Thursday, June 17, 2010

If We're Breaking The Rules It's Fine

Blue Sweatshirt - Aeropostale (borrowed from my cousin)
White Tee - Papaya Outlet
Blue Leggings - Some sporting goods store ages ago
White Ballet Flats - Qupid (borrowed from another cousin)

Surprised/stunned by my wardrobe choice ? That makes two of us. I broke one of my own personal rules today by running errands in my gym clothes. Now, I justified it to myself by saying that at least I only took pilates (as opposed to running) so I wasn't extra sweaty or anything. Still, my stretchy pants probably aren't really appropriate for Target or TJ Maxx. I normally wouldn't show you all an outfit like this, but we all have low key (see: lazy) days. This was definitely one of mine.

Whatever the case, had I not gone straight from the gym to Target, I quite possibly could have missed the lovely dress I managed to find today. On the hanger it didn't look like much and it wasn't technically my size, but for some reason I decided to take it to the fitting room and try it on. If I'm honest, the reason I tried it on was because it was marked down from $39.99 to $9.98, and we all know how I feel about a good bargain!
After I tried it on I realized the hanger did not do it justice, and I fell in love with it. It's very ballerina-esque and the coral color is perfect for summer. Here's how it looks on:
I know, I know - I have enough dresses. But I do, have a friend getting married in August, and this dress would be perfect for a summer wedding! Plus, since I had a coupon (isn't it awesome that Target has coupons?), I got another 20% off, so the dress came to only $8! I couldn't pass that up, could I? Anyway, hopefully this last image will help you forget what I really wore all day.


  1. LOVE this dress on you! What a score :-D

  2. that dress is so gorgeous, a great buy!

  3. Lovely dress! You're always so colorful :)



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