Saturday, July 17, 2010

Never Give Up On The Good Times

Vintage Inspired Sunglasses - Walmart ($5)
Vintage Belted Polkadot Dress - My Michelle, Goodwill ($8)
Black Peep-toe Heels - Nine West, hand-me-downs from a friend

For the first time in a long time, I slept in on a Saturday. I felt so indulgent, but totally needed the extra sleep given the late night I had Friday. Between the ridiculous traffic on the 110 freeway and our super late (or early?) dinner at The Kettle in Manhattan Beach, I didn't make it home until almost 2 am Friday/Saturday. So I cut myself some slack and woke up at the crack of 10 am.

There wasn't a whole lot on the agenda today, mainly errands, but my mother and I did attend a memorial service for a family friend who had died. Thus, I did have a reason to shower and dress like a functioning human being. The memorial service was obviously sad, but given our religious beliefs, the mood was more nostalgic instead of overly somber as we reflected on the good memories we'd shared with the woman who had died.
Dressing for the memorial, I wanted something respectful, given the occasion, but also cool since it was blazing hot. This dress I recently thirfted was just perfect. I felt appropriately dressed, but the lack of sleeves kept it weather appropriate. Have any of you encountered people so inappropriately dressed for an occasion? There were a few people that had me wondering today. I mean, would you wear a super short miniskirt to a memorial service at a place of worship? I get that it was hot outside, but really, aren't there any standards anymore?

But I digress. I had a totally different sort of look last night when I went to see In The Heights. Since there aren't a ton of opportunities I seem to find to wear them, I opted to wear my sequin shorts for the show. I never got a full outfit shot, but here's a pic my friend's daughter took of me (minus my feet):
White Linen Blazer - Sears ($8)
Grey Silk Tank - Old Navy ($4)
Black Sequined Shorts - Express ($12)
Black Platform Pumps (not pictured) - Kmart ($10)
Black Clutch - Forever 21, years ago
Cluster Necklace (w/ Topshop Bow Brooch) - Rampage, years ago

I felt sort of hip, going with dressy shorts instead of a dress, and though I was afraid it might have been a little too casual, I was fine because there were people in flip-flops there. Sequins totally trump flip-flops. For the record, the show was AMAZING, just as I expected. It's definitely not your mother's kind of Broadway show, but for me the story and music and performances were superb, and I would gladly see it again in a heartbeat.

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