Saturday, July 31, 2010

And I Can Live Inside My Head

Black Sunglasses - H&M ($6)
Plaid Button-down - Chadwicks, gift
Black Denim Leggings - Jolt, Nordstrom Rack ($7)
Gold Cocktail Ring - Forever 21 ($3)
Assorted Gold Bracelets - Forever 21 ($3)
Black Platform Pumps - Attention, Kmart ($10)

I am back! After a week spent in the desert heat with my family and friends, I am actually happy to be back to more temperate climes. I had all intentions of taking outfit photos when I was on vacation in Indio, but turns out I basically wore sunglasses, a towel and a swimsuit all week. Nothing I really feel the urge to post online, at least.
Anyway, it's good to be back home with my closet, instead of my one little suitcase. Today's ensemble was inspired by a picture I saw of Kristin Cavallari in the latest issue of People StyleWatch. Do you all read StyleWatch? I pretty much love it more than anything because there are no pesky articles or ridiculously overpriced items - just pictures of celebs in stylish clothes and info on where I can get something similar for a regular person price. Really, it's one of the shallowest magazines out there, but it never fails to entertain me. Despite the fact that I loathe K. C., here is the photo that inspired my outfit:
Clearly it's not groundbreaking, but I loved the idea of pairing the plaid with heels. I'm more traditionally a flats kind of girl, but I was brave and wore this out to run errands this morning. My feet survived, surprisingly. I'll also be wearing this to see my friend J's daughters in a local production of Les Miserables this afternoon. I absolutely LOVE the music for Les Miserables so here's hoping the kids manage to do it justice.


  1. Not much of a plaid fan but those jeans look amazing on you!

  2. Thanks! I am all about the jegging these days.



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