Sunday, August 15, 2010

No One Has To Know If We Decide To Go

Black Velvet Shrunken Blazer - Angie, Macy's, years ago
Cream Polka-dot Romper (worn as a blouse) - H&M ($10)
Red Strapless Cotton Dress (worn as a skirt) - Wet Seal ($10)
Elastic Black Bow Belt - H&M ($6)
Black Peep Toe Heels - Nine West (from a friend)

So today's outfit is pretty entertaining to me since my main pieces are not being used the way they were intended. I'm not typically very creative when it comes to this sort of thing, but I was attempting to channel Minnie Mouse here. I think it sort of worked.

Either way, I was extremely tired this morning so I wasn't up for over-thinking my ensemble. Last night my friend K and I held our first ever bonfire at a local beach, so I didn't get back home until 11:30 pm. By the end I had spent over 15 hours at the beach! A new personal record for sure. While other people took pictures, I was so distracted by giving directions, helping people unload and park, among other things, that I took none. So all you guys get is today's outfit.
Oddly enough, today might include another trip to the beach. Some friends are getting together for a pick up volleyball game. I am currently contemplating riding my bike down to join them. Having just eaten a delicious veggie burger with grilled onions, a bike ride might be just what I need. Or a nap. It's really a toss up at this point :)



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