Saturday, July 24, 2010

Everything Is Going My Way

Gold Hoops- Kohl's ($1)
Blue Stripe Sundress - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($2!)
Blue Flats - Xhiliration, Target ($6)

Today was a nice Saturday. I had no place to be in the morning so I got to lounge around and wake up at my own leisure. Despite not having any place to be, I still opted to put on a dress because, frankly, I feel best in a dress. Nevermind the fact that all of my friends and family thought I was overdressed all day.

My afternoon was filled with a few errands, lunch at In-N-Out (only a grilled cheese for me since I am still very much a vegetarian), and some thrifting with my girlfriends. My goal was to only be moral support and to not buy anything for myself, but of course I failed. Still, I only spent $4 on a tank dress, $2 on a vintage blouse and $2 on a vintage belt, so it wasn't too bad. Then I ended the night with a casual dinner with some friends. All in all, not too bad.
This dress I'm wearing is yet another thrifted-and-altered item. When purchased it had very dated puffy sleeves with banding, but I had my tailor remove them. It was completely transformed into this extra comfy summer dress. If only I was more like Indiana, then I'd be doing these sort of simple alterations myself. Maybe one of these days . . .

And, as a sort of recap, the free Robyn show last night was super! She only sang for about 30 minutes, but it was all acoustic and it really allowed her to showcase her amazing voice. If her real show that night hadn't been sold out, I probably would've seriously considered buying tickets. And the cherry on top? After leaving Amoeba, my cousin and I started walking aimlessly down Sunset Blvd. and happened upon a restaurant called The Waffle. Not only did they have a dozen different kinds of specialty waffles (my favorite!), they even had a handful of vegan options for my cousin. And they are now responsible for me discovering my new favorite meal: Red Velvet waffles with cream cheese frosting and a side of hash-browns. Because everyone knows nothing goes better with carbs than a side of carbs.


  1. I love this came out wonderfully! This color is magnificent...and for $2? Score!

  2. Oh my gosh I can't believe you found that dress for $2. I want to shop at your thrift store. Great find!



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