Saturday, August 28, 2010

Then It's All Just A Bunch Of Matter

Long-sleeve Brown Shirt - Old Navy, years ago
Gold Multi-layered Chain Necklace - Forever 21 ($3)
Green Wool Pencil Skirt - Ann Taylor via Goodwill ($2!)
Suede Leopard Print Pumps - Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters ($10)

So yeah, I am seriously wearing a wool skirt today. Quite a contrast from my last post, no? Well, the weather became slightly autumn-ish today, so I jumped at the opportunity to wear this newly acquired skirt. I love the classic lines and sturdy fabric - I know it's a piece I'll get a lot of wear out of during the fall and winter.
This skirt is one of my purchases from the thrifting extravaganza that I embarked upon yesterday. I'm a huge fan of Goodwill (there are three in my local area), and yesterday was their semi-annual $2 sale. Ever clothing item in the store was $2, so I took the opportunity to stock up on some new (to me) items for my closet. While I didn't necessarily get all the items I was looking for (still no jean jacket!), I did get some nice things I was pretty psyched about. Besides the above skirt, here are the other pieces I thrifted:

Vintage Cream Long-sleeve Bodysuit, Vintage Striped Sweater, Proenza Schouler for Target Printed Button-down

Vintage Handmade Sundress, Merona Blue Linen Sundress, Vintage Gray Sweater dress, Merona Peach Satin Sheath

Mossimo Red Dress, Gap Strapless Brown Sheath, Windsor Strapless Lace Dress

Vintage Peach Linen Pencil Skirt, H&M Floral Print Tunic

Altogether I picked up 13 items, which brought my grand total for the day to a measly $26! Remember, $2 day was to be the only exception to my "no shopping for a month" vow. That means I still have 2 weeks to go. I think all the new stuff I just bought should be more than enough to tide me over for at least the next two weeks.


  1. Love the black & white vintage sundress and that blue stripe sweater. Lucky girl!

  2. Hey cute blog my dear i love the vintage button down on the far right.

    Check me out at

  3. holy crap that was quite the goodwill trip! extremely jealous of all your amazing finds, especially at the $2 price tag!

  4. Dude. How did I miss up on $2 day? I need to know you better. I actually should go to Goodwill to donate stuff, can you only donate at their donation center?

    I heart your Kimchi Blue shoes btw! :D

    And they only have $2 day once a year? ._.


  5. I'm 99% sure you can donate at any store or donation center. And the $2 day is sort of a regional thing. They used to have them more often in the L.A. stores (3 or 4x a year), but now they rarely happen.

    I love these shoes too! They were a Black Friday purchase last year, and while at the time I thought I was crazy for braving insane crowds in Santa Monica, these shoes kind of made it worth it.



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