Monday, June 21, 2010

Blowing Through The Jasmine In My Mind

So I am regrouping today from yet another busy weekend. I attended a three-day religious convention in Long Beach, so today I just wanted to sleep in and take care of a few pressing matters. I woke up at the ridiculously late hour of 10 am (what?!) and had a leisurely breakfast, which fortified me for heading to the computer repair shop.

My external hard drive - the love of my life - recently malfunctioned, and I was desperate to see if it could be salvaged. It has over 150 GB of data on it, so I would be uber-depressed if it failed. But, no worries, they fixed it! And I only had to pay $55, so happy endings do exist.

There's no outfit pic today, but I do have a few photos of the outfits I wore over the weekend. Both of my dresses were flea market finds that I got for only $5 each! I've been saving them to wear, and while these aren't the best photos, you can get the idea.
White Polka-dot Sundress - Vintage, Long Beach Flea Market ($5!)
Black Leather Belt - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($2)
Red Leather Shoulder Strap Purse - Vintage, Goodwill years ago
Black Peep-toe Heels - Nine West, hand-me-downs from a friend

I LOVE this dress. When I found it at the flea market, I immediately liked the pattern, but was iffy about the billowy sleeves. As you can see, I did what I usually do, and had the sleeves removed. The result was a perfect little airy summer dress. Super comfy and I got a slew of compliments on it.
Cat Eye Sunglasses - H&M, borrowed from cousin
Sea-green Chiffon Dress - Vintage, Long Beach Flea Market ($5!)
Sea-green/Taupe Elastic Belt - New York & Co. via Ross ($6)
Taupe Wedge Sandals - Attention, Kmart ($15)

This is my other flea market find, that I'd been waiting for the right time to wear. If I'm being honest, this dress doesn't exactly fit me like it was supposed to. The bust is actually too small for me, but I just removed the snaps and left it open (with a tank underneath of course!).

I find this to be a problem I often encounter with vintage dresses - the waist fits but the bust is too restrictive. Oh well, I made it work, and was pretty satisfied with the results. It's another dress that makes me feel totally ready for summer.

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  1. i can never pull off that length!! im so short, im just going to drown in it. hahaha!! but you, my dear, look outstanding in both dresses!! plus, those are such great deals!! amazing finds! :D

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