Tuesday, July 20, 2010

They Don't Know About This

Cream Wave Print Tank - Charlotte Russe, years ago
Blue Pencil Skirt - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($4)
Taupe Elastic Wedge Heels - Attention, Kmart ($23)

Absolutely nothing of consequence happened today. The weather has grown milder this week, only reaching the low 70s. Not exactly the summer heatwave I was expecting, but way better than the crazy weather people in other parts of the world are having. I spent most of the day working and running errands with my nephew. Pretty low key.

Really, I'm trying to get as much of my work done and out of the way before next week since I'll be gone on vacation for a week. Every year my family (parents, sister, nephews, aunts, cousins) and I stay at our timeshare in Indio, CA. For those not familiar with Indio, it is the desert (same place they have Coachella) so it's in the triple digits everyday. I can't wait to go and soak up the sun all day without the burden of any other responsibilities. Plus, this year we've also invited a bunch of our friends (like 20 other people) to come with, so we should have an extra good time.
Want to know what else has got me smiling? Well, on Sunday, my beloved iPod, that I've had since I was a sophomore in college, got the Apple face of doom. I took it to the Apple store and they told me it couldn't be saved. For years I'd been hoping my iPod would finally give out so I could upgrade to a newer model, but when it finally did happen I was a little bummed.

Nevertheless, I recovered quite quickly since that same day I was able to buy my replacement - a super sleek 64gb iPod touch! I know everyone and their mother has had iPhones and iPod touches for ages, but it's new to me and I am officially in love! Yes, I am couple hundred dollars poorer, but music is my world (and I can't stand to listen to the radio when I drive) so it was totally worth it. Anyone else out there having a love affair with an electronic gadget?

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