Saturday, August 7, 2010

Now We Get To Lay Back

Green Cardigan - Mom's
Floral Print Tiered Dress - Ross, years ago ($10?)
Purple Leather Belt - Vintage, Goodwill ($3)
Clear T-strap Jelly Sandals - GAP ($6)

So again, this is not what I wore today. Something must be really off this week. It seems I'm remembering to take outfit photos, but I can't seem to remember to write my posts until later. Oh well. At least this outfit is only one day old. I wore this yesterday to work and then to hang with some of my friends for the afternoon. Pretty fun stuff, especially since Yogurtland was involved! Do any of you have Yogurtland in your town? It's pretty much the highlight of my life. I go almost every week for their dreamy self-serve frozen yogurt. Actually, if I'm honest, it's more like I go twice a week. No judgments, please?
Back to the clothes: I have loved this dress for ages, but it really is too big for me. I always cinch it really tightly with a belt to hide the excess fabric because I can't bear to get rid of it. The flowers just scream summer! Also pictured: my new jelly sandals I bought at the Indian Wells mall when I was in the desert 2 weeks ago. They are super comfy, and I love how the clear color makes it look like I'm not even wearing shoes sometimes. That means they are neutral and can go with any outfit I choose!

On a completely different note, it's officially vacation time, round 2. I am currently sitting in my room at my friends' house in San Diego, contemplating what I should do tomorrow. I'm thinking I may hit up the swap-meet at Qualcomm Stadium, take a spin in downtown SD and maybe see a movie. Don't laugh, but I totally am dying to see Step-Up 3D. Tragic, I know, but I'm a sucker for dance movies. The cheesier, the better. I'll let you know how good/bad it is if I manage to make it to a theater.

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  1. I love the cardigan a lot. Let me know about that movie will you.

    Lisa xx



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