Sunday, May 23, 2010

LOST Without You

So I'm not going to spoil anything for anyone who still hasn't seen "The End," but tonight was the final episode of LOST. I am one of the show's biggest fans and parting with my weekly ritual has been quite bittersweet. I'm relieved to finally know the end (whether I'm satisfied with it is a different story), but I will miss having that urgent desire to watch something on TV.

True story: the only reason I became so close to my best friend J is because we started watching LOST together. I've known her most of my life, but we have a 15-year age gap between us so we never really hung out together. When the pilot to LOST aired six years ago, we both immediately became obsessed with it and bonded over our mutual love of the show. When I found out she got the East Coast feed of ABC (meaning she could watch LOST episodes a whole three hours before I could), I begged her to let me come watch the show at her house. Thus, our weekly LOST parties came into effect.

What started out as two acquaintances getting together to watch TV, turned into a friendship I can't even imagine living without now. I even joked tonight with J and her husband that since our friendship started with LOST, it must be ending tonight since the show's over. Well, at least even though the show has ended, I'll always have the souvenir of our friendship to remember it by.

Any of you out their major Losties? If so, please let me know what you thought of the finale in the comments. Any and all theories are appreciated because I'm still not sure what I think happened.

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