact size at Goodwill. At $2, I wasn't going to pass it up, an I'm glad I didn't. I love the color and ocean-inspired print and am already thinking of ways for it to transition into fall.
So I've already used both my $50 Kohl's gift card and my $50 Target gift card. I've come to realize that I've really got no love for Kohl's. No matter how hard I tried, I could not find one piece of clothing I really wanted to spend $50 on. Tragic, no? In the end, I bought a few shirts for my nephew and a new speaker for my iPod.

Now Target, on the other hand, I can always find something there. But, in light of the fact that I couldn't possibly need anymore clothes, I decided to scour for new boots. I've been yearning for a pair of Doc Marten-ish (minus the price tag) combat boots that I can wear to toughen up some of my more girly dresses and skirts. Enter these beauties:
Did you even know Dolce Vita had a discount line for Target? Neither did I. While these aren't real leather, they got excellent reviews and were on sale for $27.99, so I figured I couldn't pass them up. But I didn't stop there. I've also been looking out for some rugged, motorcycle boots. Then I came across this pair:
The Katherine Engineer boot is genuine leather, and, since all boots are on sale at Target this week, they were marked down to $39.99. Now I know ordering two pairs of boots may seem excessive, but I just couldn't choose between the two, so I figured I'd order both and just decide which one I like best when I see them in person. Well, when I put them in my cart, I realized that if you buy 2 pairs of boots right now on, they knock another 10% off. Add to that a few other discounts I found online, and my grand total for both pairs came to just under $62. Which means (drum-roll please), I only paid $12 out of pocket for both pairs of boots! So, I'm not going to lie, that means I just might be keeping both pairs once they arrive. Don' t judge me.


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