Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And Maybe Two Is Better Than One

I totally intended to do a post yesterday, but the day just got away from me. Heck, even today got away from me, which is why I'm writing this post so late. But hey, that means tonight you'll get two outfit posts for the price of one!
Straw Fedora - Merona, Target ($12, years ago)
White Linen Sheath - Merona, Target ($8, years ago)
Blue Stripe Belt - Express, South Street Thrift Center ($2)
Taupe Elastic Wedge Heels - Attention, Kmart ($22)

Yesterday it finally warmed up a bit around here, so I took the opportunity to go for a quintessential summer look. The white, the linen, the straw fedora, the sunglasses - all pure summer in my book. I stayed cool as I ran errands, and even got a few compliments from some strangers.

This next look is what I wore tonight for my meeting. Although I rarely wear them, I am loving these heels. They are super high, but reasonably comfortable. I really need to wear them more often. Also, over my arm is my "new-to-me" navy trench coat. I bought it a couple months ago, but didn't pull it out of my closet until today. I took a few photos with the coat on, but they all came out terrible, so you'll just have to wait until the next time I wear it to see it in all it's glory. But believe me, it's adorable.
Black Cluster Necklace - Rampage, years ago
Purple Tie-Neck Blouse - Merona via Goodwill ($2)
Floral Print Pencil Skirt - Attention, Kmart ($2!)
Taupe T-strap Heels - Simply Vera, Kohl's ($2!, after using a coupon)
Navy Trench Coat - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($4!)

Don't I look a little naked (and a little like I have a lazy eye) without my sunglasses? They're like a safety blanket for me. And this might just be my cheapest outfit yet - just $10! Sometimes I even amaze myself.

In case you all aren't keeping up with my newly added twitter feed, I recently made the decision to avoid any frivolous spending for a month. For me, 99.9% of frivolous spending is done on clothing. It's really an addiction. So, starting last week, I have been valiantly trying not to do any clothes shopping. I already have so much that there cannot possibly any valid reason I'd have for buying something. However, in the interest of being honest with everyone, I will be making an exception for the the annual Goodwill $2 sale at the end of the month. But other than that, no shopping until September 10! One week down, three more to go.


  1. LOVE the first look, it really is so summer! and you look super sleek for your meeting :)



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