Saturday, May 22, 2010

Too Much Of You Is Never Enough

Blue Embroidered Cardigan - Old Navy (years ago)
Floral Sundress - Vintage, Long Beach Flea Market ($5!)
Patent Yellow Belt - Windsor (came w/ a shirt)
Tan Elastic Strap Wedges - Attention, Kmart

A lot happened today, so apologies, but this will be a picture heavy and wordy post. This dress is another beloved flea market find from my trip about a month ago. Today was such a beautiful day that I was inspired to wear this very spring-y dress along with my new wedge sandals that I LOVE. They are so much more than I would ever expect from a shoe from Kmart, and - even better - I didn't have to pay for them. My uncle in New York insisted on buying them for me when I picked them up as we were shopping for airplane snacks for my flight back home. Who am I to reject free shoes?
Anyway, let me reiterate: today = Longest Day EVER! But oh so fun. It was day one of my "Clothes Swapping Weekend Extravaganza"(the name was my idea). Inspired by several bloggers, I mentioned the idea of having a clothes swap to my friend Q and she wholeheartedly embraced it, even offering her home, provided I dealt with all the technicalities.

Since we know so many people and they all had so much stuff, we opted to hold the swap for two days in a row, just in case some people couldn't make it on Saturday. Today there were only about a dozen of us, but we still totally had a blast looking through everything and trying random stuff on. Here is a poorly lit indoor photo of one of my new rompers that I wore to host our swap:
Navy Cotton Blazer - Billabong, PacSun ($5!)
Cotton/Chambray Romper - Rachael & Chloe, TJ Maxx ($7!)

While I tried super hard to not take anything as I organized the clothes for the swap, I couldn't help but snag a few choice items. I was immediately drawn to a lovely green safari-style jacket. It was a lot like the jackets I see being shown as the latest trends in magazines like Lucky and Marie Claire, so I couldn't pass it up.
I also couldn't resist an adorable gold (Chanel-inspired)quilted purse and some old-school patent heels with bow detailing. Lately I'm obsessed with all things bow so they were right up my alley even though they're a little old-lady-ish.
Nevertheless, tomorrow will be the real deal because most people rsvp'ed for Sunday. I can't wait to see the other clothes that are brought and the things that people leave with. There's nothing more pleasing than seeing someone else fall in love with and take home a piece of clothing you once owned but no longer have use for. I mean, what could be greener than that?


  1. I love that you guys were able to do a clothes swap! And your toe nails are so bright!! <3

    Kmart huh? I've never thought of shopping for clothing/shoes there but seeing those sandals...I'm intrigued!

  2. What a great idea, and such great finds! Good luck today and I hope you find some real treasures.

    Also you look adorable in that romper!

  3. The dress looks great and I also like the purse..

    Thanks for your comment on my blog... :)




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