Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Know What You're Thinking

Blue Floral Print Sundress - Vintage, Long Beach Flea Market ($5)
Sea Green/Taupe elastic Belt - NY&CO via Ross ($6)
Gold Flower Cocktail Ring ($4) - Forever 21
Taupe Elastic Wedges - Attention, Kmart

This dress has really got me in a style rut. I love it, but every time I wear it, I pretty much always style it the same way.
See? So I am officially opening the floor to suggestions. How would you style this dress in a more creative manner? I'm looking for something a little more outside the box.
Nevertheless, today was pretty pleasant day. Sunny skies made it finally feel like it was actually summer. I worked a little in the morning and afternoon, and ended the day with an invigorating Zumba class. Yep, I said Zumba. It's basically an aerobic Latin dance class, and though I feel like a complete idiot when I'm in the class, it sure is a good workout! I highly recommend it.

Any big weekend plans on the horizon? I've got a picnic with friends Saturday and a going away party for another friend Sunday. And (drum-roll please) . . . . I am taking my nephews to Disneyland on Monday! Our passes are finally unblocked for the summer so I've got to make sure to take them at least once before school starts back up. It's been almost 2 months since we last went, so I'm super excited to get back to my old stomping grounds. And I'll be sure not to fall off any buildings. Or get drunk. It is a family place, after all.

On that note, I leave you with a close up of my lovely new ring. I bought it for my friend G's wedding, and I am certain it will soon be a regular fixture in my outfit shots. It's just so girly and cute. I can't help but love it!


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