Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm Just Pretty Some Of The Time

White Swiss Dot Blouse - Charlotee Russe, years ago
Navy Pleated Skirt - Zara, via Goodwill ($6)
Floral Print Wedge Sandals - Merona, Target ($5)
Brown Leather Bucket Bag - Vintage, Rose Bowl Flea Market ($7)

It's pretty hilarious to me that the more clothes I acquire, the harder it is for me to get dressed in the morning. I stare and stare at my closet and everything seems lame or like I just wore it recently, so I end up wasting most of my morning trying to pick an outfit. That's why I am so grateful I discovered the fashion blogging community because all I have to do is click on a few blogs, and I get some sort of inspiration/direction for what I want to wear.

Today's outfit, though not super exciting, was semi-inspired by Jess who did the white blouse/full skirt thing yesterday. Clearly I didn't do a style chain, but I took certain elements of her outfit and incorporated them into mine. I felt fresh and put together, so I declare it a success!
These shoes I'm wearing are a pair I bought sometime last summer. I rarely wear them, but whenever I do I always seem to get compliments from strangers. Today I was just walking into a parking garage and some guy in a truck said, "Those are great shoes!" A guy, at that! It's weird, but maybe I should wear them more often.

Not much on the agenda for today. Maybe a bike ride with my nephew and then tonight my cousin and I are planning on catching a free Robyn show at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. You guys familiar with Robyn? Well she had a super popular hit in the 90s called "Show Me Love," but in the last couple years she's revamped her career as a sort of edgy dance/pop chanteuse. I like where she's headed, and who doesn't like a free show? I'll let you know how it goes.

Meanwhile, here's her video for "Dream On," one of my personal favorites:


  1. I really love this outfit, especially the shoes!! I love it when strangers, especially unsuspecting guys, honestly compliment a piece of clothing.



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